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We are pleased to announce the Conference «HEAVY WIND POWER 2016»to be held on October 21, 2016 in Hamburg, Germany.

Volume of power megawatts generated by wind-driven power plants is rapidly growing all over the world, in Europe only it increases by 30 percent annually. This tendency will still be the case in the coming years, as the leading global countries have committed to drastically reduce emissions of greenhouse gases (CO2). It will be possible to comply with these commitments only in case the share of wind power is constantly rising.

Increase of wind turbines capacity implies not only the increase in quantity, but first of all, increase in size of wind turbines. In the 90s, the size of a wind turbine made about 50 meters, and now the height of these jumbo structures has increased to 100 meters and more. This factor makes transportation more complicated, as the turbine weight, length of rotor blades and dimensions of towers segments are growing. Just so, foundations of modern turbines can weigh over 700 tons, nacelles – more than 350 tons and the weight of towers exceeds 260 tons.

Standard methods of transport are not suitable for such bulky towers, nacelles and long fragile blades, therefore, logistics for these cargoes calls for implementation of more sophisticated vehicles and installation equipment which certainly impacts the prime cost of transportation. Need for reduction of total cost of wind power urges to take more and more seriously such factors as possibility of their carriage by a certain type of transport, position of ports and deployment locations. Shipping companies and manufacturers of equipment are working hard on implementing new logistic technologies to make delivery of wind turbines safe, quick and cheap as much as possible. By 2020 the share of transport costs in total volume of investments is expected to decrease from 23 to 18 percent, with innovative logistic technologies actively boosting this process.

Among the Conference topics:

  • Practices of delivering wind turbines to hard-to-reach areas
  • New vehicles for delivery of equipment
  • Practices of using river and railway transport
  • Logistics for offshore wind farms

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