Who will Extend the Golden Age of Power Industry?
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Power engineering, including such contractors as transport companies, is now living through its golden age: mandatory investment programs of generating companies provide the industry with plenty of orders. But there is a high risk that rich years will be replaced with lean ones, when power industry will not be able to keep up current pace of new generation construction.
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Powerful Plant – Powerful Pace
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Tobolsk-Polymer – a SIBUR subsidiary and the largest private investment project in the petrochemical field in Russia’s contemporary history – started to operate in the test mode this spring. Already by the end of this year, Russia will be able to give up on polypropylene import – and this is a real breakthrough in the Russian petrochemical industry.
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Fortum is Upgrading Chelyabinsk GRES
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OAO Fortum delivered the core equipment of gas turbines for two 247.5-MW power units to Chelyabinsk GRES. The entire set of equipment for implementation of investment project on construction of new power capacities at ChGRES was duly contracted and is under fabrication at the works of international group Alstom.
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Super Large Cargo Delivered by Railroad
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Bashkirenergo is executing a new large-scale project – construction of CHP-5 which is needed to provide power and heat to accommodation and social facilities in the microdistricts of the west and south-west sectors in Ufa. The new CHP (power and heating plant) will allow to eliminate the power shortfall of 300 MW in the capital of the Republic. Construction of two CCGT-220 units of Ufa CHP-5 is one of the most massive investment projects in the power system of Bashkortostan Republic for the last 40 years.
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Get on Skis!
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A small aviation museum and an up-to-date helicopter center appeared next to the Ring road and Tallinskoye Shosse in St. Petersburg in 2014. But the museum that was not yet built caused quite a stir in the Northern Capital. In February 2013, the drivers passing through the ring road in the south-west of St. Petersburg were worried to see a big airplane with inscription “Pulkovo” on its side which was located in the field next to Ulyanka settlement. Some even reported possible emergency landing of Il-86. However, upon closer look you could see that the aircraft was sitting on skis.
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