Consolidation and Progress of the Jenbacher engine company

Consolidation and Progress of the Jenbacher engine company
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About brand: Clarke power generation and Jenbacher engine

GE Jenbacher is a global leader in gas piston engines, specializing exclusively in gas engine technology. The main office of the company is located in Jenbach, Austria. Since 2003, Jenbacher became a part of General Electric Corporation and began wearing the GE Jenbacher prefix. The company also manufactures generator and co-generation tools of stationary and container types for generation of power.

The power range of GE Jenbacher gas engines is from 0.25 to 4 MW. Clarke energy engines work not only on natural gas but also on many other gases (for example, biogas, gas from organic waste, gas from coal mines, gas from sewage, flammable industrial waste gases).

Company technologies: Clarke engines

Jenbacher’s patented combustion technologies, as well as sophisticated management and control systems for the Jenbacher unit, not only allow power-generating plants to meet the most stringent international standards for reducing harmful emissions but also provide a high level of efficiency, durability, and reliability.

Jenbacher has a unique experience in manufacturing equipment for the efficient use of natural gas and complex, unconventional gases. The ability to operate gas engines with gas mixtures of up to 25% methane (CH4), high power control dynamics using throttle valves and a turbocharger bypass line, as well as controlling the degree of toxicity of exhaust gases, ensure the quality and reliability of energy supplied to consumers in stand-alone and parallel modes of operation.

Company’s achievements

In general, for the entire period of the existence of the company Jenbacher, more than 5,000 mini-CHP plants have been installed worldwide. Installations produced by GE Energy Jenbacher Division cover the range from 330 to 3,047 KW of electrical power and, in addition to natural gas, are capable of operating on a large number of other gases, which guarantees the possibility of their application in a wide variety of fields of activity.

Jenbacher follows environmental policy and develops technologies that provide environmentally friendly disposal of special gases that are generated as a result of industry, mining, and agriculture. Gas power plants based on GE Jenbacher generating equipment are built with the provision of a full range of warranty and post-warranty service. GE Jenbacher is one of the divisions of the world-famous company General Electric.