• 20 September 2021
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HEAVY WIND 2021 conference: results

On the 20th of September in Saint-Petersburg HEAVY WIND conference was held. It was dedicated to wind energy logistics and installation. Conference participants told about Russian and foreign experience in transportation and installation of wind energy equipment including such aspects as planning, customs clearance, road infrastructure preparation, special equipment availability, heavy and oversized cargo delivery to hard-to-reach areas. This year more than 200 delegates from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Netherlands attended the conference. /list of participants can be sent after request to se@heavy.world/

The conference was attended by such companies as: WRS Towers, NovaWind, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy, Vestas Rus, Lukoil, Rosneft, Novatek and RusHydro. Conference was opened by Bryzgunov Igor, RAWI chairman, who told about Russian energy market state and development prospects.

Next HEAVY WIND conference will take place on September 2023.


September 20

Welcome coffee-break

I session. Current issues of the Russian wind energy market development

RAWI report

Current state and development prospects of the wind energy market in Russia

Bryzgunov Igor, chairman 


RREDA report

Current state and development prospects of Russian renewable energy industry equipment production industrial cluster development

Zhikharev Alexey, director


Nooteboom report

rends in trailer equipment production for wind power plant element transportation

Gommers Olesya, commercial manager

Barrus. Project logistics report

WPP elements delivery : features of current projects and experience

Smolyaninov Valeriy, head of projects implementation department

II session. Current issues of the Kazakh wind energy market development

AREK report

Plans for the wind energy development in Kazakhstan

Kabykenov Almat, CEO


EAT report

Wind energy projects logistics in Kazakhstan on the example of the “Astana Expo-2017” and “Astana Expo-2017: second start-up stage” projects

Olzhas Abibulla, projects director


ISS Global Solutions S.á r.l.  report

Badamsha wind farm project

Nekhvyadovich Vladimir, deputy CEO

III session. Experience in wind energy projects implementation, practical cases

GC Techno report

XCMG Corporation’s experience in wind energy projects in China implementation. New XCMG cranes for the wind power complex

Vidmanov Ivan, head of crane equipment sales department / Goryachev Anton, commercial director


General Survey Company report

Delivery of WPP components to construction sites

Pashkova Tatiana, Moscow branch director


NPT report

Experience in organizing the logistics of wind turbines in disassembled form considering the lack of infrastructure in the port of drop

Bokatyy Valentin, executive director

IV session. River and sea WPP elements delivery issues


Revival of the port infrastructure on the Volga River for project cargo transshipment

Ivanov Andrey, CEO


P&O Maritime Solutions report

Trends in marine project cargo transportation market development . The use of innovative MCV-type vessels for the logistics of wind farm blades

Ostroukhov Artem, freight manager


Oboronlogistics report

Transportation of project cargo by domestic fleet vessels

Barskov Egor, head of department

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