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International Conference

We are pleased to announce the IX international conference ¬ęHEAVY RUSSIA 2017¬Ľ (November, 16-17, 2017, Moscow), devoted to transportation, lifting and assembly of heavy and oversize cargoes.

This conference is the annual platform and this challenging year the forum gathered more than 300 delegates from 14 world countries: Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Estonia, Latvia, Finland, USA, Belgium, Germany and Netherlands.

Among the conference topics:

  • Milestone projects of 2017, sharing experience;
  • Governmental regulation of the sector, what‚Äôs new?
  • New technologies of lifting and handling of super-heavy loads.

Conference languages – English/Russian.

Reputed Russian experts and officials will be among the key speakers. You will be introduced to all the challenges and achievements of operations with CIS countries!


Speakers are welcome!

If you are experienced in delivering cargoes to Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan or Tajikistan – take the floor at our events to tell us more! You can also recommend interesting speakers and topics that are worth highlighting at the above mentioned conferences.

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November 16

9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. Registration of participants and welcoming coffee break

Session I. State Regulation of the Sector

Russian Public Organization of small and medium enterprises ‚ÄúSUPPORT OF RUSSIA‚ÄĚ

  • Results of the RF Ministry of Transport Sub-Working Group Performance on Improvement of the RF Legislation Regulating Weights and Dimensions Control of Vehicles on Public Highways
  • Gleb Kinder, Chair of the Transport Committee

Scientific and Research Institute of Motor Transport

  • On Perfection of Oversize and Heavy-Lift Haulage by Motor Transport
  • Aleksei Vasilkov, General Director

Siberian Motor Carriers Association

  • Practices of Obtaining Special Permits for OOG Transportation in the Siberian Federal District
  • Evgeny Novikov, SMCA Representative

Panel discussion РHow to Eliminate Bureaucratic and Administrative Obstacles on Oversized Cargo Carrier’s Way?

Chairpersons engaged in the discussion: 

  • Konstantin Ugarov, Director, Center for Monitoring of Safe Operation of Highways of the Federal Road Agency
  • Gleb Kinder, Chair of the Transport Committee, Russian Public Organization of small and medium enterprises ‚ÄúSUPPORT OF RUSSIA‚Ä̬†

1:00 p.m. Р2:00 p.m. Lunch 

Session II. Relevant Issues of Bulky Cargo Transportation

Center of Railway Technologies Negabarit

  • Dumping in Logistics – Road to Nowhere, How to Tackle this?
  • Pavel Volkov, Commercial Director

Volga-Dnepr Airlines

  • Unique Examples of Extra Heavy and Outsized Freight Air Logistics
  • Aleksandr Kartashov, Lead Business Development Specialist

Instar Projects

  • /topic to be confirmed/
  • Aleksei Mamykin, Head of Business Development Department


3:30 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. Coffee break

Session III. Growing Points of Cargo Potential and Wind Power Sector Development in the RF

RosSpetsMash Association

  • Status and Outlook for Development of Manufacturing and Export of Road Construction and Agricultural Equipment in the RF¬†
  • Denis Maksimkin, Deputy Director¬†


  • Overview of Project Freight Market Development Prospects for 2018-2020
  • Marat Yarullin, Project Logistics Directorate, Head of Sales Department

Russian Association of Wind Power Industry

  • Wind Power – New Oversize Transport Market in Russia. Start – 2017
  • Igor Bryzgunov, Chair¬†

Universal Transport Moscow

  • Wind Power Logistics in Russia: Problems and Outlook¬†
  • Eldar Ibragimov, Development Director

6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. Dinner


November 17

9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. Welcoming coffee break

Session I. Non-Standard Logistics of Unique Cargoes 


  • Transporting Overweight and Oversize Cargoes as Part of ZapSibNeftekhim Project along the Northern Sea Route
  • Vyacheslav Fyodorov, Head of Heavy and Oversize Freight along the NSR

TransEngineering Company    

  • Engineering Solutions for Transport: Implementation of Unique Projects in 2017
  • Sergei Sergeev, Head of Design and Engineering Department

Scientific and Research Institute of Salvage and Underwater Technologies ‚ÄúNaval Academy‚Ä̬†

  • Relocation of the Submarine from the Baltic Sea to AVTOVAZ Technical Museum (Togliatti)
  • Anton Ageev, Head of Sunken Objects Lifting Department

12:30 p.m. Р1:00 p.m. Coffee break 

Session II. Relevant Issues of Bulky Cargo Transportation

Feniks (Multipurpose Reloading Complex Bronka)

  • Actual Risks of Project Logistics: How Strongly are we Dependent on Foreign Partners?
  • Miroslav Russkikh, Head of Sales and Marketing Department

SRO SpetsTyazhTrans

  • 1000 Tons – Rating of Oversize and Heavy Lift Carriers
  • Igor Kukushkin, General Director

Baltica-Trans Group 

  • Optimization of Customs Payments when Importing Component Equipment
  • Vadim Bushuev, Analytics Director

3:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. ‚ÄúGLASS OF CHAMPAGNE‚ÄĚ reception


Delegate List

State authorities and public associations

Transportation and Logistics Federation of Iran 

  • Abazar Barari, International Advisor
  • Ali Mahmoudisaray, vice-chairman of the board

Russian Association of Specialized Machinery and Equipment Manufacturers РRosSpetsMash 

  • Denis Maksimkin, Deputy Director¬†


  • Gleb Kinder, Chair of the Transport Committee, Presidium Member¬†

SRO SpetsTyazhTrans 

  • Igor Kukushkin, General Director

Russian Association of Wind Power Industry 

  • Igor Bryzgunov, Chair

Center for Monitoring of Safe Operation of Highways of the Federal Road Agency

  • Konstantin Ugarov, Director¬†
  • Andrei Chertkov, Deputy Director


Cargo owners


  • Marin Vidak, Director, Logistics Division
  • Vladimir Salimov, Head of Transport Logistics Department

ASE (AtomStroyExport) 

  • Nikolai Kenyaykin, Chief Specialist

Mining Solutions 

  • Elena Rybnikova, Head of Logistics Department

Mining Solutions 

  • Yulia Krokhaleva, Logistics Department Manager


  • Pyotr Zolotukhin, Deputy General Director


  • Elizaveta Kalinina, Expert


  • Vyacheslav Avdyunin, Head of ‚ÄúLogistics‚ÄĚ Unit/Engineering and Construction Division


  • Mikhail Alekseev, General Director

HD Energo 

  • Maya Melnikova, Head of Projects Management Department

IntertechElektro Group

  • Anton Sumin, Head of Logistics Group
  • Denis Skvortsov, Logistics Group Specialist

GE Rus 

  • Rem Arutyunyan, Logistics Specialist
  • Dmitry Logunov, Head of Logistics Department


Transport and forwarding companies

AsstrA Associated Traffic AG 

  • Egor Lokhovinin, Project Department


  • Pavel Peshkov, General Director

Benchmark Trading 

  • Evgeny Egupov, General Director
  • Nazim Khalilov, Commercial Director


  • Aleksei Chegodaev, General Director
  • Ilya Chegodaev, Marketing Specialist
  • Vladislav Smirnov, Sales Department Specialist

Blue Water Shipping (Denmark)

  • Thomas Bek, Global Director

deugro Projects 

  • Pavel Prikhodko¬†

IFC COLOS (Kazakhstan) 

  • Adiya Dzhanaeva, Project Manager¬†

Highland Project Logistics (USA) 

  • Natalia Derkach, Director of Business development


  • Oleg Urvan, Head of Project Department

Schrudde Logistik GmbH (Germany)

  • Ira Krope, Head of Project Department
  • Denis Abramov, Head of Sales & QM

AET Trans 

  • Aleksandr Torgashov, General Director


  • Oleg Tolochyok, Director

Volgo-Baltic Logistic 

  • Evgeny Goldin, General Director
  • Vitaly Zubakov, Deputy General Director
  • Aleksandr Chernov, Technical Director


  • D.A. Vashchenko, Deputy General Director for Commercial Issues
  • A.M. Peshkov, Deputy General Director for Transportation

Baltica-Trans Group

  • Oleg Savchenko, Head of Project Transport Department, Baltimpex
  • Vadim Bushuev, Analytics Director


  • Valery Nikonov, International Transport Specialist¬†

Jenty Moscow 

  • Bogdan Panov, Head of Oversize Cargo Department
  • Aleksandra Rotkavich, Project Manager


  • Anna Ragulskaya, Executive Director

Infotech Baltika 

  • Yuri Altukhov, Head of Logistics Department
  • Viktor Aleksandrov, Deputy Head of Logistics Department


  • Aleksei Shafarostov, General Director
  • Sergei Ivashchenko, Manager

Keystone Logistics 

  • Vitaly Vorobyov, Head of General Cargo Department
  • Dmitry Loshkarev, Logistics Manager¬†
  • Dmitry Kotenev, Lead Logistics Manager


  • Sergei Demidov, General Director

К-Transgroup (Kazakhstan) 

  • Samat Ataibekov, Director, Licensing System

Kuehne + Nagel 

  • Pavel Zharov, Head of Industrial Projects Department

Mammoet Rus 

  • Yuri Popov, General Director
  • Andrei Geykalo, Commercial Director
  • Aleksandr Gotalsky, Commercial Manager

Militzer & M√ľnch¬†

  • Vladimir Pudov, Lead Project Transport Manager


  • Vladimir Rodygin, Chief Technologist
  • Maksim Smirnov, Sales Department Specialist


  • Matvei Grishko, Head of Project Cargo Transport Department


  • 1 delegate¬†¬†


  • Aleksei Usenko, Director
  • Raisa Lukashchuk, Manager


  • Vladimir Ishutin, Commercial Director


  • IGOR BODERSKOV, General Director
  • MARINA GAVRILENKO, Project Cargo Manager


  • Roman Tokarev, General Director
  • Kirill Kochkin, Executive Director


  • Mikhail Reshetkov, General Director
  • Denis Saraev, Deputy Director for Operational Work


  • Ildar Akhmetov, Director
  • Yulia Chopaeva, Head of Project Implementation Group


  • Karen Stepanyan, First Deputy General Director for Sea Shipping
  • Ivan Okorokov, Director, Sea Shipping Directorate
  • Anastasia Litvintseva


  • Olga Kuznetsova, General Director

Stroitelnye Mashiny (Building Machines)

  • Dmitry Denisov, Director
  • Aleksandr Shmoylov, Director, Logistics

Tekhnologii Dvizheniya (Technologies of Movement) 

  • Pavel Apalkov, General Director


  • 3 delegates


  • Nadezhda Belashchenko, Deputy Director


  • Vyacheslav Petrukhin, General Director
  • Vadim Sevryukov, Development Director


  • Andrei Kolesnikov, General Director
  • Maksim Shadchin, Director, Transport Organization

MG-Trans (Ukraine) 

  • Stepan Gladyshev, Director, Logistics Department


  • Aleksandr Chumak, General Director


  • Konstantin Vorontsov, General Director
  • Yuri Stoyanchuk, Deputy General Director

FORMAG Logistics 

  • Nikita Shagin, Operational Director

Universal Transport Saint Petersburg 

  • Eldar Ibragimov, Development Director

Universal Forwarder 

  • Aleksei Chernykh, Acting Director of Saint Petersburg Branch

Chandler GmbH 

  • Vladimir Nekhvyadovich, General Director¬†
  • Irina Koenig, Director¬†
  • Mikhail Golosov, Head of Moscow Office¬†
  • Dmitry Tsygankov, Head of Project Department, Central Asia¬†


Airlines and air brokers

Air Charter Service 

  • Dmitry Nikulin, Director, Cargo Flights Department

Volga-Dnepr Airlines

  • Aleksandr Kartashov, Lead Business Development Specialist¬†
  • Maksim Prokhorov, Lead Business Development Specialist¬†
  • Ruslan Garifullin, Sales Specialist¬†


  • Darina Bernovskaya, Head of Sales Department
  • Andrei Krysanov, Director, Unique and Oversize Cargo Transport
  • Nadezhda Gavrilova, Head of Analytics and Market Assessment Department¬†


Shipping companies and chartering brokers

Briese Chartering GmbH & Co. KG (Germany) 

  • Ilona Lazareva, General Manager
  • Pavel Neiland, Chartering Manager

DS-Multibulk GmbH (Germany)

  • Steve Hutty, Managing Director
  • Nikolai Mishkin, Project & Chartering Manager

Finnlines Plc (Finland)

  • Hannu Lumme, Regional Manager
  • Nikolay Voloshin, Marketing Manager


  • Gleb Faldin, Commercial Manager

Ingria Shipping Ltd 

  • Evgeny Ostaparchenko, Project forwarding/chartering¬†
  • Ilya Verkhovetsky, Head of chartering dept¬†

Atlantic Ro-Ro Carriers 

  • Vladimir Simonov, Head of Representative Office


  • Aleksandr Sochin, Head of Fleet Maintenance Department

Gudzon Shipping Company

  • Gennady Kononenko, General Director

Morwenna Shipping Company

  • Aleksandr Baranov, Head of Commercial Department
  • Albert Berdeev, Head of Fleet Maintenance Department
  • Andrei Gubanov, Head of Project Department


Ports and terminals

Port of Hamburg Marketing 

  • Natalia Kapkaeva, chief of representative office St. Petersburg

Port of Bronka 

  • Sergei Larin, Chief Specialist of Sales and Marketing Department¬†
  • Miroslav Russkikh, Head of Sales and Marketing Department

Saint Peter’s Terminal¬†

  • Stanislav Lobodinskiy, Lead Specialist


Railway operators

PUL Trans 

  • Denis Mechev, Commercial Director

Dmitry Osinovskiy, General Director
Center of Railway Technologies Negabarit 

  • Pavel Volkov, Commercial Director
  • Aleksandr Komissarov, General Director


Survey companies 


  • Viktor Gorokhov, Director


Crane lease and rigging companies


  • Aleksandr Gaab, Commercial Director


  • Vitaly Laptev, Financial Director
  • Maksim Tikhonov, Sales Manager

Rigging and Installation Company “Tyani-Tolkay”

  • Aleksandr Konoplev, Manager


Design institutes and engineering companies

TransEngineering Company 

  • Sergei Sergeev, Head of Design and Engineering Department


Manufacturers of machinery and equipment

Scheuerle Fahrzeugfabrik GmbH 

  • Dmitry Filimonov, Area Representative

Gidrolast Group 

  • Ivan Romanov, Sales Manager


  • Denis Yakovlev, General Director
  • Nikolai Chernyshev, Commercial Director
  • Sergei Samsonov, Deputy Director for Development

Severstal Lifting Technologies 

  • Maksim Smirnov, Area Sales Manager (CIS)