HEAVY BOOK is a hard cover presenting information about the most impressive projects from all over the world. It is issued in the Russian and English languages with a total circulation exceeding 12,000 copies, published twice a year.

This book offers a selection of the most interesting projects from the world of heavy and oversize logistics gathered by us. You will learn about fascinating stories collected from all over the world. Rare photos and unique facts will give you a picture of mindboggling projects.

One of the parts of the book is dedicated to historical background (construction of the Titanic and the Statue of Liberty, transportation of Egyptian monuments, secret shipments during World War II, etc.) Unique archive photos and drawings are also published in the book. We will lift the veil on the history of one-of-the-kind engineering operations for you!

The book will serve an excellent source of information about unique transports for everybody who wants to know more. This edition will also become a perfect gift for employees, co-workers and business partners.

HEAVY BOOK provides excellent marketing opportunities and has a number of advantages over a traditional magazine. Main of them: the book is not a period type (it will be read and looked through today, tomorrow, in a year), unlike magazines which are usually thrown away when read. This is also a unique advertising opportunity. An ad module of yours in the book will be on not for a single month, but for a year and even longer. The difference in price is enormous – one module in the book or regular advertising in magazines.

Download the PDF version of HEAVY BOOK #1 (2018)

Download the PDF version of HEAVY BOOK RU #1 (2017)

For participation in HEAVY BOOK RU #2 (2018) as well as for advertising and other marketing issues feel free to contact us at: Aleksei Chalikov – chalikov@heavy.world

To purchase the book, take part in HEAVY BOOK #2 (2019) as well as for advertising and other marketing issues feel free to contact us at: chalikov@heavy.world Aleksei Chalikov