• 16 - 17 November 2018
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The 10th annual international conference HEAVY RUSSIA 2018 took place in Moscow on November 15-16 and was focused on heavy-lift and oversize logistics in Russia, CIS and non-CIS countries. The 10th anniversary conference was attended by 345 delegates from 15 countries worldwide.

The first speech of the first session was given by Marat Yarullin, Director Sales and Project Development Department of FESCO Transport Group – representative of the Conference Main Sponsor – who started with summarizing some of results achieved by this industry during the last decade. In the first place, he mentioned major modernization of the oil and gas sector – refurbishment and construction of new oil refineries and petrochemical facilities, development of new oil and gas fields, construction of pipelines and terminals. Metallurgical works engaged in large-bore piping supply were ramping up productive capacity.

Power industry is also witnessing large-scale upgrade, for example, of main GRES power plants as well as state power plants in the European part and in the Far East. Modernization was based on European model as laid by A.B. Chubays, our energy market leader and pioneer of wind power development. Extraction of mineral resources has reached unequalled level and President Putin is setting a new target for the industry to exponentially increase production in the next few years. Positive trends are emerging in shipbuilding and motor industries. Much more has been achieved in infrastructure construction – roads and bridges. Projects related to the Northern Sea Route (NSR) began to operate. The Arctic has revived improving communication with Norilsk and opening doors for extensive projects on Yamal.

Economic sanctions of the USA and European Union are having significant and multi-sided effect. This way, major western and mainly European companies are winding down their activities in Russia giving way for Russian and American businesses. Transport companies which used to operate only in sea freight started to advance engineering subdivisions, purchase associated equipment and offer complex shipment and engineering services consequently expanding their business.

Our neighbors are also very active. For example, Kazakhstan demonstrated explosive development followed by minor recession and a little recovery again now. A new wave in energy, oil and gas and even nuclear industries can be seen in Uzbekistan but until the republic is through with the elections, it is prematurely to be anyhow specific. Turkmenistan is experiencing abundance of gas which has a great influence on projects. The news say that starting from January 2019 Russia plans to buy gas which will have a positive effect on political climate in the region. Belarus is building its nuclear power plant and upgrading chemical works and oil refineries.

Marat Yarullin defined the trends for the next 5 years. It’s a trend towards the north and north-east of the country and development of major projects in these parts. The NSR will allow both oil and gas projects – first of all, this is Yamal LNG Project – as well as mining businesses to unwind: coal and ore works are striving at production potential increase. Here we mean development of LNG reloading projects in Murmansk and Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. A lot of chemical factories are under construction in the Far East – Amur Gas Processing Plant and a real cluster of chemical works around gas pipeline Power of Siberia which will shift the emphasis on the Far East.

In general, projects have become more sophisticated from engineering point of view. Project- and budget-managing companies guarantee that the budget will be implemented on a turn-key basis and within the agreed timing. Digital modernization is underway. Digital technologies ensure PC modelling and avoiding errors in real life using these models. At the same time, our access to state-of-the-art equipment is limited by sanctions and Ruble devaluation which is coupled with limited access to financial resources and encourages to search for new investment-free ways of cooperation.

In the next 5 years we will face a number of severe risks, namely trading wars between the USA and PRC vested with sanctions, the similar stand between the USA and EU as well as US- and NATO-supported armed conflicts in the Middle East which postpone projects targeted at these regions. On top of that, European partners are afraid of American sanctions being inactive or even abandoning our market. Weather risks are attributed to limited availability of winter roads caused by climate warming.

A most interesting speech was given by Vyacheslav Fyodorov, Head of Oversize Shipment, AO NIPIGAZ. He expanded on execution of the Amur GPP (gas processing plant) construction by the lead Russian EPC Contractor PO NIPIGAZ.

Construction of the Amur GPP facility is ongoing in Svobodny district of Amur Oblast on the Zeya River (the Amur tributary). The plant is going to become the world’s and Russia’s largest gas processing facility. Its area is about 800 ha. The plant is designed for processing – separation and treatment – of multicomponent gas supplied by the Power of Siberia gas pipeline from Yakutia and Irkutsk gas production centers established by PAO Gazprom as part of the Eastern Gas Program. The idea is to reach plant productive capacity of 42 billion m3 of methane, as well as 60 million m3 of helium, 1 million tons of propane, 0.5 million tons of butane and 0.2 million tons of pentane-hexane fraction per annum. Treated methane will be exported to China.

The construction project was launched in 2015. NIPIGAZ is rendering the full range of facility support services: detail design preparation, supply of equipment and materials, construction and installation activities, mechanical completion and handover of the plant to OOO Gazprom Pererabotka Blagoveschensk. As of September 2018, the project is 21% complete.

Construction of this kind implies procurement of big amounts of process equipment including overweight and out-of-gauge cargoes. During the navigation period of 2018, 79 oversize and heavy items were delivered to the AGPP construction site. Overall volume amounted to 62,000 freight tons, out of which 27 items weighed between 100 and 862 tons each. The biggest demethanizer column was sized 88 m in length, 8 m in diameter and reached 831 tons in weight. The second biggest unit – nitrogen removal column – weighed 862 tons. Three cranes were engaged to load it on the ship.

The equipment was shipped by sea with four 12,000-ton dwt crane ships chartered for this very purpose. Two of them were sourced from Europe and two more from South Korea – equipped with three deck cranes, two 700-ton and one 350-ton unit. The equipment was loaded out in the ports of Bremen, Antwerp, Aviles and Masan. De Kastri Sea Port – the closest port to the Amur – was selected to reload the bulky items on the barges. The port was not suitable for such big-sized ships and it was resolved to reload the cargoes in the roads.

The vessel with column equipment from South Korea was the first to arrive. Demethanizer transshipment presented the biggest challenge – not only this job had to be done at anchorage, but it also involved simultaneous operation of three cranes which made crane operators work in a synchronized manner.

The barges were leaving Di Kastri and proceeding to the AGPP jetty on the Zeya River. It took 20-22 days to cover the 2,464-km long route including top-up on the way. 14 barge trips with bulky loads from Di Kastri to the AGPP jetty fitted into navigation period of 2018. The most challenging section on the Zeya River to be overcome by the barges was 212 km long and characterized by strong current, silting, frequent water level variation and changeable water course. Transportation was possible only in daytime and under clear visibility. Approaching Svobodny, the barge speed was just 3 knots – so strong was the current.

Preparation for the project required additional efforts due to lack of tug boats and 1-m draft barges when loaded with up to 1,000 tons. The available fleet had to be upgraded followed by building of 19 new units: four river-sea tug boats, four shallow-draft river tugs for towing the barges along the Zeya River, seven barges and four pontoons. The entire fleet was built, mobilized and put into operation in less than a year. Preparations also included dredging operations on the Zeya River and approval of flushing the Zeya GRES to raise the water level for passage of dredging machinery and tug/barge towing arrangements.

A special jetty was constructed on the 212-km point of the Zeya River to reload the heavy-lift and oversize equipment from the barges. The jetty is fitted out with 1,350-ton and 750-ton crawler cranes and connects to construction site with a 24-km long road. Equipment installation activities were starting immediately upon delivery to site.

As for navigation period in 2019, it is planned to ship by sea 108 overweight and oversized equipment units with a total volume of about 100 thousand freight tons. Two ports of transshipment will be used – Sovetskaya Gavan and De Kastri are awaiting five ocean-going heavy-lift vessels with 12-20 thousand tons of deadweight. The AGPP jetty is ready to meet 21 tug/barge towing combinations.

The wind mill project in Tiksi was described by Kirill Sorokin, General Director of SpetsStroyMash – this company rendered full service of delivery, erection and start-up of wind generators.

We are talking about three experimental wind-driven power plants designed and manufactured by Komaihaltec Inc., Japan. The towers are 41.5 m high with its blades sized 33 m in diameter. This equipment is suitable for Arctic service and adapted for severe weather conditions of polar regions. The blades of the wind mills are shortened to 16 m, while the generators are designed for operation under temperatures of down to – 50°С and storm winds. Design capacity of this facility is 0.9 MW. In total, the wind mills weigh 238 tons and special machinery – 261 tons.

The first attempt to deliver this Arctic-version complex was taken in 2005. However, in 2014 these units broke down. Lessons were learnt before creating a new facility. The start-up ceremony for this wind power facility took place on November 7, 2018.

In terms of weights and dimensions this project is not that outstanding. Each blade weighed about 5 tons and was 16 m long. The heaviest item – nacelle – weighed 18 tons with lifting height of 55 m. Individuality of the project was explained by the fact that delivery and erection activities had to be completed during short navigation period, and all lifting gear and erection equipment had to be transported together with the main shipment.

The project consisted of three main stages:

  1. Load-in of components in the port of Vladivostok, customs formalities and trucking to Yakutsk;
  2. Loading of the wind mill components together with erection, transport and lifting equipment on two ships in the port of Yakutsk followed by river shipment to Tiksi port;
  3. Unloading in Tiksi port, delivery to erection site, assembly and installation.

Customs clearance was finished in three days at a rate of 0% and 0% VAT. Haulage to Yakutsk over the distance of 3,100 km involved 18 rigs. Components and cranes were taken to Tiksi by two ships. It took four days to install each mill on pre-assembled foundations. Teams had to wait for 3-4 days as installation activities required windless weather only. The project was completed in four months with successful demobilization until the end of navigation.

There are 1,200 people living in Tiksi. The subject project has its own social significance for the locality as the capacity of the wind power facility is 900 kW which allows to save up to 50 tons of diesel fuel within 12 months. If all goes well and successful, RusHydro Corporation plans to supply such wind mills for all northern borders of the RF and reduce the conventional fuels requirements.

Consequently, with large-scale projects under implementation in the country, heavy-lift and oversize transportation industry is progressing and building up on experience. In conclusion, I would like to emphasize the proposal made by Marat Yarullin – we need more communication and interaction to be more successful and robust in front of our challenges.

Detailed conference agenda is available on demand.


9.00 - 10.00
Welcome coffee and participants registration

Director of “HEAVY WORLD” Alexei Chalikov welcome words

10.00 - 13.00
I Session. Prospects for the industry and landmark projects in 2018
  • Report of «FESCO»
  • Prospects of the project cargo market in the CIS countries development for 2019-2021 review
  • Marat Yarullin, project logistics Directorate, head of sales Department
  • Report of «NIPIGAS»
  • The project of construction of the Amur GPP
  • Vyacheslav Fedorov, head of «transportation of oversized cargo by water transport» direction
  • Report of «SpetsStroyMash»
  • The delivery and mounting of the WPP element in Tiksi (Yakutia) project
  • Kirill Sorokin, CEO
  • Report of «Faymonville»
  • Problem-free transportation of problem cargoes
  • Malyutina Elena, sales manager
  • Report of NMSC «Kazmortransflot»
  • Transportation of project cargo in the Caspian Sea. Participation in module transportation for Tengizchevroil project
  • Zhaigaliev Bauyrzhan, senior specialist of marketing and contracts department
13.00 - 14.00
14.00 - 15.30
II Session. Railway transportation of project cargoes
  • Report of «RWTO»
  • Oversized and heavy rail transportation. What has changed in 10 years for customers and freight forwarders?
  • Pavel Volkov, commercial Director
  • Report of A.R.T. Business Group
  • Features of railway delivery of project cargoes to Central Asian countries from China
  • Lyudmila Melnikova, head of railway transportation Department
  • Report of TehnoServis
  • Shipment of project cargo using railway transport. New solutions
  • Gusev Pavel, director
  • Report of ARONAKS
  • Transportation of oversized and heavy cargo by China-Kazakhstan and Kazakhstan- Tajikistan railway projects
  • Iembergenov Kanat, director
15.30 - 16.00
Coffee break
16.00 - 18.00
IV Session. Project cargo freightage key risks
  • Report of the Insurance Broker «Pandi TRANS»
  • Risk assessment and management during transportation of project cargoes. The main mistakes of freight forwarders in the preparation of projects
  • Oksana Sharova, Deputy General Director
  • Report of «Russurvey»
  • A great game with no rules
  • Anatoly Shmelev, Deputy Director-senior expert
  • Report of «SIMES»
  • Transportation of project cargo under survey control. Advantages and disadvantages
  • Nikolaichev Igor, cargo expertise director
16.00 - 18.00
V Session. State regulation of the industry

The discussion will be attended by:

• Vybornyi Anatoly, Deputy Chairman of the state Duma Committee on security and anti-corruption

• Mityagin Vladimir, President of the “Gruzavtotrans” Association

• Representatives of the State Policy Department in the field of road facilities of the Ministry of Transport, Rosavtodor and general prosecutor office

09.30 - 10.30
Welcome coffee break
10.30 - 13.00
I Session
  • Report of «Atomenergoprom»
  • Horizon 2025: what are the prospects of nuclear plant construction? Russian market and international expansion
  • Kaportsev Victor, expert
  • Report of research institute (rescue and underwater technology) MTRC NAVY « Naval Academy »
  • Possibility of lifting sunken submarines in the Arctic basin
  • Ageev Anton, head of sunken objects lifting department
10.30 - 13.00
II Session. Back in the USSR
  • Report of BaltServisTrans
  • Historical overview of oversized cargo transportation
  • Mikhailova Milan, Director
  • Report of SC «Spetstyazhavtotrans»
  • Spetstyazhavtotrans – the father-company of the oversized heavy loads transportation branch in the USSR. 70-80 years of the last century major projects.
  • Sergey Tropin, General Director
  • Report of the Moscow Automobile and road construction state technical university (MADI)
  • Formation of project transportation in the USSR: stages of development and landmark projects
  • Troitskaya Natalia, Professor
13.00 - 13.30
Coffee break
13.30 - 15.00
III Session. Transport corridors and projects in CIS countries
  • Report of Donau Star BG
  • Project cargo transportation from Central Europe to the black Sea countries via the Danube
  • V. Rubcev, General Director
  • Report of «Barrus. Project logistics»
  • Transportation of ammonia plant. Navoi-Azot project
  • Alexey Mamykin, head of oil and gas sector development Department
«Glass of champagne» welcome


Cargo owners

  • Daelim Industrial Co. (South Korea)
  • Won-Suk Choi, logistics manager
  • ERIELL Group (Uzbekistan)
  • Kayumov Sultanbek, head of logistics department
  • Malikov Hasan, logistics manager
  • Gazprom Neft Skrigonyuk Denis,
  • Moskalenko Andrey, Khripunov Evgeniy
  • Gazprom-OORF
  • Shut Polina, transport leading specialist
  • Gazpronneft-Snabzhenie
  • Yakunina Vitaliya, head of contract logistics and WPP direction
  • Chachin Alexey, head of sales and commercial analytics direction
  • Izhorskie Zavody
  • Letyaev Alexander, deputy head of project freightage department
  • JSC IC «ASE» («Atomstroyexport»)
  • Larkin Roman, head of logistics and export control department
  • Kenyaikin Nikolay, chief expert
  • Fedorov Vyacheslav, head of «Freightage of oversized cargo by water transport» department
  • Mishenko Victoriya, logistics chief expert
  • Ved Sergey, logistic manager
  • Podluzhnyi Anton, logistics chief expert
  • Ovcharov Roman, logistics expert
  • Power Machines
  • Khritankov Pavel, logistics director
  • Zaharkin Sergey, head of transport logistics department
  • Avdyunin Vyacheslav, head of “Logistics” branch
  • Simonova Lyudmila, “Logistics” branch manager

Freight forwarding companies

  • Ahlers
  • Vorobiyov Vitaliy, head of project group
  • A.R.T. Logistics (Kazakhstan)
  • Fedorova Ekaterina, Central Asia and CIS projects manager
  • Melnikova Lyudmila, head of railway freightage department
  • AET Trans
  • Torgashov Alexander, CEO
  • ALE Heavylift
  • Lernik Mirzakhanyan, Sales Executive
  • Grekov Alexey, director
  • Asstra Trade Services
  • Lohovinin Egor, head of freight forwarding services department
  • Avtospectyazh Plus
  • Tretiakov Maxim, commercial director Matrosov Pavel, head of project freightage department
  • BaltServisTrans
  • Mikhailova Milana, CEO
  • Berlin Liya, logistics department manager
  • Barrus. Project Logistics
  • Mamykin Alexey, head of oil-gas sector development
  • Deligevich Dzhamilya, commercial director for Russia and CIS renewable energy sources
  • BelAMRO (Belarus)
  • Matveyuk Yuiry, deputy CEO
  • BelDorTyazhTrans (Belarus)
  • Pristavka Valeriy, CEO
  • Benchmark-Trading
  • Egupov Evgeniy, CEO
  • Halilov Nazim, commercial director
  • Ivlev Vladimir, head of oversized freightage department
  • Benchmark-logistics
  • Peshkov Pavel
  • Benchmark-Transport
  • Chegodaev Alexey, company founder
  • Chegodaev Iliya, marketing specialist
  • Zhdanov Denis, deputy director
  • Nepochatov Vladislav, forwarder
  • CF&S Estonia
  • Poljakov Ilja, RW department manager
  • DHL Global Forwarding
  • Ryleva Tatiyana, head of project logistics department
  • Fedoseev Anton, business development manager
  • DS-Multibulk GmbH (Germany)
  • Nikolai Mishkin, Project&Chartering manager Russia
  • Ekliptika
  • Ivanova Victoria, CEO
  • Yarullin Marat, project logistics management, head of sales department
  • Fortuna Trans-Forwarder
  • Laptev Alexey, CEO
  • Dresvyannikov Vitaliy, financial director
  • Epifanova Lilia, head of complex logistics and industrial projects department
  • Zakirova Natalia, head of sales
  • Gazpromtrans
  • Korabelnikov Igor, chief expert
  • Genti Moscow
  • Zaitsev Alexey, CIS region director
  • Rotkavich Alexandra, project manager
  • Panov Bogdan, head of oversized cargo department
  • Hacklin Logistics (Finland)
  • Tomas Forsell, director Hacklin East
  • Alina Kovalenko, operations and development Holleman Bulgaria Ganchev Mladen, CEO
  • Jenty Moscow
  • Zaitcev Alexey, CIS region director
  • Rotkavich Alexandra, project manager
  • Panov Bogdan, head of oversized cargo department
  • Bochkarev Maxim, head of development
  • Vitovtova Anna, head of sales
  • Infotek Baltica
  • Deryabina Irina, deputy head-project coordinator
  • Altuhov Yuri, project department senior coordinator
  • Keystone Logistics
  • Loshkaryov Dmitriy, project manager
  • Ivanov Maxim, project manager
  • Kin-Mark-Logistic
  • Shafarostov Alexey, CEO
  • Ivashenko Sergey, project manager
  • KS Logistics
  • Kudryashov Sergey, CEO
  • Ataibekov Samat, director
  • Kuehne+Hagel
  • Razumnyi Alexander, solution design and business development manager
  • LION Projects GmbH (Germany)
  • Marek Uhrina, managing director
  • Patryk Schulze, head of projects department
  • LS Cargo Logistics (Finland)
  • Sakari Leppiaho Managing Director
  • Nasonov Dmitry, Head of Sales and Operations in Russian Federation department
  • Logberg-Trans
  • Nemishev Rinat
  • Egizaryan Sergey, CEO
  • Eranosyan Anna, executive director
  • Solomatov Evgeniy, head of oversized cargo transportation department
  • Khachatryan Erik, head of transport department
  • Magellan
  • Hublaryan Arkadiy, CEO
  • Lizyura Daria, director
  • MagellanTrans
  • Sobolev Georgiy, CEO
  • Mammut Rus
  • Geikalo Andrey, deputy CEO
  • Mainstream Logistic
  • Kuznetcov Artem, director
  • Mainstream Logistic Novosibirsk
  • Chetverikov Oleg, executive director
  • MBM-Trans
  • Mochalyuk Yuri, CEO
  • Mochalyuk Pavel, deputy CEO
  • Prokoshev Oleg, deputy CEO-head of transport projects
  • Naviniya RUS
  • Yuldashev Rustam, CEO
  • Urvan Oleg, head of project department
  • Negabaritika
  • Palienko Dmitriy, CEO
  • Borodin Vyacheslav, deputy CEO
  • Kalashnikov Sergey, head of logistics department
  • Telenkov Alexey, deputy CEO for development
  • Zolotukhin Petr, deputy
  • Negabatit-Yug
  • Usenko Alexey, director
  • Kondakov Roman, manager
  • NOVOTEK export
  • Ishutin Vladimir, commercial director
  • NS Trans
  • Podluzhnyi Ivan, head of project department
  • Oboronlogistika
  • Filatov Anton, CEO
  • Blagov Alexander, CEO’s counselor
  • Bobryshev Alexander, deputy CEO
  • PFAFF Logistic RUS
  • Minkova Ksenia, CEO Sirotenko Oksana, deputy CEO
  • Stoyanchuk Yuriy, deputy CEO
  • Vorontsov Konstantin, director
  • PortTransServis
  • Selyanin Andrey, CEO
  • Lysakova Ekaterina, freight and project manager
  • Profil-Evro
  • Ivanov Anton, senior manager of transport logistics department
  • Rivest-Trans-Servis
  • Boderskov Igor, CEO
  • Gavrilenko Marina, deputy CEO
  • Sapozhnikova Anastasia
  • 2 delegates
  • RKP-Trans
  • Korneev Kirill, CEO
  • Nikonov Vadim, head of logistics department
  • Silach-TransBaltic
  • Gefel Denis, CEO
  • SC «Spectyazhavtotrans»
  • Tropin Sergey, CEO
  • SC «MDS»
  • Sosnovskikh Dmitriy, deputy head of development
  • Burda Oksana, forwarder
  • SM
  • Denisov Dmitriy, director
  • Shmoilov Alexander, logistics director
  • Sovfracht
  • Stepanian Karen, first deputy CEO for sea freightage
  • Okorokov Ivan, sea freightage direction director
  • Aprelenko Andrey, deputy CEO
  • Sidnenko Maxim, deputy director of the directorate
  • SP Tansit (Belarus)
  • Stepushina Tatiana, head of project cargo department
  • Glinskiy Andrey, project cargo department specialist
  • Sputnik Saint-Petersburg
  • Azizbaev Ali, head of water transport department
  • Kopchushkin Dmitriy, CEO
  • SpecStroyMash
  • Sorokin Kirill, CEO
  • Special transport and engineering
  • Bazarskiy Yuriy, head of heavy transport department
  • SpecTransServis
  • Pasyev Dinar, director
  • Salahov Ruslan, deputy director
  • SibTransServis
  • Grohotov Arkadiy, executive director
  • SpecTransMobil
  • Arutyunyan Vachagan, CEO
  • Grigoryan Grigori
  • STA Logistic
  • Zhurik-Chashina Susanna, development director
  • Zhurik Andrey, head of project freightage department
  • Osinovskiy Dmitriy, CEO
  • TechnoServis
  • Gusev Pavel, director
  • TIS Group
  • Filatov Andrey
  • Belashenko Nadezhda, deputy director
  • Kocurko Yuri, head of import logistics department
  • «Resonans» transport company (Belarus)
  • Yurchenko Andrey, first deputy director
  • Fremiy Alina, international freightage organization specialist
  • TEK NevaSpecTyazh
  • Chumak Alexander, CEO
  • Universal Forwarder
  • Chernykh Alexey, Saint-Petersburg branch director
  • Ust-Luga Port transport company
  • Mechev Denis, commercial director
  • RWTO
  • Komissarov Alexander, CEO
  • Volkov Pavel, commercial director
  • Romanov Evgeniy, head of project freightage department
  • Univrsal Transport
  • Ibragimov Eldar, BD Director
  • Skomarovskiy Dmitriy, head of regional development department
  • Morgunov Dmitriy, scheme and oversized transportation leading specialist
  • Chibisov Sergey, , scheme and oversized transportation specialist
  • Volgaintrans
  • Shepkov Eduard, technical director
  • Volgo-Baltic Logistic
  • Goldin Evgeniy, CEO
  • Zubakov Vitaliy, deputy CEO
  • Chernov Alexander, technical director
  • Yuk Ulag Merkezi (Turkmenistan)
  • Durdymuradov Yusup, company representative in Russian

Airlines and air brokers

  • Volga-Dnepr Airlines
  • Elena Boykova, External communications specialist
  • AirBridgeCargo company
  • Zagorodnyuk Alexander, charter manager
  • Lenivin Sergey, sales leading specialist

Crane companies and rigging

  • Gaab Alexander, commercial director
  • Heavy lift company «Pull-Push»
  • Konoplyov Alexander, executive

Machinery and equipment manufacturers

  • Faymonville Distribution AG
  • Luxen Arnold, commercial director
  • Malyutina Elena, customer service manager
  • Faymonville RUSS
  • Fadeeva Elena, CEO
  • Nooteboom Trailers B.V.
  • Gommers Olesya, export sales manager
  • Krupin Ilia, head of COMETTO SPA in RF representative
  • TII Group
  • Radke Albin, head of Russia and CIS countries representation
  • Tverstroimash
  • Bochenkov Sergey, CEO Shatrov Konstantin, head of sales

Shipping companies

  • Briese Chartering GmbH & KG (Germany)
  • Neiland Pavel, chartering manager
  • lazareva Ilona, general manager
  • Donau Star BG (Bulgaria)
  • Rubcev Veselin, CEO
  • Glogos project
  • 2 delegates
  • HANSA HEAVY LIFT GmbH (Germany)
  • Faldin Gleb, commercial manager
  • Mosolov Ruslan, commercial manager
  • Ingria Shipping Ltd
  • Verkhovetsky Ilia, head of chartering department
  • Ostaparchenko Evgeniy, project forwarding/chartering
  • Spliethoff (Nederland)
  • Bakker Luc, project department
  • Spliethoff Russia
  • Radkevich Julia, commercial representative
  • Shipmar Co.
  • Batin Andrey, director
  • BBC Chartering GmbH in Saint-Petersburg representation
  • Timofeev Sergey, head of representation
  • «Atlantic Ro-Ro Carriers, Inc.» company representation
  • Simonov Vladimir, head of representation
  • North-West Shipping Company
  • Levitskiy Sergey, freight activity leading specialist
  • NMSC «Kazmortransflot» (Kazakhstan)
  • Zhaigaliev Bauyrzhan, senior specialist of marketing and contracts department
  • «Ark» shipping company
  • Sochin Alexander, commercial director
  • «Morvenna» shipping company
  • Baranov Alexander, commercial
  • Hyundai Merchant Marine (CIS)
  • Stalmakova Ekaterina, CEO

Ports and terminals

  • Porta Bronka
  • Russkikh Miroslav, head of sales and marketing department
  • Larin Sergey, sales and marketing department main specialist
  • Representation of «Port Hamburg Marketing e.V.» (Germany) association in Russian Federation
  • Kapkaeva Natalia, director
  • Saint Peter Terminal
  • Soloviyov Vladimir, managing director
  • Lobodinskiy Stanislav, leading speciaist

Railway operators

  • Russian Railways Logistics
  • Gorbunov Anton, forwarding director
  • Ermakov Alexey, head of oversized cargo freightage department
  • Russian Railways – management of terminal and warehouse complex central directorate
  • Zybkin Andrey, deputy head of directorate for commercial affairs
  • Nikiforov Alexander, main engineer

Oversized cargo support

  • Runa Gold (Latvia)
  • Trubanova Inesa, director
  • Trubanov Igor, manager
  • Eskort
  • Medvedev Andrey, director

Insurance companies, brokers and survey

  • Laar Igor, head of sales
  • Russurvey
  • Shmelev Anatoliy, deputy director, senior expert
  • IC «Rosgosstrakh»
  • Sergeeva Natalia, deputy head of transport insurance department
  • Budantcev Dmitriy, head of transport operators insurance department
  • Insurance broker «Pandi Trans»
  • Sharova Oksana, deputy CEO
  • Balabanov Sergey, manager
  • Nikolaichev Igor, director for cargo expertise


  • Alta-Soft
  • Chindin Igor, development manager
  • Osnovnye Sredstva
  • Malyutin Leonid, magazine correspondent
  • Soldatova Maria, project manager


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  • Metro Kropotkinskaya, Park Kultury,
  • District Ostozhenka
  • The historic center of Moscow, 1 km. from the Kremlin, 300 meters from the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, 50 meters from the Prechistenskaya embankment

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Afterfilling out the questionnaire, you will receive a link for application and anaccess code within 5 working days.

We alsoinvite you to take part in the main oversized conference in CIS countries onNovember 18-19, 2024 in Moscow: Heavy Russia 2024

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