• 30 September 2014
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We are pleased to announce the III International Conference “HEAVY CASPIAN” was held on September, 30, 2014 in Astana, Kazakhstan, Hotel “Kazzhol Astana”.

Active offshore development of the Caspian Sea resulted in booming of oil and gas industry and associated facilities in the regional countries. This calls for implementation of complex projects related to delivery and building of offshore platforms, artificial islands, oil refineries, pipelines, etc. At the same time, Caspian and Central Asia logistics is distinguished by a number of geographical and administrative features. At the conference we will talk over all aspects of OOG and heavy-lift logistics.

Further conference topics:

  • Heavy-lift competence in delivery to Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan, comparison of transport routes
  • Special aspects of passing the Volga-Don Canal
  • Development of transport corridors from Europe to the Caspian region

The conference of 2013 gathered more than 60 delegates from Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Lithuania, Georgia, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.


Registration of participants
10.30 - 11.30
Session I

«National Policy in the Field of Permitting for Oversize and Heavy Cargo Transport in the Republic of Kazakhstan»

  • /speaker to be confirmed/ Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan

«Caspian Line. Dialogue in the Frame of TRACECA»

  • Marat Saduov, National Secretary, National Secretariat of TRACECA IGC in the Republic of Kazakhstan

/topic to be confirmed/

  • E.Iskaliyev, General Director, Union of Kazakhstan Transport Workers «KAZLOGISTICS»
Coffee break
12.00 - 13.00
Session II

«Heavy» Projects for Central Asia Countries. Horizons, Particular Features and Challenges of OOG Haulage

  • Vladimir Nekhvyadovich, General Director, Chandler GmbH

«Using Air Freight Technologies for Unique Cargoes within the Framework of Complex Multimodal Transport Projects Implementation. Solution for Central Asia Countries»

  • Andrey Gulyayanovsky, Lead Logistic Sales Specialist, Volga-Dnepr Airlines

«Optimization of Heavy-Lift Traffic across CIS Countries and Europe»

  • Andrey Praleska, President, Legion Cargo GmbH
13.00 - 14.00
14.00 - 15.00
Session III

«Infrastructure Troubles of Delivering an Oversize Cargo between Shetpe and Beyneu by the Example of GE Turbine 9FA Haulage»

  • Dmitry Tsygankov, Chandler GmbH

«Project Logistics Solutions for the Caspian Region»

  • Aleksander Bulygin, Lead Specialist, TMBCL

«Use of Non-Propelled Flat Top Barges for Shipment of OOG Blocks to the Mediterranean and Baltic Sea Ports – Caspian Sea Ports Line»

  • Venera Kim, Lead Specialist, «National Maritime Shipping Company «Kazmortransflot» LLP
15.00 - 15.30
Coffee break
15.30 - 17.00
Session IV

«End-to-End Transport and Logistic Handling of Heavy Weights»

  • Pavel Lagov, Sales Director, RZD Logistics

«Practice of Project Freight to Central Asia Countries»

  • Kemal Kunt, Planning Manager, KN Ibrakom/CABA


2K Shipping and Trading (Turkey)

• C. Kerem Erkan, General Manager

• Danila Krokhalev, Operation & Chartering

Agility (Russia, Saint-Petersburg)

• Andrey Moskalenko, Director Project Logistics, Eastern Europe

ALE Caspian (Azerbaijan)

• Fuad Mammadov, Country Manager

Anatolia Logistics ve Dis Ticaret Ltd Sti. (Turkey)

• Jan Thies Peters, general director

• Celal Lesanoglu, manager

A.R.T. Logistics (Kazakhstan)

• Yekaterina Fyodorova, Project Manager


• Sabina Nabieva, Chartering Manager

Autosib (Russia, Omsk)

• Sergey Fyodorov, Director

Agility Logistics (Kazakhstan)

• Adil Auzbekov, General Director

AsstrA Almaty (Kazakhstan)

• Aikyn Urkimbaev, Branch Manager

AsstrA Rus (Russia, Moscow)

• Andrey Abramov, Head of Oversize and Heavy Cargo Department

• Sergey Omelyanyuk, Director Operations, Sea and Railway Transport

Atlantic Ro-Ro Carriers, Inc. (Russia, Moscow)

• Vladimir Simonov, Country Manager

Benchmark (Russia, Samara)

• Alexey Chegodaev, Director

Benchmark Trading (Russia, Samara)

• Nazim Khalilov, Head of Sales Department, Oversize Transport and Special Projects

Benchmark-logistics (Russia, Samara)

• Evgeniy Egupov, General Director

CABA Endustriyel Hizmetler Ins. ve Tic. A.S. (Turkey)

• Ahmet Arslan, Marketing Manager

Caucastransexpress (Georgia)

• Georgy Gamtsemlidze, Sales Manager

Caspian Development Company Services (Kazakhstan)

• Nasihat Urpekov, Sales and Administration Department

Chandler GmbH (Germany)

• Vladimir Nekhvyadovich, General Director of “Chandler” Group

• Dmitry Tsygankov

Estiw (Russia, Vladivostok)

• Alexander Volkov, General Director

• Denis Spevak, Deputy General Director on Service

Embassy Freight Services Turkey (Turkey)

• Emrah ERDOG, Managing Director

Efe Worlwide Logistics (Turkey)

• Fuad Mustafayev

Euro Rigging-Turkey (Turkey)

• Ozgur Topal, General Manager

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (Russia)

• Jean-Alexandre Blanchard, Principal Banker

Far Freight Speditions (Austria)

• Nikolay Georgiev, Project Manager

FORMAG-BAKU (Azerbaijan)

• Ilkin Sharifov, Managing Director

GEFCO Kazakhstan

• Vyacheslav Budyko, Sales and Marketing Manager

Globalink Logistics Group (Kazakhstan)

• Aygerim Abitayeva, General Manager, Astana Branch

• Arman Abdrakhmanov, Projects Division

Hareket Transport & Trading Co (Turkey)

• Samet Gursu, operation manager

Holleman Ukraine

• Plesovskikh Mikhail, General manager

IFC COLOS (Kazakhstan)

• Farkhod Khalmetov, office in Astana, Director

Instar Logistics (Russia, Moscow)

• Alexey Mamykin, Head of Business Development Department

• Maxim Platonov, Marketing and Sales Manager

• Alexey Shramko, Project Team Manager

Instar Logistics (Kazakhstan)

• Sergey Denisov, Standalone Division Director

• Edil Bektemirov, First Deputy Director

Jenty (Kazakhstan)

• Vitaliy Pushkin, Commercial Director

Jenty (Belarus)

• Ivan Yermakov, Head of Oversize Cargo Department


• Erhat Iskaliev, General Director

Keen-Mark-Logistic (Russia, Moscow)

• Alexey Shafarostov, General Director

• Sergey Ivashchenko, Project Manager

K-Transgroup (Kazakhstan)

• Samat Ataibekov, Director, Licensing System

KN IBRAKOM LLP (Kazakhstan, part of KUENHE+NAGEL Group)

• Ruslan Vagapov, General Director

KN Ibrakom/CABA (Turkey)

• Kemal Kunt, Planning Manager

• Hasret Dal, Logistics Project Coordinator

KOG Transport AG (Switzerland)

• Sergey Zabedilin, Representative in Russia

Largus Group (Russia, Moscow)

• Marat Tsibikov, General Director

Legion Cargo GmbH (Germany)

• Andrey Praleska, President

• Karpuk Natalia, Deputy Director

Mammoet Kasmashal (Kazakhstan)

• Matthew Collins, Commercial Representative

• Glenn Mazijn, Director

• Geoffrey Collins, Director

MannLines UK (Great Britain)

• David Brooks, General Manager

MannLines (Estonia)

• Tiit Arus, general manager

MAXX Intermodal Systems LLP (Kazakhstan)

• Oksana Sorokina, Business Development Manager

Medden Shipping (Turkey)

• Vanessa Medini, Board Member

• Cihan Kose, Business Development

Metso (Kazakhstan)

• Tatyana Korneva, Order Desk Manager

M.G. Logistic Ltd. (Georgia)

• Ilham Hajiyev, General Director

Ministry of Investment and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan

• Kuanysh Ermuhanov, Chief Expert, Transport Committee

ÌÒÀ «Caspian Cargo Services» (Kazakhstan)

• Yuri Kuznetsov, Director

• Denis Moroz, Senior Logistic Manager

Mainstream (Russia, Novosibirsk)

• Alexander Peregudin, Head of Marketing Department

• Artyom Kuznetsov, Director

Management Company «Reka-More» (River-Sea) (Russia, Rostov)

• Boris Yanishevskiy, Chartering Department Lead Manager

• Alexey Parfyonov, Head of Towing Department

• Vladimir Zazvonov, Head of Bid Department

M&M Logistics (Kazakhstan)

• Kan Viktor, Branch Director

National Maritime Shipping Company «Kazmortransflot» (Kazakhstan)

• Venera Kim, Lead Specialist

Novorossiysk Port Terminal

• Valentin Bokatiy, Executive Director

North-Western Shipping Company (Russia, Saint-Petersburg)

• Sergey Levitskiy, Chartering Manager

Nooteboom Global Trailer Center (Netherlands)

• Vladimir Gerasimenko, Export Manager Eastern Europe/Russia

NK Unicorn Global Logistics (Kazakhstan)

• Muzraev Nasiridin, Director

Oznakliyat Kara Tasimaciligi A.S. (Turkey)

• Filiz BOZAT, Project & Heavy Transport Manager

• Ali YILMAZ, Project & Heavy Transport Manager

Portcentric Solutions ltd. (Great Britain)

• David Baker

Prosped Solutions Oy (Estonia)

• Tarmo Sikk

• Kalju Kliss

• Andres Niinepuu

Rivest-Trans-Service (Russia, Saratov)

• Igor Boderskov, General Director

Russian Transport Lines (Russia, Moscow)

• Marat Yarullin, Deputy General Director on Business Development

RosTransLogistic-L (Russia, Rostov-on-Don)

• Ilya Lyudvinitskiy, General Director

Rhenus Project Logistics GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)

• Stanislaw Winogradow, Project Transport Manager

Rominserv (Romania, construction contractors for Pavlodar Petrochemical Plant)

• Zamanbek Mirzayanov, Procurement Director

• Sergey Panchuik, Logistics Manager

• Yermek Kaldygulov, Local Content manager

• Damelya Nurtazina, Local Content specialist

Sarens (Kazakhstan)

• Azamat Izteleuov, Sales Manager

Samara River Port

• Masguts Bulat

Saratov River Transport Enterprise

• Igor Zubatov, Chairman of the Board

SZTU (Russia, Saint-Petersburg)

• Dmitry Klimovitskiy

Secretariat of TRACECA IGC in the Republic of Kazakhstan

• Marat Saduov, National Secretary

• Zarina Zhamangaraeva, Expert

Soyuztranslink (Kazakhstan)

• Erlan Dihanbaev, Managing Director

Sarjak Container Lines Pvt. Lt (India)

• Yuri Gordeev, Representative in Russia and CIS Countries

• Shiju Thomas, Area Manager


• Alexander Baranov, Head of Commercial Department


• Mammadov Faiq Ismixan, Deputy manager

• Azer Shakhlar ogli Guliyev Project Manager

Transporta Ekspedicija SIA (Lithuania)

• Evgeniy Gudovichev

• Daniil Kuznetsov

Transasia Logistics (Uzbekistan)

• Andrew Shegai, Deputy CEO

Transasia Systems KZ (Kazakhstan)

• Nam Alexandr, General Director

Trenze Servis (Lithuania)

• Viktor Nikitin, Director

TIIS (Russia, trading company of: KAMAG Transporttechnik, Nicolas Industrie and SCHEUERLE )

• Albin Radke, General Director

Terminal (Kazakhstan)

• Oleg Britvin, President

• Larisa Martens-Simonovich, Vice President

Terminal Tolyatti (Russia)

• Alexander Suslov, General Director

TRANSIT (Russia)

• Vyacheslav Petrukhin, General Director

TMBCL Ltd (Russia, Novorossiysk)

• Alexander Bulygin, Lead Specialist

Volga-Dnepr Airlines (Russia, Moscow)

• Andrey Gulyayanovsky, Lead Logistic Sales Specialist

• Sergey Lenivin, Lead Sales Specialist

Volgo-Baltic Logistic (Russia, Saint-Petersburg)

• Evgeniy Goldin, General Director

• Vitaliy Zubakov, Deputy General Director

Volgaintrans (Russia, Samara)

• Vladimir Shchepkov, General Director

• Eduard Shchepkov, Technical Director

• Alexander Shikunov, Head of Transport Department

Vostokmontazhmekhanizatsiya (Russia, Chelyabinsk)

• Gennadiy Roze, General Director

Wilhelmsen Ships Service Georgia LTD (Georgia)

• Bukhuti Abashidze, project manager


Venue: Astana, Kazakhstan, Hotel “Kazzhol Astana”.

Balkantau ave., #213, Astana

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