• 19 ноября 2010
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The second international conference «HEAVY RUSSIA» took place in Moscow on 19th November 2010.

This event was devoted to transport and forwarding of cargoes, tariffs and State regulation, logistics of freight stations, transport junctions and terminals – in other words, everything that has to do with transport branch and calls for constant perfection.

«HEAVY RUSSIA» gathered together both shippers and carriers: forwarding and transport companies. More than 180 delegates from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Romania and Turkey attended the conference. Also representatives of State Authorities, public unions, air companies, insurance and leasing companies, research and design institutes as well as ship owners and freight brokers took active part in networking.

Chandler Group has kindly agreed to become General Sponsor for the event, whereas AsstrA Forwarding AG, Volvo Vostok and Russian Navigation Technologies sponsored separate sessions. Among our partners there were Novorossiysk Port Terminal and VARAMAR. Media support was provided by Transport of Russia, AVTOTRANSINFO, Loglink.ru and InfraNews Agency.

The conference was opened by Mr. Vladimir Nekhvyadovich, General Manager of Chandler Group, who told the attendees about application of latest technologies for shipment of heavy/out-of-gauge loads and forward-looking developments. Chandler Group is one of the leaders in heavy logistics market which has a rich experience in the most difficult kinds of transportation. In his speech Vladimir cited certain examples of how a weak or dilapidated bridge may be a serious hindrance for letting through multi-axle vehicle carrying extra heavy equipment. That is why, in order to reduce stress on pavement and supporting abutments, we need to use various combinations of module trailers and latest bed-type hydraulic systems. Also Mr. Vladimir Nekhvyadovich spoke about safety of control systems applied at transport, handling and storage of high-tech equipment.

General Manager of AsstrA Forwarding AG Mr. Oleg Germanovich presented his speech «Combined delivery of heavy and oversized cargoes with loading on railway». Showing real examples of heavy shipments performed by AsstrA Forwarding AG, Oleg described schemes, estimates and particulars of routes and transportation of given types of cargoes.

Alexei Bezborodov, General Manager of InfraNews Agency made his own outlook for fitting platform market till 2015. The topic is actual taking into account the fact that large volumes of cargo lots are carried in containers.

Russian companies are traditionally interested in experience of their CIS colleagues; therefore we invited the leading Ukrainian transport operators as speakers. Roman Volovik, Forwarding Department Manager of INSHI MEREZHI Ltd spoke about Ukrainian experience of out-of-gauge transportation dwelling upon challenges and outlook for motor heavy transport. Then, Alexander Varvarenko, director of VARAMAR, highlighted shipment of heavy and oversized cargoes through Black Sea ports.

Another session was devoted to motor transportation. «State regulations for motor transportation of heavy and oversized cargoes» by Konstantin Ugarov, Director of Russian Road Service, was especially interesting for the attendees. He dwelled on carriers’ responsibility and illegal transportation of abnormal loads which often leads to serious accidents. He also told that in near future electronic registration system will be implemented for this sector of transportation.

The topic was developed by Alexander Merzlikin, department head of Russian State Road Research Institute who made a speech about design of special projects for heavy haulage via Federal roads. Lev Shoikhet with International Motor Carriers Association also made a final contribution to the theme presenting his report about improved process of issuing special licenses for heavy transportation in Russia.

Volvo Vostok made a presentation about complex transport solution by Volvo for heavy-lift and dimensional cargoes. Today this company has its own production sites in Russia and offers not only best-quality trucks and spares but also a number of tailor-made services, such as drivers’ training, Call Center and interactive transport data system DynaFleet.

Alexei Polyanskikh, head of direct sales of Russian Navigation Technologies touched upon application of satellite technologies for safety and monitoring of heavy transportation.

The last session was comprised by specially focused engineering reports. Research Institute of Railway Transport made a presentation about requirements to safe fastening of heavy-lift cargoes on railway platforms. In turn, Mr. Oleg Karpovich with Central Research Institute of Marine Fleet told about the same requirements on vessels.

Of great significance was presentation of first professional edition «HEAVY LIFT Russia», magazine in the Russian language dedicated to heavy transportation in Russia and CIS.

The Organizing Committee has already begun preparation for the next-year conference. Right now we plan to extend the geographical presence of our delegates and cargo owners. Experts engaged in heavy railway transportation from CIS, Baltic and Eastern Europe will also be invited.


Arrival and registration
Session 1

10.00 Chairman’s welcome: Alexei Chalikov, Organizing Committee, IBF

10.05 Application of Latest Technologies for Shipment of Heavy/Out of Gauge Loads and Forward-Looking Developments

Vladimir Nekhvyadovich, General Manager, CHANDLER SHIPPING

10.25 Readiness of Port Facilities for Handling Oversized Cargoes: Russia, Baltic and CIS in Comparison

Alexei Bezborodov, General Manager, INFRANEWS Agency

10.45 Simulation in Heavy and Oversized Transport Logistics

Andrei Khlus, Executive Director, Supply Chain Manager, Ernst & Young CIS

Coffee and Networking Break
Session 2

11.30 Design of Special Projects for Heavy Haulage via Federal Roads

Alexander Merzlikin, Department Head, Russian State Road Research Institute

11.50 Improved Process of Issuing Special Licenses for Heavy Transportation in Russia

Lev Shoikhet, Deputy Director Transportation Management, International Motor Carriers Association

12.10 Complex Transport Solution by Volvo for Heavy-Lift and Dimensional Cargoes

Anton Zhelapov, Chief Commercial Officer, VOLVO Vostok

12.30 Satellite Technologies Applied for Accident Prevention and Regulations of Heavy Transportation

Alexei Polyanskikh, Direct Sales Manager, RUSSIAN NAVIGATION TECHNOLOGIES

Session 3

14.05 Shipment and Erection of Oil, Gas and Chemical Equipment by Means of Thermal-Ballast Airships

Roman Yurchenko, Commercial Director, METAPROCESS

14.25 Requirements to Safe Fastening of Heavy Loads on Vessels

Eugene Karpovich, Lab Manager, Central Research Institute of Marine Fleet

14.50 Design of Floating Crane Facilities and their Application in Marine Operations

Vladimir Matveenko, Leading Project Engineer, CDB CORALL

15.20 Out of Gauge Transportation. Ukrainian Experience

Roman Volovik, Manager, Forwarding Department, INSHI MEREZHI Ltd

Coffee and Networking Break
Session 4

16.30 Requirements to Safe Fastening of Bulky/Heavy-lift Cargoes on Railway Platforms

/TBD/ by Research Institute of Railway Transport

16.50 Combined Delivery of Heavy and Oversized Cargoes with Loading on Railway

Oleg Germanovich, General Manager, AsstrA Forwarding AG

Evening reception on behalf of the Organizing Committee

Cargo Owners

ALSTOM Power Stavan

  • Andrei Mironov, Logistics Manager


  • Roman Larkin, First Deputy Manager Logistics and Export Control
  • Nikolai Kenyaikin, Leading Expert

Demag Cranes and Components Russland
Mikhail Poturemsky, General Manager

  • Ekaterina Ushkova, Logistics Manager

E4 Group

  • Maria Poznanina, Logistics Manager
  • Valery Panchenko, Head of Logistics Department
  • Nikolai Gordeev, Logistics Department Manager

GAZPROM Shelf Extraction

  • Sergei Myagkov, Department Head
  • Nikolai Kudryavtsev, Legal Advisor to Department of Contracts, Customs Clearance and Cooperation with Fiscal Authorities

Izhorsky Pipe Plant

  • Igor Phillipov, Director Transport Logistics

John Deere Agricultural Holdings

  • Ekaterina Rylkova, Logistics Manager
  • Anastasia Volkova, Logistics Manager


  • Elena Korneeva, Head of Procurement

ROSNEFT Oil Company

  • Andrei Kravchenko, Leading Expert, Transport & Logistics Department

Shtokman Development AG

  • Benoit Provot, Onshore Logistics Coordinator
  • Alexei Fadeev, Logistics Engineer Onshore
  • Stefan Mauduit, Material Control Manager
  • Alexander Petrenko, Logistics Engineer Onshore

Taganrog Boiler-Making Works Krasny Kotelshchik

  • Yuri Poturaev, Head of Shipping Department
  • Shamil Karimov, Deputy Director on Maintenance

Tobolsk-Polymer Ltd

  • Ekaterina Golova, Coordinator, Procurement and Logistics Department

United Metallurgical Company (OMK)

  • Alex Plaksin, Director Logistics
  • Oleg Fisun, Director Contracts

State Authorities

Transport Board of Olympic Games

  • Sergei Ognev, Deputy Head of Department, Transport Planning and Logistics

Federal Enterprise Russian State Road Research Institute

  • Alexander Merzlikin, Department Head

Federal Road Transport, Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation

  • /TBD/

Transport and Logistics Companies


  • Pavel Utkin, Director
  • Dmitry Vinogradov, Logistics Department Expert

AsstrA Forwarding AG

  • Oleg Germanovich, General Manager
  • Sergei Andronov, Key Customer Service

AsstrA Poznan (Poland)

  • Przemyslaw Boronski, Branch Director


  • Vladimir Naschokin, Director


  • Andrei Kochanov, Commercial Director

BLG Cargo Logistics GmbH & Co KG (Germany)

  • Jana Bakumenko, Freight Forwarding, Head of Russia and CIS Countries


  • Yuri Sitnikov, General Manager

CF&S Estonia AS (Estonia)

  • Eugene Evglevsky, Head of Department

Chandler Shipping Spb

  • Alevtin Antonov, General Manager
  • Nikolai Zhizhin, Head of Sea/River Transportation and Freight

Chandler Shipping Moscow

  • Bogdan Kolesnik, Head of Sales Russia & CIS

CRUZ Logistics LLP (Kazakhstan)

  • Elvis Roberts, Managing Director
  • Natalie Luzhnykh, Project Manager
  • Kuat Konaev, General Manager

DHL Global Forwarding Russia

  • Dmitry Karetin, Director, Industrial Projects Russia
  • Ekaterina Chilina, Business Development Manager, Industrial Projects
  • Tuman Ozonov, Business Development Manager, Industrial Projects

Dockwise Russia

  • Dmitry Solomonov, Sales Director

GAC Shipping & Logistics Ltd

  • Alexander Bazhan, Business Development Manager


  • Gleb Vorobyov, Director Operations

Global Swedish Freight Solutions AB (Sweden)

  • Johan Johansson, Marketing Manager & Chairman of the Board
  • Cathrine von Bueren, Manager Russia & CIS Markets

Gun Shipping Ltd (Turkey)

  • Dmitry Efremov, Manager

Hermes Ltd (Poland)

  • Tomasz Surowiec, President of the Board

ICF Company

  • Igor Andreenko, General Manager


  • Roman Volovik, Manager, Forwarding Department


  • Victor Petruschenko, General Manager

INSTAR Logistics

  • Alexander Shelkov, General Manager
  • Alexander Sheshin, Head of Project Department

Jenty Spedition (Belarus)

  • Andrei Yurchenko, Manager, Oversized Cargo Department


  • Alexei Shafarostov, General Manager


  • Alexei Zaburunnov, General Manager

Largus Logistics Ltd

  • Marat Tsybikov, Senior Coordinator


  • Lyudmila Lazarenko, Head of Sales

LEGION Logistics

  • Elena Fadeeva, General Manager


  • Kirill Vishensky, General Manager

Magistral Armaturen Ltd

  • Olga Korchagina, Head of Logistics and Warehousing

Mechanization Management 242

  • Natalya Timofeeva, General Manager

Moscow Cargo Agency

  • Konstantin Bezruchko, Director Sales


  • Sergei Litvinenko, General Manager

Panalpina World Transport

  • Mathias Poetzsch, Head of Operations, Black & Caspian Sea Area
  • Dave Bennett, Head of Competence Center Overdimensional Cargo Black & Caspian Sea Area

Polar Logistics Projects Oy

  • Inka Sjogren, Managing Director

Railion Russija Services (DB Schenker)

  • Marina Ziedenbiedel, Deutsche Bahn and Russian Railways Transport Coordinator, Branch of Deutsche Bahn AG


  • Igor Boderskov, Commercial Director


  • Mikhail Reshetkov, Director


  • Ildar Akhmetov, Director


  • Andrei Sarychev, Director Development and New Projects

STS Logistics

  • Vladimir Dorokhov, Director Corporate Development


  • Aidar Basharov, First Deputy Director on Logistics
  • Alexander Parenkin, CEO, «AUTT-3 Ltd»

TAT Special Transport

  • Irek Mukhametshin, Director
  • Igor Dyachuk, Director Production & Maintenance


  • Rinat Nemishev, General Manager


  • Aidar Basharov, First Deputy Director on Logistics
  • Alexander Parenkin, CEO of AUTT-3

TIS Group

  • Alexander Ivanov, General Manager

TMBS Logistics Ltd

  • Alexander Bulygin, CEO


  • Vyacheslav Petrukhin, Director

Trans-Nord Ltd

  • Peter Uzunov, Deputy General Manager

VanBetra Projekt GmbH

  • Leonid Pokrovsky, Head of Moscow Branch


  • Alexander Varvarenko, Director

Shipping Companies and Freight Brokers

BBC Chartering & Logistic GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)

  • Hendriette Theron, Executive Sales Officer Europe

Beluga Chartering GmbH (Germany)

  • Harry Kaegebein, Sales Manager
  • Nikolai Mishkin, Chartering Broker

Beluga Projects Logistic CJSC

  • Sergey Ovsienko, Director Office Moscow
  • Olga Gulyaeva, Customer Service Coordinator

Combi Lift GmbH (Germany)

  • Sergey Popov, Supercargo / Master Mariner

K/S Combi-Lift (Denmark)

  • Soeren Mikkelsen

Lion Shipping and Chartering SRL (Romania)

  • Vasile Vulpe, Sales Manager

Northern Shipping Company

  • Vladimir Kuznetsov, First Deputy General Manager
  • Rustam Aksyanov, Fleet Operation Management

Top Shipping & Trading Co. Ltd (Ukraine)

  • Capt. Dmitry Kosarikov, Manager of Sea-River Going Vessels Suitable for Project Cargo

Volga-Baltic Logistic Ltd

  • /TBD/



  • Evelina Peshkova, Leading Sales Manager


  • Vladimir Vyshemirsky, Head of Engineering and Logistics Center

Stevedoring Companies

The Port of Vyborg

  • Andrei Borodin, Commercial Director
  • Anastasia Artemenko, Commercial Director

Novorossiysk Port Terminal

  • Yuri Vakulenko, Director

Manufacturers of Special Equipment

Faymonville (Belgium)

  • Pavel Panin, Sales Manager

M2M Telematics

  • Pavel Pokuts, Leading Engineer, Data and Technical Maintenance


  • Roman Yurchenko, Commercial Director

Nooteboom Trailers Occasion Sales B.V.

  • Vladimir Gerasimenko, Export Manager Eastern Europe and Russia

Russian Navigation Technologies

  • Alexei Polyanskikh, Direct Sales Manager

TII-Sales (Scheurle, KAMAG, NICOLAS)

  • Albin Radke, General Manager

VOLVO Vostok

  • Anton Zhelapov, Chief Commercial Officer
  • Lyubov Makarova, Representative

Insurance Companies and Brokers


  • Anna Cherenkova, Deputy General Manager


  • Julia Datsyuk, Marine Hull Insurance

Leasing Companies

Raiffeisen Leasing

  • Sergei Pimakhov, Head of Auto Leasing

Research Institutes

Central Research Institute of Marine Fleet

  • Eugene Karpovich, Lab Manager

CDB Corall

  • Vladimir Matveenko, Leading Project Engineer

The Mass Media and Audit Companies


  • Alexei Bezborodov, General Manager

Ernst & Young CIS

  • Andrei Khlus, Executive Director, Supply Chain Manager

Transport of Russia

  • Irina Polyakova
  • Ekaterina Perevezentseva

Public Associations and Unions

International Motor Carriers Association

  • Lev Shoikhet, Deputy Director Transportation Management


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