Heavy Team is the world’s first children’s book on installation and transportation of oversize and heavy cargoes. This is a unique and socially important media project.

The book provides kids with an interesting and through-play insight into the field, work of their parents, types of cargoes, the way to move an entire house and much more educational information.

The book is two-sided and consists of two parts. The first part – Reading – centers around adventures of the book’s characters. The second part – Playing – offers a selection of interesting games and in parallel tells children about what kinds of different and unique cargoes exist. The story comes with photos.

The Heavy Team book provides great marketing opportunities of a new format. Today, it is very important to show that a company is involved in socially important projects targeted at different age groups. That is why a book is a crucial link to communicate information about a company, its products, brands and “good deeds” to the outer world.

The book has been published in two languages: Russian and English. Chinese and Arabic issues will come out in 2019.

All the companies are welcome to cooperate in creation of new books, and also corporate editions. You can participate in making new children’s stories where one of the characters can bear the name of your company.

For all matters related to cooperation and purchase of books feel free to contact
Aleksei Chalikov – chalikov@heavy.world

Promo-video of the Russian edition:

Website of the Russian edition: http://хевирашкин.рф

To buy a book in Russian: https://www.ozon.ru/context/detail/id/143566066