• 21 April 2019
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April 25, 2019 marked completion of the 8th international conference HEAVY CASPIAN focused on oversize and heavy-lift transportation in the Caspian Sea and Central Asian regions.

This year the conference was visited by more than 130 delegates from Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Georgia, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Turkey and UAE.

The conference highlighted various project logistics aspects. In particular, speakers from A.R.T. Business Group and TECHNO WEST LTD went into detail describing existing routes and condition of associated infrastructure for shipment of such cargoes through Kazakhstan’s sea and inland ports. In his turn, Nurbolat Karimov, Deputy General Director for Operations of TenizService, spoke about construction of the transportation route for project loads destined for the Tengiz Field Expansion Project. This state-of-the-art road and port infrastructure will be accessible to all transport market members after 2021.

Vladimir Dorokhov, STS Logistics’ Director Regional Development, highlighted aspects of reloading out-of-gauge equipment from China on inland border terminals of Kazakhstan giving a specific example of a drill rig transportation.

Konstantin Grinevich, General Director of Glogos Project, shared his view on advantages of water shipment of extralong and super heavy cargoes. He specifically dwelled on two projects: delivery of wind-powered generators from China to Ulyanovsk and transportation of casings from Shanghai to Mayak settlement (Samara Oblast).

Representatives of Keen-Mark Group gave two technical speeches on unique potential of modern self-propelled machinery as well as projects related to oversize and heavy-lift handling by means of craneless rigging methods. Namely, Aleksei Lindstrem told the audience about one project where Keen-Mark’s role covered trucking from the temporary Ro-Ro jetty to the unloading point in the petrochemical plant. A real challenge was to come over three bridges which turned out impassable for this kind of load. However, thanks to nonstandard technical solutions these obstacles were successfully tackled. This speech was followed up by Stanislav Kramnik who shared equally interesting engineering solutions of overcoming such obstacles as bridge structures.

The conference came to a close with speeches made by Pandi Trans and SEAMES reflecting the need for the more extensive deployment of insurance coverage and survey while preparing for the projects associated with handling and installation of project loads. Global Partner of Conferences – FESCO Projects – https://www.fesco.ru/clients/conventional Conference Partner – Runa Gold – http://www.runa.elcomprofit.com

Runa Gold provides escort services for oversize and heavy cargoes with custom-built convoy vehicles. Company also arranges escorting of overdimensioned loads by police cars in the European countries, State Traffic Safety Inspectorate (GIBDD) vehicles in Russia and State Automobile Inspectorate (GAI) vehicles when moving along the CIS roads. We would like to thank A.R.T. Business Group – https://www.art-businessgroup.com – for their invaluable help to our event. Sponsor of the conference in 2019 – Cometto S.p.A – https://www.cometto.com


Conference participants registration
I session
10.30 - 11.30
  • FESCO Projects report
  • Oversized transportations in Central Asia market analysis for 2018. Trends and prospects for the nearest future
  • Yatullin Marat, director of sales and business development department, project logistics directorate
  • OC «TECHNO WEST LTD» report
  • Routes and road infrastructure for oversized cargoes passing through sea and dry ports of Kazakhstan
  • Min Konstantin, CEO
  • «TenizService» report
  • Project cargo transportation route construction for the North-Eastern part of the Caspian Sea facilities
  • Karumov Nurbolat, deputy CEO for operations
12.00 - 13.00
II session
  • «A.R.T. Business Group» report
  • Central Asia logistic projects management
  • Melnikova Lyudmila, head of railway transportations department
  • «STS Logistics» report
  • Transshipment of oversized equipment from China at land border terminals features
  • Dorokhov Vladimir, regional development director
14.00 - 17.00
III session
  • «Glogos Project» report
  • Advantages of working with a freight broker in multimodal transportation of project cargo. Recent projects in the Black and Caspian seas
  • Grinevich Konstantin, CEO
  • «DLX agency Russia» report
  • Logistics of rolling equipment by ro-ro services from Russian ports
  • Kiryushkin Evgeniy, commercial director
  • 15.00-15.30 coffee-break
14.00 - 17.00
IV session
  • «TECHNO-MARK» report
  • On the bridge and under the bridge: transportation of oversized and heavy cargo by crane-less rigging methods in logistics issues.
  • Kramnik Stanislav, CEO
  • GC «Keen-Mark» report
  • Unique opportunities of modern self-propelled equipment
  • Lindstrem Alexey, head of project department
  • «Pandi Trans» insurance broker report
  • Risk assessment and management in of project cargo transportation in Central Asia and Iran direction
  • Sharova Oksana, deputy CEO
  • «SEAMES» report
  • Transportation of project cargo under survey control. Advantages and disadvantages
  • Nikolaichev Igor, cargo expertise director


Cargo owners

  • Atomenergoproject (Russia)
  • Garaev Ilnur, main specialist
  • Korovkin Sergey, main specialist
  • TenizService (Kazakhstan)
  • Karumov Nurbolat, deputy CEO for operations
  • Tusupbekov Damir, commercial development service main specialist
  • Goldwind International Holdings (Kazakhstan)
  • Idrisov Syrymbet, business development manager
  • KAZ Minerals Management (Kazakhstan)
  • Khasenov Sayan, logistics manager

Freight forwarding companies

  • A A.R.T. Business Group (Kazakhstan)
  • Musina Aliya, CEO
  • Fedorova Ekaterina, project manager
  • Melnikova Lyudmila, head of railway transportations department
  • ARK LOGISTICS (Uzbekistan)
  • Razzokov Zhurabek, CEO
  • ALE (Kazakhstan)
  • Robinson Stewart, business development manager
  • Dementieva Ekaterina, director
  • AsstrA-Associated Traffic AG (Switzerland)
  • Dyadyaeva Margarita, director of Almaty branch
  • Grebenko Oleg, deputy operational director for specialized transport
  • Aprile Kazakhstan
  • Orazbekov Zharylkasyn, director
  • Bertling Kazakh Logistics
  • Jonathan Rawlinson Plant, commercial director
  • Toregozhin Timur, commercial manager
  • Baki Rail Trans (Azerbaijan)
  • Hasanov Rauf Hasanali, project logistics
  • Blue Water Shipping Kazakhstan
  • Guk Alla, CEO
  • Caspian Jibek Joly (Kazakhstan)
  • Baimukhamedov Gaziz, CEO
  • Doborjginidze Nikoloz, head of project department/CIS supervisor
  • Conceptum Logistics GmbH (Germany)
  • Charyev Murad, business development manager CIS
  • CJ ICM Logistics (Kazakhstan)
  • Vagapov Ruslan, CEO
  • Khusnutdinov Rustam, business development manager in Kazakhstan
  • EurAsiaTransit (Kazakhstan)
  • Saduakas Ayan, projects coordinator
  • Eurotransit Cargo (Kazakhstan)
  • Gordienko Sergey, «Еurotransit-КТС» director
  • Tokbergenova Gaukhar, manager
  • FESCO Transportation Group (Russia)
  • Yarullin Marat, director of sales and projects development department
  • Shmelev Alexander, director of operations department
  • Reiter Mikhail, sales director in Middle Asia
  • GEFCO Forwarding Kazakhstan
  • Ashuraliev Emil, CEO
  • Ayaganov Dastan, OVS team leader
  • Great Silk Road (Turkmenistan)
  • Tuliev Igor, projects director
  • Belyaev Alexander, projects manager
  • Goodrich Central Asia (Kazakhstan)
  • Sanju K Mani, director
  • DSV Air&Sea Transport A/S (Turkey)
  • Enes Yilmaz, senior manager, project manager
  • Burak Kuran, senior manager CIS
  • Panov Bogdan, head of oversized cargoes department
  • Garnik Ksenia, project manager
  • Tyan Maria, director for strategy and investment
  • KGE Logistics BV
  • Artiom Kozlov, CEO
  • LS Cargo Logistics (Russia)
  • Nasonov Dmitriy, operations and sales in Russia director
  • NAWINIA RUS (Russia)
  • Urvan Oleg, executive director
  • Baum Mark, head of project department
  • ORIENT LOGISTIC (Uzbekistan)
  • Yusunaliev Farkhod, projects director
  • PRIMUM (Belarus)
  • Prikhodko Evgeniy, authorized representative in Russia and Central Asia
  • Borisevich Pavel, head of oversized transportations department
  • RTL Project Kazakhstan
  • Bochkov Sergey, director
  • Quehenberger Logistics RUS
  • Yakovlev Leonid, head of multi modal transportation department
  • Mamyshev Iliyas, head of branch in Kazakhstan
  • Sarens Kazahstan
  • Izteleuov Azamat, sales manager
  • Aldabergenova Meruert, sales manager
  • Suvari Shipping & Trading Co. Ltd (Turkey)
  • Terzi Ismail, managing director
  • Shanghai Greenroad International Logistics (Kazakhstan)
  • Meng Fanxu, branch manager
  • Nie Haotie, operation manager
  • DB Schenker (Russia)
  • Dezhenkov Valeriy, business development manager \special projects department
  • STS Logistics (Russia)
  • Dorokhov Vladimir, regional development director
  • Technowest (Kazakhstan)
  • Min Konstantin, CEO
  • Khegai Artur, head of transportations department
  • Terminal LS (Kazakhstan)
  • Martens-Simonovich Larisa, executive director
  • Britvina Yana, business development manager
  • Turksib Magistral (Uzbekistan)
  • Aidarov Zhan, CEO
  • Engulatov Timur, international transportations manager
  • Mamadaliev Dilshod, deputy director for road transport management
  • Aliev Marat, deputy head of freight forwarding service
  • Worldwide Energy Logistics (Georgia)
  • Getsadze Giorgi, general manager
  • Sherozia Eka, BDU
  • ATEK (Russia)
  • Zenitov Salikhat, director
  • BST (Russia)
  • Akselrod Milana, CEO
  • BELAMRO (Russia)
  • Matveyuk Yuri, deputy CEO
  • Volgo-Baltic Logistic (Russia)
  • Goldin Evgeniy, CEO
  • Zubakov Vitaliy, deputy CEO
  • Chernov Alexander, technical director
  • GC «Keen-Mark» (Russia)
  • Kramnik Stanislav, CEO
  • Lindstrem Alexey, head of project department
  • Eurasia Gate (Kazakhstan)
  • Baisalbaev Serik, director
  • Nakmukhamedova Indira, head of road transport department
  • Infotech Baltika (Russia)
  • Terentiev Alexander, logistics services purchasing manager
  • Mamedov Vadim, transport and warehouse logistics specialist
  • KSS (Kazakhstan)
  • Geldyev Andrey, head of logistics department
  • Malkov Gleb, development manager
  • КТК Service Engineering (Kazakhstan)
  • Daulenbaev Tulegen, CEO
  • Sabirov Mukhit, head of logistics department
  • Keen-Mark-Logistic (Russia)
  • Shafarostov Alexey, CEO
  • SMM (Russia)
  • Kindaeva Irina, business development director
  • Kraft Spedition (Kazakhstan)
  • Isaev Erlan, CEO
  • Smataeva Nursulu, managing director
  • Mainstream logistic (Russia)
  • Kuznetsov Artem, director
  • Moskovkin Leonid, specialist in organization of oversized cargo transportation by road
  • Fedorov Sergey, technical director
  • SK-Trade (Russia)
  • Savitenko Maxim, director
  • Shyngar Trans (Kazakhstan)
  • Dosymbekov A.K., executive director
  • Kabysheva Kalamkas, head of sales development sector
  • UTEK (Russia)
  • Papayanaki Vladimir, CEO

Shipping companies, shipping agents, lines and brokers

  • GNS Georgia as Agent of Cosco Shipping Lines
  • Givi Chachanidze, sales manager
  • Alexander Chachanidze, general manager
  • Glogos Project (Russia)
  • Grinevich Konstantin, director
  • Won Junjang, general manager
  • So Kwang Choi, deputy general manager
  • KTZ Express Shipping (Kazakhstan)
  • Ermatov Erzhan, commercial director
  • Pola Rise (Russia)
  • Suvorov Alexander, heavy and oversized cargo logistics manager
  • River Sea Management (Russia)
  • Arustamov Gennady, CEO
  • Konysheva Anna, commercial service manager
  • Parfyonov Alexey, deputy CEO for development
  • Samskip GmbH (Germany)
  • Butz Thomas, director breakbulk/project division
  • Sarjak Container Lines Pvt. Lt
  • Gordeev Yuri, representative in Russia and CIS countries
  • DLX agency Russia
  • Kiryushkin Evgeniy, commercial director
  • Ingria Shipping (Russia)
  • Maslechenko Dmitriy, leading specialist
  • LLP “NMSK” Kazmortransflot” (Kazakhstan)
  • Nygmetov Erkin, director of marketing and contracts department
  • Zhaigaliev Bauyrzhan, maritime operations supervisor

Oversized loads escort, permits obtainment

  • K-TRANSGROUP (Kazakhstan)
  • Ataibekov Samat, director

Aviation companies and aviabrokers

  • Air Charter Service (Kazakhstan)
  • Zharylkassynov Darkhan, cargo charter coordinator
  • Volga-Dnepr Airlines (Russia)
  • Kharitonenko Anna, sales specialist
  • AirBridgeCargo Airlines
  • Novozhenov Petr, regional director in Russia and CIS
  • Zagorodnyuk Alexander, charter transportations manager

Insurance companies, brokers and surveys

  • SEAMES (Russia)
  • Nikolaichev Igor, cargoes expertise director
  • TT Club (Russia)
  • Sharova Oksana, deputy CEO

Special equipment and cranes rental

  • ASST (Russia)
  • Rezanov Leonid, director
  • Volkovich Vadim, head of operations department

Machinery and equipment manufacturers

  • Cometto S.p.A (Italy)
  • Zingan Adrian, sales Russia & CIS
  • Faymonville RUSS
  • Fadeeva Elena, CEO
  • Nooteboom Trailers B.V. (Netherlands)
  • Gommers Olesya, export sales
  • STSERVICE (Russia)
  • Baryshov Denis, CEO
  • CST TransLiftTechnique, Goldhofer official representation
  • Dyomin Evgeniy, CEO
  • Gerasimov Oleg, sales manager


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