• 2 - 3 June 2023
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On June 2, 2023, the IX International “HEAVY CASPIAN” conference finished its work in Baku. The conference is devoted to oversized and heavy cargo transportation in the South Caucasus, the Caspian Sea and the countries of Central Asia region.

This year conference was attended by more than 200 delegates from Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkey and the OAU.

During the conference delegates discussed the experience of oversized cargo delivering to Georgia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan, compared transport routes; assessed the capabilities of the ports of Georgia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan to receive project cargo; talked about the Trans-Caspian Corridor operation for project cargo.

Second day of the forum, June 3, was completely devoted to informal communication of delegates. On this day we took a walking and bus tour of Baku. Delegates were shown the city as it is seen by the indigenous people of Baku: filled with bright and warm sun, Caucasian hospitality and love of life. The program included main attractions sightseeing, walking tour of the Old Town and lunch in an old caravanserai.


June 2
Participants registration and welcome coffee

Welcome word by Orkhan Musaev, CEO, RETEMS LOGISTICS.

"Logistics for Middle Asia. New realities" discussion panel

– Oversized transportation market analysis in Caspian region countries. Trends and prospects. Denis Katanaev, commercial director, FESCO Projects.

– Presentation by Orkhan Musaev, CEO, RETEMS LOGISTICS.

– Trends and innovations in transport technology field for project and oversized cargo. Zingan Adrian, product manager, Cometto SpA.

– Choosing the optimal solution when carrying out rigging work on real examples. Stanislav Kramnik, CEO, Techno-Mark. 

– Integrated projects logistics. Sabri Dinçer, regional manager – CIS & Eastern Europe, Hareket Heavy Lifting & Project Transportation Co.

Air transportations: first year of work under sanctions experience. The secret of survival and what to do next? Sergey Vekhov, sales and development in CIS countries director, SV Charter.

"Opportunities and limitations for working with project cargo in the South Caucasus and Central Asian countries" discussion panel

Trends in the project cargo freight market. The situation in the Caspian Sea. Konstantin Grinevich, CEO, Glogos Project.

– Heavy-weight power equipment delivery to Tembinbulak thermal power plant project. Alexander Shmelev, project transportations department director, FESCO Projects.

– 525t gas turbine transportation from Bautino to Uzbekistan.  Ali Yoldashov, CEO, Mammoet Kazakhstan.

Coffee break
"Work in new transport corridors. Pros and cons" discussion panel

– Weaknesses and strengths of the Georgia-Azerbaijan-Kazakhstan route. Anar Ismayil, logistics manager, HHLA Project Logistics.

– New logistics routes. Current year trends. Stanislav Tobin, head of project logistics and development department, Arivist Group.

– Working on the Trans-Caspian route practical experience. Ziya Zarbali, director, GIANTI Logistics Azerbaijan    

Alternative methods of project cargo delivery in geopolitical instability conditions. Melnbardis Agnis, sales project cargo, 

Stena Line Scandinavia AB.

– Effective insurance strategy for new supply chains. Oksana Kolegova, deputy CEO, Pandi Trans.

Dinner for conference participants

List of participants

List of participants

Heavy Caspian 2023 conference

100 Tonn (Russia)  

Yevgeny Glazyrin, manager

A.R.T. Logistics (Kazakhstan)    

Lyudmila Melnikova, head of railway transportations

Aliya Musina, CEO

Acwa Power (Uzbekistan)   

Elena Kanarskaya, logistics manager


Maxim Rakityanskiy, director

AK DURMUSH (Turkmenistan)    

Rustam Karyagdyyev, director 

Farhad Durdyyev, deputy director 

Aquilia Nipalensis Shipping (Turkey)

Sabina Nabiyeva, chartering manager

Artlog Lojistik ve Dış Ticaret A.Ş. (Turkey)   

Ilker Sokmen, managing partner 

Kivanc Aygun, operations manager

Arivist Group (Russia)

Stanislav Tobin, head of project logistics and development department


Alexey Parfenov, deputy CEO for commercial fleet usage

Astrol Shipping Company (Russia)

Rustem Kabirov, executive director

Alexander Palekhov, business development director

AUTOLINE (Russia)   

Andrey Barbarin, director

Baker Hughes Energy Technology (Azerbaijan)

Kamran Nasirov, global logistics lead customs specialist – Azerbaijan & Caspian

Barrus Projects (Russia) 

Dmitiy Fomin, project manager

Blue Water Shipping (Russia)

Tatiana Shorokhova, CEO

Alexander Efanov, logistics manager

Caucastransexpress (Georgia)  

Ani Gvineria, project manager

Çalık Enerji (Turkey)   

Tolga İnaç, logistics coordinator

Central Cargo Port (Russia)

Egor Polanskiy, commercial director

CJ ICM Logistics (Azerbaijan)

Mahammad Guliyev, operations manager

CJ ICM Logistics (Kazakhstan)

Kurmambayeva Gulzhan, operations manager

CJ ICM Logistics (Uzbekistan)    

Djakhangir Mamadjanov, general director

Cometto SpA (Italy)

Adrian Zingan, product manager

Conceptum Logistics Germany (Germany)

Murad Charyev, group corporate development CIS/Central Asia/Türkiye

CS Conti – Servicer Internatione Spedition GmbH (Germany)   

Alexander Schmidt, CEO

Dakotrans (Russia)

Alexander Krivosheev, manager

Fedor Terentiev, manager

Darkhan-5 (Kazakhstan)

Yerkin Mardanayev, director 

Dorkan Servis (Turkey)

Aşkın Serkan, managing director

Dimmex (Poland)    

Anna Makarova, deputy director

Kseniya Kuzmitskaya, deputy director for logistics 

ELEVEN DANIR 19 (Latvia) 

Kirill Stolyarov, Senior Procurement Specialist 

Daniil Voronin, Project Manager & Partner

Ekay proje Agır nakliyat (Turkey)  

Zihni Yıldırım, General manager

Alper Yıldırım, General manager

ERSAI Caspian Сontractor (Kazakhstan)

Sabyrbek Adilgereev, commercial director

Liya Khamidullina, commercial offers manager


Yerassyl Sarbupiyev, branch manager

Sercan İlkilic Muhammed, managing director 

Faymonville Distribution (Luxembourg)

Luxen Arnold, commercial director

Elena Malyutina, sales manager

Goezler Kaan, sales manager, Turkey

Faymonville Russ (Russia)

Elena Fadeeva, CEO

FESCO (Russia)

Denis Katanaev, commercial director

Alexander Shmelev, director of project transportations department

Gazpromneft-Snabjenie (Russia)

Georgiy Engalyshev, international supply director

Olga Vysotskaya, head of international project implementation department

Yevgeniy Korenkov, head of key account department    

Glogos Project (Russia)

Olga Maximova, marketing and development director

Konstantin Grinevich, CEO

GIANTI Logistics (Azerbaijan)

Ziya Zarbali, director

GIANTI Logistics (Uzbekistan)

Mamuka Kandelaki, branch office director

Giorgi Nikolishvili, business development manager

GSK (Russia)

Tatiana Pashkova, director of the Moscow branch 

GTC Logistics (Russia)   

Sergey Zabedilin, head of industrial projects division

Heavy-Trans (Russia)

Yuri Mochalyuk, founder

Hareket Heavy Lifting & Project Transportation Co. (Turkey)

Sabri Dinçer, regional manager – CIS & Eastern Europe 

HHLA Project Logistics (Azerbaijan)

Anar Ismayil, logistics manager

Kazlogistic Solutions (Kazakhstan)       

Mukhit Sabirov, project manager

Asem Uteeva, project manager

Keen-Mark Group (Russia)  

Stanislav Kramnik, CEO, Techno-Mark

Keen-Mark-Logistic (Russia) 

Artem Shafarostov, manager

Kerry Project Logistics (Kazakhstan)    

Alessandro Dittadi, deputy director

Kocaman Transport (Turkey)    

Sevim Alper, general manager 

Sevim Cigdem Kocaman, CEO 

LAKSTA (Latvia)

Inesa Trubanova, director

Lions Marine (Turkey)

Sergey Didur, managing director

LV Caspian Limited (Azerbaijan)   

Khikmet Nadzhaf Aliev, senior transport engineer

Umbyul Khodzhaeva, leading operations coordinator

M-GROUP (Russia) 

Andrey Zaitsev, head of development department

Alexander Virich, project department specialist

Mussa Nuryshev, special projects specialist

Mammoet (Kazakhstan)

Ali Yoldashov, CEO

Marek Lysko, head of transport department

Marine Engineering and Shipping (Russia)    

Sergey Ovsienko, CEO

Marine Service Group (Russia)   

Viktoria Maringos, marine insurance director

MBM-Trans (Russia)

Pavel Mochaliuk, CEO

Morwenna Shipping Company (Russia)

Alexander Baranov, general director

Svetlana Sarsenova, business developer


Ali Ihsan Yumusak, general manager

Erkut Keles, chartering executive

MT-Group (Russia)  

Sergey Serbin, head of chartering department

NIPIGAS (Russia) 

Alexander Khudyakov, chief expert. Oversized cargo transportation by water transport

NOYTECH Supply Chain Solutions (Russia)

Pavel Zharov, Director of industrial projects department

Dmitry Naydenov, Managing Director Azerbaijan

Nargiz Hajiyeva, Customer Excellence Manager Azerbaijan

NST (Russia)

Dmitriy Zhidkov, sales manager

ORIENT Logistic (Uzbekistan)

Konstantin Melnikov, commercial director

Farkhod Yunusaliev, project director

P&O Maritime Logistics (Azerbaijan)   

Alex Drozdov, director Caspian and cargo transport 

Pandi Trans (Russia)

Oksana Kolegova, deputy CEO

PFAFF Logistik Rus (Russia)

Marina Svishenko, CEO

Marina Komarnitskaya, commercial director

Pola Rise (Russia)

Alexander Suvorov, head of heavy and oversized cargo logistics

Andrey Ivashchenko, manager of heavy and oversized cargo logistics

R Group (Russia)

Alexander Kotov, head of import department

Anatoly Lukavskiy, head of customer service department


Orkhan Musayev, general director

Sema Mekhtiyev, managing director

REZONANS (Belarus)

Alexander Gryzlov, director

Pavel Volkov, transportations manager

Right Decision (Russia)

Yevgeny Yakovchuk, head of loading/unloading operations department

Route Logistic (Russia)

Veronika Goncharova, CEO

Svetlana Goncharova, head of development department

RusChem (Russia)

Boris Kapkaev, head of international and port logistics

Sergey Belokon, head of logistics department

RusTransAvto LLC (KREISS) (Russia)

Anton Kartashevich, head of oversized cargo and project department

RZD Logistics (Russia)

Sergey Rudnichok, project logistics director

SanRecService (Kazakhstan)

Nikolay Mikhailenko, director

Sarjak Container Lines/ Saksham Group (India)   

Yuri Gordeev, regional head, Russia & CIS countries

SCANEX (Azerbaijan)

Kanan Sadigli, managing director

Silver Shipping Caspian (Kazakhstan)  

Oleg Varenov, director

Gulmira Serzhanova, head of agency and logistics department 

S.M Nakliyat (Turkey)   

Fatih Keleş, general manager

STA LOGISTIC AG (Russia)    

Andrey Zhurik, director of oversized and project transportation department

Stena Line Scandinavia AB (Sweden)

Alias Ahed, shipping logistics sales manager Central Europe

Melnbardis Agnis, sales project cargo

STS (Russia) 

Igor Petrov, financial director

SV Charter (Russia)  

Sergey Vekhov, sales and development in CIS countries director 

Anton Kravtsov, head of cargo charter sales

TIS Group (Russia)

Alexander Ivanov, CEO

Ekaterina Grechukhina, deputy CEO


Serdar Atabek, managing director 


Yuri Kochurko, head of logistics department

Triton Trade and Logistics (Turkey)

Vladimir Nekhvyadovich, chief operations officer 

Natalia Ishenko, regional director

Trans Global Project (Azerbaijan)  

Azer Aliyev, director


Roman Yanov, head of project department

VBL (Russia)

Evgenii Goldin, CEO

Vitaly Zubakov, deputy CEO

VK-Trans (Belarus)   

Galina Titovich, import department

Yevgeny Manko, head of import department

Volgaintrans (Russia)

Eduard Shepkov, CEO

YugMax (Russia)

Nikolay Boldyrev, operational director 

Zeppelin Central Asia Machinery (Uzbekistan)  

Dilshod Yakubjanov, head of logistics team


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