• 17 - 18 November 2011
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On November, 18, Moscow welcomed the III International Conference “HEAVY RUSSIA 2011” organized by International Business Forum (IBF).

The Conference took place in the Congress-Center “INFOSPACE” in a historical center of Moscow and gathered over 250 delegates from 15 countries: Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Germany, Great Britain, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Denmark, China, Turkey, Finland, Belgium and Netherlands. This year event was sponsored by German companies SAL Heavy Lift and Goldhofer as well as AsstrA International Holding. Among our traditional partners was Novorossiysk Port Terminal.

HEAVY RUSSIA is the annual platform which has been more and more popular in professional circles. This year the Agenda gave a wide overview of actual problems of heavy and OOG cargo transportation, delivery to hard-to-reach areas of Far North and Siberia, as well as usage of air and railway transport for carrying project cargoes.

One of the main problems discussed within the framework of the Conference was transportation of abnormal loads to hard-to-reach areas. On average, Russian North falls to share 99% of Russian gas export, 98% of oil, 85% of aluminium, 73% of copper, almost 100% of diamond export, 45% of nickel, 34% of wood, etc. Therefore, Northern areas acquire strategic significance for Russia. Moreover, hostile climate is characteristic of the North. Absolute lacking of year-round transport facilities only adds headache to carriers.

In this respect presentations by Russian companies were of utmost interest. They shared their experience of delivering energy equipment to remote areas of Russia: INSTAR Logistics – for Nyagan SDPP, SpetsTyazhProekt and SibTransservice – for Sayano-Shushenskaya Power Plant, Chandler – for Nizhnevartovsk SDPP.

The relevance of speeches was brought about by a number of innovative solutions applied while delivering these unique cargoes. Thus, INSTAR Logistics faced the problem of a bridge which had to stand overload of 480t. This gave way to an unusual solution – to strengthen the bridge by carbon plastic. This technology is rare in Russia and it was used for the first time for transporting heavy cargoes.

In its respect, Chandler Company designed and built a strengthened pier in Salekhard river port in July-September 2011. It is now capable of handling project cargoes with up to 500t weight. This will allow optimization of cargo delivery to Siberia and Northern Kazakhstan as well as better disposal of Russian-flag vessels.

As for possible ways of delivering cargoes to Siberia, they mainly use river, sea and air transport. The first two are used mainly in summer, whereas air transport is used in winter. Prime cost of air freight turns a kilo of flour into a unit of luxury; furthermore, all transports are weather-bound.

One of solutions to this problem was offered by AUGUR RosAeroSystems – design of a new transport means. This is a combined aircraft which has the best qualities of airships with separate elements of plane, helicopter and air-cushion vessel. This approach enables to preserve unique advantages of airships – long range and lifting capacity, economic and ecological efficiency, and get rid of traditional disadvantages. The project is called ATLANT. Designers implement the entire range of aircraft with 15t, 60t and 170t of lifting capacity with flying range from 1500 up to 5000km. According to a rough estimate, the prime cost of transportation is going to range between 7 and 25 RUB for ton/km depending on the lifting capacity. It is necessary just to find investors who are ready to support this unique Russian project.

In continuation of this topic delegates from STS Logistics presented their view on using aircraft for delivering project cargoes. They told the audience about distinguishing features of heavy transportation by air. The most significant projects – delivery of turbine wheels to Bureyskaya Plant (with a 120t weight and 6.2m diameter), transportation of hydro generator to Boguchanskaya Plant (180t) and delivery of turbine wheels to Kambaratinskaya Plant – aroused everybody’s interest.

Air carriers also play the first violin. The global leader of cargo aviation “Volga-Dnepr” dwelled upon their advantages and experience in the sphere of air delivery of heavy and abnormal cargoes. Their announcement about establishment of “door-to-door” logistics service was interesting to everybody.

The topic of new technologies traditionally takes the definite place at HEAVY RUSSIA events. Goldhofer Aktiengesellschaft, the world leader of producing low-bed semi-trailers and modular systems for transporting heavy and OOG cargoes, presented their solutions for complicated and special transport tasks, also under Far North conditions. This topic was also highlighted by Research and Scientific Center “Geotechnologies Spb”. Their speech was devoted to state-of-the-art technologies of surveying roads to check their carrying capacity while transporting heavy equipment.

Everyone marked presentations devoted to railway transportation of project cargoes. In 2012 Russian Railways plan to transfer their specialized fleet of platforms and transporters to “Second Freight Company”. Alexander Tumanov, Deputy Head of Special Transportation Department, RZD, told in details about coming reform. Cooperation with railways and Baltic ports was touched upon by Konstantin Akopov, General Director of CFS Russia.

For the full program and delegate list please visit www.ibforum.ru.

In 2012 International Business Forum is planning to conduct several conferences on heavy cargo logistics: in Odessa (HEAVY BLACK SEA), Riga (Oversize Baltic), Baku (HEAVY CASPIAN) and Novosibirsk (Heavy Lift Siberia & Far East), as well as our traditional Moscow event “HEAVY RUSSIA 2012”. For further information please contact IBF Organizing Committee: info@ibforum.ru


9.00 – 10.00
Arrival and registration

(collect conference and financial documents at the Conference desk)

Session I Pressing Issues of Heavy-Lift Market

New Trends in State Regulation Related to Car Transport of Heavy and Bulky Cargoes

  • Konstantin Ugarov, Director, FSI Russian Road Service

Planned Delivery of Material and Logistical Resources for the Construction Needs of Olympic Facilities

  • Igor Nikolaenko, Deputy General Director, Transport Board of Olympic Games

OOG Market as a Boost for Economic Development; Global Experience and Practice of OOG Handling in Russia and CIS Countries

  • Vyacheslav Zakharov, General Director, Seumersteel

Panel Discussion: Overcoming Bureaucratic and Administrative Obstacles by a Heavy-Lift Carrier

Association of International Road Carriers of Russia

State Traffic Safety Inspectorate, Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia

Federal State Institution «Russian Road Service»

Federal Road Agency

Coffee and networking break
Session II Transportation of Project Cargoes to Hard-to-Reach Areas of High North and Siberia

Delivering Oversized Cargoes from Europe to West Siberia by Water Transport

  • Alexander Kruk, General Director, West Siberian River Shipping Company

Experience of an Area Company on Delivery of Oversized and Heavy Cargoes along Siberia

  • Sergei Demidov, General Director, SibTransservice

Panel Discussion: Development of Northern Sea Route for Heavy Transport

Chandler Shipping

Northern Shipping Company

Business lunch
Session III Air Freight used for Abnormal Loads Handling

Air Carriage of Oversized Cargoes – Rendering Complex Transport Services

  • /Speaker to be confirmed/, INSTAR LOGISTICS

Transportation and Erection of OOG Equipment by Means of Freight Airships; Atlant Project

  • Mikhail Talesnikov, VP External Economic Activity, AUGUR Group

Panel Discussion: Using Aviation for Project Transportation in Russia and CIS: Experience and Outlook

CTC Logistics * UTair

Volga-Dnepr * Polyot * Vertical-T

Coffee and networking break
Session IV Latest Technologies

Solutions to Complicated and Special Transport Tasks, Including High North Conditions

  • Raimund Loechle, Area Sales Manager, Goldhofer AG

Hydraulic Systems for Synchronized Lifting and Moving of Heavy Cargoes and Structures

  • G. Yablochkov, General Director, ENERPROM

Geo-Radar Method of Surveying Roads for their Carrying Capacity while Transporting Heavy Equipment

  • N. Timonina, Head of Plot Plan and Transport Department, Lengiproneftekhim

Up-to-date Technologies of Strengthening Bearing Capacity of Bridge Facilities

  • I. Yurovsky, Sales Director, ZAO Composit
Evening reception
Session I Transport of Large-Diameter Pipes

Specialized Wagons for Carrying Strips and Large-Diameter Pipes – New Opportunities for Logistics of Russian Pipe Plants

  • /Speaker to be confirmed/, Transgarant

/Topic to be confirmed/

  • /Speaker to be confirmed/, Eurosib-Logistics
Business Lunch
Session II Role of Railway and Sea Transport in Heavy-Lift Market

Logistics of Wind-Generating Plants. First Experience in CIS. Problems and Outlook.

  • Valentin Bokaty, Deputy Director, Novorossiysk Port Terminal

Inner Waterways used for Heavy Transport

  • /Speaker to be confirmed/, Volgo-Baltic Logistics

/Further schedule to be confirmed/

Coffee and networking break
Personal meetings of delegates


Cargo owners

Machine building

Mitsui & Co. Moscow

  • Ilya Zainyatulov, Expert of Transport and Logistic Department


  • Vladimir Emelyanenko, Operations Director, Head of Process Management


  • Irina Gormina, Logistics Expert

Machine-Building Factory of Podolsk (ZIOMAR)

  • Vladimir Pikhtin, Head of Sales and Contracts

Wartsila Vostok

  • Margarita Mikina, Project Coordinator

Izhorsk Plants

  • Andrei Mironov, Director Logistics

Mining companies

Norilsk Nickel

  • Igor Volkov, Logistics Department

Producers of tanks and vessels

Taganrog Boiler-Making Works Krasny Kotelshchik

  • Yuri Poturaev, Head of Shipping Department
  • Shamil Karimov, Deputy Director on Maintenance


  • Alexei Ladygin, Director Logistics

Pipe works

Izhorsk Pipe Plant

  • Igor Phillipov, Head of Transport Logistics


  • Vyacheslav Kornoukhov, Head of Logistics and Customs Clearance

Oil and gas companies


  • Andrei Kravchenko, Principal Expert of Logistics and Transport Department

Suppliers of building, quarry, port, agricultural and logging machinery

Agromash Holding

  • Sergei Shibkikh, Head of Shipment Department

Cargotec Rus

  • Andrei Chervyakov, Head of Logistics Department

Claas Vostok

  • Elena Rodionova, Expert of Logistics Department

Demag Cranes and Components Russland

  • Ekaterina Ushkova, Manager, Logistics Department

John Deere Agricultural Holdings

  • Irina Kizeeva, Domestic Transport Coordinator
  • Ekaterina Rylkova, Supply Coordinator

Komatsu CIS

  • Timur Vidov, Logistics Department

Mining Machines

  • Marina Kozyryalova, Logistics Manager


  • Marina Kochneva, Logistics Manager

World of Machines (JCB)

  • Yaroslav Kreuteur, Head of Logistics Department

Construction and engineering companies


  • Roman Larkin, First Deputy Manager, Logistics and Export Control Department

E4 Group

  • Maria Poznanina, Logistics Manager
  • Valery Panchenko, Head of Logistics Department

Energy and network companies


  • Konstantin Gusev, Head of Investment Procurement
  • Svetlana Sorokina, Investment Procurement Manager


  • Andrei Konishchev, Head of Supply Management
  • Alexander Dvoretsky, Principal Expert of Supply Management

Drilling and similar equipment for oil/gas companies


  • Alexander Plaksin, Deputy General Director on Logistics

Transport and forwarding companies

Ahlers (Moscow)

  • Sergei Neverkevich, Business Development Manager, Project Department
  • Denis Parakhin, Head of Transport Forwarding Department

ALE Heavylift (Moscow)

  • Patrick Van Der Meide, General Director
  • Sergei Shishkin

Alfons – Koster & Co. GmbH (Germany)

  • Rico Garbers, axport manager for all CIS countries

Albacor Shipping (Moscow)

  • Alexei Mamykin, Head of Project Transportation Department

Beldortyazhtrans (Belarus)

  • Valery Pristavka, Director

Beltekhnoservis (Belarus)

  • Vladimir Levin, Deputy Director

Bellville Rodair International Limited (Great Britain)

  • Jan Kadlcik, Branch Manager
  • David Dines, Key Account Manager

Brockmueller Spedition (Germany)

  • Timur Akhmetkaziyev, Managing Director

Caspian Development Company Services (Kazakhstan)

  • Ragesh Raghav, Head of Sales and Operations

CF&S Estonia AS (Estonia)

  • Eugene Evglevsky, Department Head

CF&S Russia

  • Konstantin Akopov, General Director
  • Leonid Krasnodubsky, Owners’ Representative / Development Director

Chandler GmbH

  • Vladimir Nekhvyadovich, Group General Director
  • Sergei Kuznetsov, Director «Chandler Logistics»
  • Andrei Kopin, Head of Project Department, Chandler GmbH

DHL Global Forwarding (Denmark) A/S

  • Tim Schmith, Head, Industrial Projects, Oil & Energy, Renewable Energy

Dealex Transport (Oe?aeia)

  • Iaca?aiei Na?aae Na?aaaae?, eiiia??aneee ae?aeoi?

DSV Air & Sea A/S (Denmark)

  • Ole Schmidt, Regional Director DSV Projects

DSV Projects Russia (Moscow)

  • Murad Charyev, Director

Expacom (Ukraine)

  • Alexander Nesterov, Commercial Director
  • Oleg Stashevsky, Manager of Project Cargo Department

Express Interfracht Italy S.r.l. (Moscow)

  1. Andrei Detinkin, Country Manager

GAC Shipping & Logistics Ltd (Novorossiysk)

  • Alexander Bazhan, Business Development Manager

IFC COLOS (Kazakhstan)

  • Komilzhon Gafurov, General Director
  • Natalya Luzhnykh, Director Projects

Independent Energy Company (Moscow)

  • Alexander Sinkov, Expert


  • Alexander Shelkov, General Director

Geodis Calberson Rus (Moscow)

  • Sergei Nikitin, Deputy General Director

LoGruz (Moscow)

  • Konstantin Melnikov, Commercial Director
  • Sunnat Asadov, Head of Bulky Cargo Transportation Department

Loadstar Ltd

  • Vitaly Danilov, Deputy Director

Lomer Point Bridge (Kazakhstan)

  • Zhanna Kaplina, General Director

MagellanTrans (Krasnodar)

  • George Sobolev, General Director

Magellan (Krasnodar)

  • Arkady Khublaryan, General Director

Mammoet Russia (Moscow)

  • Yuri Popov, Executive Director
  • Andrei Geikalo, Head of Project Department

Mainstream (Novosibirsk)

  • Artyom Kuznetsov, Director
  • Dmitry Parlyuk, Commercial Director


  • Natalya Timofeeva, General Director

Nord-West Wind (Saint-Petersburg)

  • Eugene Komissarov, Development Director
  • Boris Maleev, Head of Bulky Cargo Transportation Department

NORTROP Ltd (Ukraine)

  • Mikhail Mavrody, Head of Logistics Department

Nurminen Logistiscs Plc (Finland)

  • Hannu Vuorinen, Senior vice president

ORIENT Logistik (Moscow)

  • Farkhod Yunusaliev, Acting Director


  • Airat Usmanov, Head of Commercial Department
  • Mikhail Lavonen, Deputy Director on Fleet


  • Igor Boderskov
  • Anastasia Sapozhnikova
  • Marina Gavrilenko

RosTransLogistic (Rostov-on-Don)

  • Ilya Lyudvinitsky, General Director

RTL Saint-Petersburg

  • Eugene Dichev, Project Manager

RTL (Rostov-on-Don)

  • Oksana Sokolova, Deputy Director
  • Maxim Savitenko, Senior Manager
  • Lyudmila Evlanova, Project Manager

Schenker Deutschland AG (Germany)
Guenter Gauls, Senior Project Manager

Siberia Trans (Novosibirsk)

  • Denis Skobelev, Head of Commercial Department
  • Valery Dushenin, Director Operations

SOPiG (Moscow)

  • Ildar Akhmetov, Director

STS Logistics (Moscow)

  • Oleg Urvan, Head of Project Department
  • Sergei Khimchenko, Sales Manager
  • Alexander Mazilin, Director Air Freight

Stella Group (Finland)

  • Abgar Margaryan , Director

TIS Group (Saint-Petersburg)

  • Alexander Ivanov, General Director
  • Ekaterina Grechukhina, Head of Sales and Marketing

Transafe Logistics (Moscow)

  • Nikolai Vuchkov, President
  • Denis Veraksich, Vice President
  • Natalya Vasilyeva, Head of Multimodal Transportation Department

Trans-Auto (Moscow)

  • Alexander Pevtsov, Director

TRANS NAM (Moscow)

  • Mikhail Naryshkin, Acting General Director

Transocean Eesti Ltd (Estonia)

  • Alari Harjak, CEO

Tricom Freight & Logistics Ltd (Aaiaeaaao)

  • N.C.Ghosh, CEO

TTS Liftec Oy (Finland)

  • Auvinen Aki, Export Director

ULTIMA (Latvia)

  • Tatyana Barusina, Forwarding Agent

UTC Overseas, Inc. (Moscow)

  • Sergei Zabedilin, Director Project Transportation

Vostokmontazhmekhanizatsiya (Chelyabinsk)

  • Gennady Rose, General Director

Wincanton NV (Belgium)

  • Theodore Haije, Managing Director

Shipping companies and freight brokers

Briese Chartering GmbH & Co KG (Germany)

  • Pavel Neiland

DFDS Seaways (Moscow)

  • Igor Plotko, Deputy Director

Expo-Shipping (Tver)

  • Alexei Burov, General Director

Express Interfracht Italy S.r.l. (Moscow)

  • Andrei Detinkin, Country Manager

FESCO Integrated Transport (Moscow)

  • Elena Marchuk, Head of Special Projects Department
  • Hansa Heavy Lift (Germany)

Nikolai Mishkin, Chartering Manager

Hecksher Eesti OU (Estonia)

  • Sergei Stanogin, General Director

Hoegh Autoliners AS (Saint-Petersburg)

  • Tomasz Lis, Owners Representative Russia & CIS

Mann Lines (Estonia)

  • Tiit Arus, General Manager
  • Northern Shipping Company (Arkhangelsk)
  • Alexander Bryntsev, General Director
  • Yuri Arsentyev, Director, Fleet Operation Department

Project & Project Ltd (Estonia)

  • Alexei Malyshev, Director

SAL Heavy Lift Rus (Moscow)

  • Ilya Komarovskikh, General Director
  • Igor Popov, Sea Freight / Supercargo

Scan-Trans Chartering ApS (Denmark)

  • Oleg Kudryashov, Harbor Master

Stella Group (Finland)

  • Abgar Margaryan, Director

TMBS Logistics (Novorossiysk)

  • Alexander Bulygin, Leading Expert

VARAMAR (Ukraine)

  • Alexander Varvarenko, Director

Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics (Saint-Petersburg)

  • Boris Kaportsev, General Manager, High & Heavy cargo, CIS

Wijnne & Barends B.V. (Netherlands)

  • Anton Kurasov, Chartering

State Authorities

Transport Board of Olympic Games

  • /TBD/

FSI Russian Road Service

  • Konstantin Ugarov, Director

Ports and terminals

Ust-Luga Commercial Sea Port

  • /TBD/

Port of Vyborg

  • Anastasia Artyomenko, Deputy General Director on Commerce
  • Vassily Emtsov, Deputy General Director on Operation and Technical Issues



  • Nikolai Loginov, Senior Vice-President-Director of Business Development Department «UTair Helicopter Services»


  • Vladimir Vyshemirsky, Head of Engineering and Logistic Center
  • Sergei Lenivin, Leading Sales Manager
  • Andrei Gulyayanovsky, Leading Sales Manager

Railway operators

General Representative of German Railways

  • Marina Siedenbiedel, Cooperation Manager of Special Transport between Deutsche Bahn AG and Russian Railways

Industrial rigging

Beck and Pollitzer (Saint-Petersburg)

  • Adrian Tchos, General Director
  • Vitaly Sary, Principal Engineer
  • Natalya Kiryukhina, Head of Project Procurement Department
  • Darya Sushkova, Assistant Marketing Department
  • Elizaveta Nikolaeva, Marketing Expert

100 Tons – Service (Moscow)

  • Alexander Gaab, Project Manager, Central Region

Suppliers of machinery and equipment

Augur RosAeroSystems

  • Mikhail Talesnikov, Deputy General Director

Goldhofer AG (Germany)

  • Raimund Loechle, Area Sales Manager

Incotec Cargo

  • Igor Vetchininov, Deputy General Director
  • Artyom Belov, Deputy General Director

Nooteboom Group B.V. (Netherlands)

  • Vladimir Gerasimenko, Export Manager Eastern Europe/Russia

TITAN Special Purpose Vehicles GmbH (Germany)

  • Paul Semm, Sales Engineer

Volvo Vostok (Moscow)

  • Alexander Bershitsky, Key Accounts Manager
  • Alexander Bokanev, Senior Sales Representative


  • Eugene Dyomin, General Director
  • Andrei Suyazov, Deputy General Director


  • Alexei Golovach, Deputy General Director on Sales and Service

Customs Brokers


  • Vyacheslav Zinchenko, Logistics and Forwarding Department

Research Institutes and Engineering Companies

Scientific and Technical Center «Geotechnology Saint-Petersburg»

  • Alexei Sterltsov, Leading Expert

Mass Media


  • Asiya Guryeva, Leading PR-Manager
  • Oksana Perepelitsa, Journalist


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