• 16 - 17 ноября 2012
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О конференции

On November, 16, IV international conference “HEAVY RUSSIA” organized by “International Business Forum” (IBF) came to its end.

This is the annual conference which is growing more and more popular in professional circles year by year. Its audience is rising by 20% each year; the delegate geography is also expanding. In 2012 the forum gathered over 300 delegates from 17 world countries: Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Germany, Great Britain, USA, South Korea, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Denmark, China, Turkey, Finland, Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands.

The Russian branch of the English company “Beck and Pollitzer” – European leader in the heavy-lift handling market – became the General Sponsor of the past conference. It was also sponsored by such companies as “Mann Lines” (England), “TEK Everest”, “Aquamarine Trans”, “Nooteboom” (the Netherlands), “Instar Logistics” and “TopKran”.

State regulation of the branch became the most dramatic discussion issue in 2012. This includes both electronic procedure of OOG transportation permitting and corrupt practices in regulating authorities. Natalya Timofeeva, General Director of “UM 242”, presented an emotional speech giving a well-founded viewpoint that the bribing in Russia generally and in the cargo freight branch in particular calls for taking urgent and drastic measures to prevent illegal activities of officials, intermediary agents and GIBDD employees. It is commonly known that transportation of oversized, heavy and hazardous cargoes is referred to specific technologies of transport logistics complexity of which is seriously hindered by obtaining various permits and approvals in our country. Certainly, such a critical activity is in the full glare of supervising authorities and services ensuring road traffic safety. This could be explained but for the serious, in Natalya Timofeeva’s view, corrupt constituent in work activities of Russian officials and GIBDD employees.

Topics of the following speakers were presented in the wake of complex relations between business and the State. Thus, Julia Lonchakova, General Director of “TEK Everest” company, expanded on the subject of relation between state authorities in the field of oversized cargo freight supervision. Dmitry Fattakhov, General Director of “MDS” spoke about challenges faced by carriers of project cargoes in the Ural region. A golden thread ran through all the speakers to combine the efforts of Russian companies in order to stand their ground together in bodies of government.

Another eye-catching issue included presentations devoted to practical implementation of large-scale projects in 2012. General Director of “Instar Logistics” Alexander Shelkov shared his experience of delivering equipment for the new power generation plant to “Mosenergo” CHPP-16. The most critical stage of this operation was delivery of the PGP gas turbine. Turbine weight is over 300 tons, the length of self-propelled platform Goldhofer which was used during transportation – is about 40m, the height of cargo (with the platform) – more than 6m. Until now, there haven’t been any examples of handling of cargo with similar weight and size features for the energy facilities of Moscow.

In his speech, Vladimir Shifrin, Technical Director of “Live Trucks LTD”, dwelt upon the necessity to pay closer attention to details during OOG cargo carriage. He cited an example of delivery of the hydrotreater to Yaroslavl Refinery in the summer of 2012. While preparing for this freight operation they had to unexpectedly replace the barge which was to be used to ship the cargo from Volgograd to Yaroslavl. The new barge was almost the same but its lifting capacity came to 1000 tons instead of 600. The depth and breadth were the same, only the length was different which couldn’t impact the work execution. In his daily routine the forwarding agent did not pay due attention to this fact. It is a glaring mistake. When the vessel arrived it was found out that the barge had been prepared on the basis of design 81100. During re-equipment of the barge gateway the forecastle had not been cut off and the ramp with a 5% grade had been arranged. Thus, it was necessary to either lower the cushion or raise the berth level to get the lot from the barge to the shore. The solution had to be taken immediately.

Special topic was touched upon by Alexander Vinokurov, Project and Business Development Manager of “Aquamarine Trans”. As a Russian representative of the famous Indian operator “SARJAK Container Lines” the company is popularizing the idea of containerization of oversized and heavy cargoes in our country. Capabilities of using container transport for this purpose are rather high but are not so widely used as, for example, in Europe.

Relevance of this presentation was continued by the following speech from “Modul” company which has been using container equipment for project freight not for the first year. Speaker, Maksim Smirnov, shared his practical experience of working in the port of Saint-Petersburg. Tractors, choppers, crushers, fire trucks, diesel locomotives – all these units were transported using this new-for-Russia technology.

The similar experience can be found with “Deutsche Bahn”. Marina Siedenbiedel, Manager, Approval of Special Transportation between Deutsche Bahn and RZD told in her speech that the company is using containers to ship bulky components from Germany to “Volkswagen” works in Russia.

For the first time participants of “HEAVY RUSSIA” conferences touched upon the topic of industrial rigging and assembly. Elizaveta Nikolaeva from company “Beck and Pollitzer Saint-Petersburg” highlighted practical moments of OOG cargo carriage using hydraulic systems. A clear example of such works was cited to discuss the unloading of gas turbine that weighed 314 tons and was delivered to the construction site of Serov GRES. Complicated situation during reloading of the turbine off the railway transporter to the low-boy called for non-standard approaches to solve the arising problem.

The issue of new technologies, applied in project freight, is taking its traditional special place at “HEAVY RUSSIA” conferences. “Enerprom” company presented their solutions to complex and special transport tasks by means of hydraulic systems.

Of particular interest to the participants was the topic of Russian ports and railway activities with the main brief question – do they really need project cargoes? Opinions of different sides of discussion on this matter divided…

If you are interested in further information about this conference, feel free to come in touch with the Organizing Committee at e-mail: info@heavy.world


Registration of participants

Conference Chairperson – Igor Vitel, «RBC TV» Channel Anchor

10.30 - 12.00
Session I. State Regulation of OOG Transport Field

«New Trends in Governmental Regulation of Truck Haulage of Heavy and (or) Oversized Cargoes»

  • Konstantin Ugarov, Director, FGI «Rosdormonitoring»

«Issue of Permits for OOG Freight: Customer’s View»

  • Boris Kaportsev, General Manager, Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics

«Dealing with State Traffic Safety Inspectorate and Optimized Preparation of Permits, Licenses, Approvals»

  • Andrey Praleska, President, Legion Cargo GmbH

«Outlook for Non-Standard and Heavy-Lift Market Development in Russia»

  • Natalya Timofeeva, Chairperson, Oversize, Heavy and Hazardous Cargo Haulers’ Union

Panel Discussion

«How to Eliminate Bureaucratic and Administrative Obstacles on Oversized Cargo Carrier’s Way?».

Session Chairpersons engaged in the discussion:

  • Sergey Dergunov, Lead Adviser, State Duma Transport Committee
  • Sergey Sobolev, Deputy Director, State Policy Department, Public Road System, Ministry of Transport of Russia
  • Konstantin Ugarov, Director, FGI «Rosdormonitoring»
  • Representative of State Traffic Safety Inspectorate, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Russian Federation
12.30 - 13.30
Session II. Analyzing Logistics Projects of 2013.

«Aspects of International Shipment of Industrial Cargoes and Equipment in Bulk Items»

  • Irina Koenig, Hamburg Branch Director, Chandler GmbH

«Landmark Project of the Year: Industrial Ural – Polar Ural, Salekhard Combined Heat and Power Plant»

  • Alexander Shelkov, General Director, Instar Logistics

«Using Air Freight Technologies for Unique Cargoes within the Framework of Complex Multimodal Transport Projects Implementation»

  • Vladimir Vyshemirsky, Head of Engineering and Logistics Center, Volga-Dnepr Airlines

Panel Discussion

«Realities of the Russian OOG and Heavy-Lift Freight Market. Challenges and Possibilities».

Session Chairpersons engaged in the discussion:

  • Vladimir Nekhvyadovich, General Director, Chandler GmbH
  • Denis Veraksich, Vice-President, Transafe Logistics /to be confirmed/
Business lunch
14.30 - 16.00
Session III. Interaction of Forwarding Agents and Cargo Owners

«Alstom Hydro Russia Competence with Transport Companies»

  • Igor Krotov, Transport and Logistics Manager, Alstom Hydro Russia

«Cooperation of Cargo Owners and Forwarding Agents: How to Build Strong Relations? Hazards of Choosing Contractors and Selection Criteria»

  • Anatoly Koveza, Project Sales Director, Agility

«How to Reduce Tackling of Challenging Transportation Issues by 1.5?»

  • Milana Mikhaylova, General Director, BaltServiceTrans

«Relevant Issues of Interaction between Market Participants during Oversized Cargo Shipment Using Different Modes of Transport»

  • Viktor Fedotov, Director, Logistics, RZD Logistics

Panel Discussion

«Railway Carriage of Project Cargoes»

Session Chairpersons engaged in the discussion:

  • Viktor Fedotov, Director, Logistics, RZD Logistics
  • Viktor Androsyuk, Head of Special Transportation Department, Traffic Control Central Directorate, RZD
  • Alexander Tumanov, Deputy Head of Special Transportation Department
16.30 - 17.30
Session IV. «Heavy» Projects for Central Asia Countries. Outstanding Issues and Collaboration Prospects

«Heavy» Projects for Central Asia Countries. Horizons, Particular Features and Challenges of OOG Transportation

  • Vladimir Nekhvyadovich, General Director, Chandler GmbH

/topic to be confirmed/

  • Farkhod Yunusaliev, Director, ORIENT Logistik

Panel Discussion

«Problems and Outlook for Working with Central Asia Countries»

Session Chairpersons engaged in the discussion:

  • Vladimir Nekhvyadovich, General Director, Chandler GmbH
  • Zhanna Sikhvart, General Manager, Motor Transportation Department, Globalink Logistics Group /to be confirmed/
  • Igor Ozyorny, General Director, Libava Trans Holding
  • Farkhod Yunusaliev, Director
Evening reception
Welcoming Coffee-break
11.00 - 12.30
Session I. Water Transport in Logistics of Bulky Cargoes

«Particulars of Freight Operations with Unstable Countries (Iran, North Korea) and Challenges of Choosing a Tramp Carrier»

  • Anton Maslov, NORTROP

«Shallow Rivers and Old Fleet»

  • Ilya Vaganov, Technical Director, Aquakomplekt Group

«European Experience of Project Freight in River-Sea System. Review of River Terminals»

  • Stanislav Vinogradov, Rhenus Project Logistics GmbH & Co. KG

«Line Service Capabilities. Operational Expertise with Russian Customers»

  • Gunnar Finck, Rickmers-Linie

BUSS Port Logistics
«Buss – Heavy and Non-Standard Competence»
Valdis Andersons, Head of Representative Office Berlin

13.30 - ...
Session II. Leasing, Banking and Insurance

«Insurance of Oversize and Project Freight»

  • Oleg Sorokin, Deputy Director of Cargo Insurance Division, Rosgosstrakh

«Heavy Loads Transport Competence and Associated Hazards. Analysis of Accidents in 2012-2013»

  • Arkady Fyodorov, General Director, Globus-Consulting
Session III. Technologies and Equipment

«Securing of Heavy Loads by Lashing Chains. Operation of RUD Chain Slings»

  • Vitalij Schneider, Business Development Manager, Eastern Europe, RUD Ketten Rieger & Dietz GmbH u. Co. KG

«New Generation of SpanSet Magnum X Textile Slings for Lifting and Handling of Heavy-Lift Cargoes»

  • Dmitry Barchenkov, Equipment Department Manager, RUD LIFTING

«Complex Solutions to Reinforce Bridge Structures»

  • Vadim Belyaev, Head of Division «Transport Infrastructure and Industrial Coatings», Sika Russia

«Complicated Lifts, Easy Solutions»

  • Arkady Vrzhizhevsky, Sales Executive, Sevzapkanat


Cargo owners

Atomic and machine-building

Wartsila Vostok

  • Yuri Yakimovich, Head of Customs and Logistics Department
  • Maxim Gubashov, Business Development Manager

ALSTOM Atomenergomash

  • Alexander Kurguzkin, Head of Logistics Department

ALSTOM Power Stavan

  • Andrey Mironov, Logistics Manager

Izhorskiye Zavody

  • Vadim Sevryukov, Director Logistics


  • Georgy Palagutin, Head of Construction Supervision

Manufacturers of tanks and heat-exchange equipment

Industrial Group «Generation» (Management Company of the following enterprises: DzerzhinskKhimMash – fabrication of bulky equipment + own river port designed for accommodation of heavy cargoes up to 640 tn – Neftemash, Syzran (oil and gas equipment) – Bulanash machine-building plant, Sverdlovsk Region (drilling equipment)

  • Vladimir Popov, Director Logistics
  • Dmitry Palekhov, Head of Freight Department

Oil and gas producing, petrochemical and chemical companies

Gazprom Dobycha Shelf

  • Alexander Grozdov, Director of Management
  • Grigory Atayan, Department Head


  • Svetlana Ivashchenko, Advisor to General Director


  • Konstantin Buzin, Logistics Expert


  • Alexander Khrapunov, Head of Logistics Management
  • Yekaterina Golova, Expert of Procurement Management


  • Renat Khabibullin, Logistics Group Principal Engineer, Integrated Hydrocracking Unit Construction Project Implementation Management

Air Liquide Vostok

  • Anton Chebotaryov, Head of Logistics Group

Cement companies


  • Denis Nazarov, Head of Logistics Department

Energy and distribution companies


  • Tatyana Bankina, Head of Investment Purchase Management, Purchase Department
  • Vladimir Salimov, Logistics and Customs Clearance Specialist, Investment Purchase Management
  • Artyom Zotov, Logistics and Customs Clearance Specialist

Manufacturers of construction, quarry, port, agricultural and harvesting equipment

Claas Vostok

  • Elena Suknovalova, Head of Logistics Department
  • Elena Rodionova, Logistics Department Specialist

John Deere Agricultural Holdings

  • Irina Kizeeva, Domestic Transport Coordinator
  • Yekaterina Rylkova, Supply Coordinator


  • Andrey Chervyakov, Head of Logistics Department

Construction and engineering companies


  • Elena Glebova, Head of Import Supply Department
  • Olga Artyukh, Import Supply Department Specialist


  • Ilnur Garaev, Construction Organization Department Engineer


  • Anton Sumin, Lead Logistics Specialist


  • Sergey Dmitriev, Project Manager

Joint Company «NIAEP» – CJSC «Atomstroyexport»

  • Sergey Zinov, Head of Logistics and Export Control Management
  • Roman Larkin, Deputy Head of Logistics and Export Control Management


  • Valery Kon, Advisor to General Director

CEMEQ Minerals LLC

  • Elena Zatonskaya, Head of Logistics Department

«Energomashexport» Corporation

  • Pavel Balabaev, Head of Logistics Department
  • Evgeny Batenko, Logistics Department Senior Manager

Ertey Petrochem Rus

  • Dmitry Arkhipovsky, Deputy Head of Transport and Customs Department

Heavy industrial valves

NPO Tyazhpromarmatura

  • Vyacheslav Kornoukhov, Head of Logistics and Customs Clearance Department
  • Evgeny Kremenetsky, Lead Specialist of Logistics and Customs Clearance Department

Transport and forwarding companies

ALE Heavylift (Moscow)

  • Mikhail Poturemsky, General Director
  • Sergey Shishkin, Sales Director


  • Alvaro Molina, Managing Director
  • Fernando Bejarano, Project Controller

Bertling Logistics LLC (Moscow)

  • Mikhail Kirillov, General Director

Beluga Projects Logistic (Moscow)

  • Sergey Ovsienko, General Director
  • Olga Gulyaeva, Project Manager

BLG Logistics Solutions GmbH (Moscow)

  • Anna Moroz, Development Director

Chandler GmbH (Germany)

  • Vladimir Nekhvyadovich, General Director of Chandler Group
  • Andrey Kopin, Chandler GmbH Project Department Head

CF&S Estonia Ltd. (Tallinn)

  • Evgeny Evglevsky, Head of Railway Transportation Department

DAHER CIS (Saint-Petersburg)

  • Fyodor Larionov, Saint-Petersburg Branch Manager
  • Damien Perdereau, Project Manager

DGT Logistics Turkmenistan (Ashkhabad)

  • Arsena Zhamkochyan, Commercial Director

DSV Air & Sea A/S (Denmark)

  • Ole Schmidt, Regional Director DSV Projects

DSV Air & Sea (Russia)

  • Dmitry Voronov, Director Project Department

DSV Transport AS (Estonia)

  • Aigar Kons, Sales Manager. Out-of-gauge Transport

Euro-Asia Logistics (Estonia)

  • Alexey Selivanov, General Director
  • Olga Mosina, Commercial Director

FAR FREIGHT GmbH (Austria)

  • Marsel Safin, Representative

GAC Shipping & Logistics Ltd (Novorossiysk)

  • Alexander Bazhan, Business Development Manager

ICT St Petersburg

  • Yaroslav Klementyev, Commercial Director

Instar Logistics (Moscow)

  • Alexander Shelkov, General Director
  • Alexander Sheshin, Head of Project Transport Department

JURTRANSA (Lithuania)

  • Leonid Smolnikov, Director

Kuehne + Nagel (Moscow)

  • Tatyana Shorokhova, Head of Project Logistics Subdivision
  • Pavel Prikhodko, Project Manager

Live Trucks (Moscow)

  • Svetlana Kostrichkina, General Director
  • Vladimir Shifrin, Technical Director

Magsped AG (Switzerland)

  • Bjorn Basler, Assistant CEO

Mammoet Middle East (UAE)

  • Hadi Arabi, Senior Area Executive

Mammoet Russia (Moscow)

  • Yuri Popov, General Director
  • Andrey Geikalo, Project Manager

Nurminen Logistics Oyj (Finland)

  • Hannu Vuorinen, Senior Vice President

Orient Logistic Services (Moscow)

  • Konstantin Melnikov, Founder
  • Orient Logistic (Uzbekistan)
  • Farkhod Yunusaliyev, Director

Oy Hacklin Hamiko Ltd. (Finland)

  • Tomas Forsell, Director, Railway logistics

Polytra NV (Belgium)

  • Van der Hauwaert Reginald, Businees Developper & Sales

ROLL-LIFT Russia (Moscow)

  • Vyacheslav Zakharov, General Director
  • Yuri Bazarsky, Sales Director
  • Alexander Moshkin, Principal Sales Specialist

Schenker Deutschland AG (Germany)

  • Guenter Gauls, Senior Project Manager

Transocean Eesti Ltd. (Estonia)

  • Alari Harjak, CEO

Universal Ltd. (Saint-Petersburg)

  • Vitaly Danilov, General Director

UTC Overseas Logistics Ltd (Moscow)

  • Sergey Zabedilin, Director Projects

World Logistics Services Corporation (USA)

  • Diana Rickardson, Vice-President Global Accounts
  • Steve Licursi, Vice-President Operations

ICF Company (Saint-Petersburg)

  • Igor Andreenko, General Director
  • Kirill Tikhonov, Commercial Director

AQUAMARINE TRANS (Saint-Petersburg)

  • Alexander Vinokurov, Project and Business Development Manager – Head of Line Department of SARJAK Container Lines PVT. Ltd.
  • Ivan Koptelov, Head of Project Department

Alandia-Transport (Saint-Petersburg)

  • Sergey Chepaikin, Deputy General Director

Albacor Shipping (Moscow)

  • Alexey Mamykin, Head of Project Transport Department
  • Valery Smolyaninov, Project Transport Department Specialist

TC «Atlant» (Astrakhan)

  • Igor Pronin, General Director
  • Olga Dikhtyaruk, Commercial Director

BALTIC MERCUR (Saint-Petersburg)

  • Yana Khobotova, Customer Commercial Service Specialist
  • Marina Karpacheva, Customer Commercial Service Specialist

Baltika (Saint-Petersburg)

  • Andrey Maistrenko, General Director
  • Artemy Sokolov, Lead Manager

Baltika Group (Saint-Petersburg)

  • Alexander Chudnov, General Director
  • Arsen Melikov, Technical Director

Belomortrans (Arkhangelsk)

  • Mikhail Sisin, General Director
  • Igor Nekrasov, President


  • Vladimir Levin, Deputy Director

Benchmark-logistics (Samara)

  • Evgeny Egupov, General Director

Benchmark (Samara)

  • Alexey Chegodaev, Director

Benchmark-oversize (Samara)

  • Marat Safiullov, Project-Manager

White Nights Oil and Gas (Moscow)

  • Mikhail Veselkov, Moscow Branch Director
  • Ilya Pestov, Tariff and Contract Manager

Vanbetra Project (Moscow)

  • Marina Klementyeva, Logistics Manager

V&V Shipping (Saint-Petersburg)

  • Yana Kholostova, Director Logistics

Volga-Don-Transservice (Volgograd)

  • Oleg Tolochyok, General Director
  • Sergey Ivantsov, Deputy General Director

Volgaintrans (Samara)

  • Vladimir Shchepkov, General Director
  • Eduard Shchepkov, Technical Director

Garant Trans Express (Moscow)

  • Denis Giniyatov, General Director
  • Roman Somov, Director Operations

Garant Trans Express-Vladivostok

  • Pavel Khlus, General Director

Garant Trans Express (Yekaterinburg)

  • Andrey Ganaev, General Director

Agility/GeoLogistics (Saint-Petersburg)

  • Gleb Vorobyov, Director Operations

«YUTEK» Group (Rostov-on-Don)

  • Igor Bushnev, Director
  • Vladimir Papayanaki, Deputy Director

«SOPiG» Group (Moscow)

  • Vyacheslav Chetokin, Project Manager

Daimanta (Moscow)

  • Alexey Plyushchev, Logistics Service Specialist

DEALEX (Saint-Petersburg)

  • Mikhail Yermolaev, Head of Sales Department

Donbasstransitservice (Mariupol, Ukraine)

  • Harry Krakhmalny, Director
  • Natalya Skalyga, Project Cargo Manager

EuroAzov Service (Mariupol)

  • Sergey Kovalyov, Director
  • INCOTEC CARGO (Saint-Petersburg)
  • Igor Vetchininov, Deputy General Director

Kvadro Center (Ukraine)

  • Alexander Tkachuk, Director

Keen-Mark-Logistic (Moscow)

  • Alexey Shafarostov, General Director
  • Sergey Ivashchenko, Project Manager

«SibTransservice» Company (Krasnoyarsk)

  • Sergey Demidov, General Director

C.Steinweg-Handelsveem B.V. (Netherlands), Saint-Petersburg Branch Office

  • Sergey Lazar, Branch Director

Legion (Moscow)

  • Andrey Praleska, Director

LogLab (Moscow)

  • Yuri Zemskov, Head of Multimodal and Project Transportation Department

MagellanTrans (Krasnodar)

  • Georgy Sobolev, Director

Magellan (Krasnodar)

  • Arkady Khublaryan, Director

MDS (Yekaterinburg)

  • Dmitry Fattakhov, General Director
  • Stanislav Fattakhov, Deputy General Director

Mercury Transport (Saint-Petersburg)

  • Sergey Astapov, Freight Manager

Modul (Saint-Petersburg)

  • Maxim Smirnov, Sales Department Manager

MORTRANS (Saint-Petersburg)

  • Oleg Prokoshev, Deputy General Director

NOVOTEC Export (Novorossiysk)

  • Vladimir Ishutin, Commercial Director

Nord-West Wind (Saint-Petersburg)

  • Evgeny Komissarov, Development Director
  • Boris Maleev, Technical Director


  • Anastasia Sapozhnikova
  • Marina Gavrilenko

Rustrans-spedition (Moscow)

  • Vitaly Pushkin, Commercial Director

SV Trans (Moscow)

  • Elena Ivanova, Sales Director


  • Alexey Arkhipov, Deputy Branch Director

Sovfracht (Moscow)

  • Karen Stepanyan, Deputy General Director on Marine Transport
  • Andrey Sarychev, Director Development and New Projects

Sovfracht Shipping

  • Vitaly Diev, Director

Jenty Spedition (Belarus)

  • Alexander Komarov, Head of Oversized Cargo Department
  • Ivan Yermakov, International Freight Specialist

TRANSIT (Belarus)

  • Julia Petleva, Deputy Director
  • Denis Radionchik, Head of Oversized Cargo Transportation Department

SpetsEnergoTransService (Samara)

  • Anatoly Kalashnikov, Commercial Director
  • Dmitry Oryol, Development Director

SpetsTrans (Novosibirsk)

  • Sergey Setalo, Director

STS Logistics (Moscow)

  • Oleg Urvan, Head of Oversized Cargo Transportation Department
  • Tatyana Kochegina, Sales Manager

TIS Group (Saint-Petersburg)

  • Andrey Filatov, Head of Project Transportation Department
  • Yekaterina Grechukhina, Head of Marketing and Sales Department

TC «Mainstream» (Novosibirsk)

  • Artyom Kuznetsov, Director
  • Dmitry Parlyuk, Commercial Director
  • Alexander Peregudin

Truck-Service (Rostov-on-Don)

  • Valery Kornienko

Trans-Group Spb

  • Alexander Shanin, Director

TRANS-MARK (Saint-Petersburg)

  • Irina Tsareva, Deputy General Director
  • Alexey Lindstrem, Head of Project Department


  • Sergey Savenko, General Director

Transit-M (Republic of Marij El)

  • Sergey Moskvin, Executive Director

TRANSIT (Saint-Petersburg)

  • Vyacheslav Petrukhin, Director
  • Sergey Burik, Project Manager
  • Sergey Alkhimenkov, Deputy Director

TRANS-NAM (Moscow)

  • Mikhail Naryshkin, General Director

Transafe Logistics (Moscow)

  • Nikolay Vuchkov, President
  • Denis Veraksich, Vice-President

Transocean Bel (Minsk)

  • Olga Sikorina, Director
  • TEC EVEREST (Moscow)
  • Julia Lonchakova, General Director
  • Vyacheslav Popov, Development Director
  • Stanislav Tsigulyov, Key Account Manager
  • Alexandra Studyonova, Key Account Manager
  • Sergey Glebov, Key Account Manager
  • Marina Baskakova, Key Account Manager

TEC «TransSibExpeditsiya» (Perm)

  • Konstantin Neshataev, General Director

Schenker, Moscow Branch

  • Pavel Zharov, Head of Special Projects Department

«PiK-TRANSPORT» Company (Moscow)

  • Konstantin Vorontsov, General Director

Hamiko CIS (Saint-Petersburg)

  • Alexandra Nikiforova, Business Development

CFS Russia (Moscow)

  • Leonid Krasnodubsky, Development Director
  • Anna Kamenskaya, Director, Project and Multimodal Transportation Department

Universal Forwarding Company (Universalny Expeditor)

  • Igor Aleshkin, Saint-Petersburg Branch Director

UM 242 (Saint-Petersburg)

  • Natalya Timofeeva, General Director

Spaarmann (Moscow)

  • Alexander Sigolaev, Specialist

Yugspetstekhnika (Rostov-on-Don)

  • Yekaterina Shaginyan, Head of Transportation Arrangement Department

Shipping companies, Ro-Ro operators and freight brokers

2K Shipping and Trading (Turkey)

  • Danila Krochalyov, Operation & chartering

Atlantic Ro-Ro Carriers

  • Vladimir Simonov, Moscow Branch Director

Briese Chartering GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)

  • Pavel Neiland, Freight Manager

BigLift Shipping (Netherlands)

  • Danara Aveeva, Commercial Manager

Blue Water Shipping A/S (Moscow)

  • Vladimir Ovchinnikov, General Manager of Moscow Branch
  • Sergey Voadyanov, Oversized and Heavy Transport Line Manager

DFDS SEAWAYS (Lithuania)

  • Alexey Slipenchuk, Director

DFDS Lisco GmbH (Germany)

  • Folke Grammerstorf, General Manager Cargo Sales & Marketing

Industrial Maritime Chartering GmbH, Hamburg

  • Evert van den Brink, Sales / Line Management

Mann Lines (Tallinn, Estonia)

  • Tiit Arus, General Manager

Mann Lines (Great Britain)

  • David Brooks, Commercial Manager

MANN Lines Rus (Saint-Petersburg)

  • Yuri Moltokov, General Director

Hansa Heavy Lift (Germany)

  • Nikolay Mishkin, Freight Manager
  • Gleb Faldin, Business Analyst

HOEGH AUTOLINERS AS (Saint-Petersburg)

  • Tomasz Lis, Head of Russia & CIS


  • Denis Chabanov, Ro-Ro and Project Manager

SAL Heavy Lift Rus (Moscow)

  • Ilya Komarovskikh, General Director
  • Igor Popov, Marine Transportation / Supercargo

Samskip GmbH, Bremen

  • Knut Voigt, Manager Breakbulk

Scan-Trans Shipping

  • Oleg Kudryashov, Supercargo

Aquakomplekt Group (Cherepovets, Vologodskaya Oblast)

  • Ilya Vaganov, Technical Director
  • Vitaly Komissarov, Commercial Director

Wijne & Barends Russia (Moscow)

  • Elena Bozhko, General Director
  • Oleg Shokov, Commercial Director

Volgo-Baltic Logistic (Saint-Petersburg)

  • Evgeny Goldin, General Director
  • Sergey Morozov, Commercial Director

Glogos (Saint-Petersburg)

  • Konstantin Grinevich, General Director

Rybinsk Shipping Company (Petrozavodsk)

  • Sergey Smorodin, Commercial Director
  • Mikhail Tishin, Deputy Commercial Director

«ARC» Shipping Company (Moscow)

  • Alexander Sochin, Head of Fleet Operation Department
  • Alexander Baranov, Head of Commercial Department

TMBC Logistics (Novorossiysk)

  • Nadezhda Belashchenko, Deputy Director

Trans-Log (Agent of «Trans Russia Express» and Finnlines)

  • Anatoly Yakuba, Deputy General Director

FESCO Integrated Transport (Moscow)

  • Elena Marchuk, Head of Special Projects Department


  • Konstantin Sharov, Head of Freight Department

State and regional authorities

The Government of Moscow

  • Andrey Savin, Deputy Head of Transport and Road-Transport Infrastructure Development Department

Railway operators and forwarding companies

LDZ CARGO (Latvia)

  • Olga Kuznetsova, Lead Engineer Oversized Cargoes

General Representative of German Railways

  • Marina Siedenbiedel, Manager on Special Transport Cooperation between Deutsche Bahn and Russian Railways

Octava (Saint-Petersburg)

  • Alexey Denichenko, Commercial Director
  • Svetlana Denichenko, General Director

Railion Russija Services (Moscow)

  • Olga Snigur, Deputy General Director
  • Elena Matusevich, Manager

Russian Railways (Moscow)

  • Alexander Tumanov, Deputy Head of Special Transport Department
  • Konstantin Glukhov, Principal Specialist, Market Conditions System Analysis and Strategic Monitoring Division, Department of Economic Conditions and Strategic Development

RZD Logistics (Moscow)

  • 1 delegate

TETRO EX (Saint-Petersburg)

  • Dmitry Osinovsky, General Director

TransContainer (Moscow)

  • Konstantin Ushkov, Sector Engineer, Arrangement of Transportation Using Ground-Breaking Container Technologies

Ukrainian Railways (Kyiv)

  • Vladimir Tishchenko, Deputy Head of Special Transportation, Main Transportation Management

Industrial assembly and rigging

Beck & Pollitzer (Saint-Petersburg)

  • Chos Adrian Tsezary, General Director
  • Yelizaveta Nikolaeva, Marketing Specialist
  • Vitaly Sary, Principal Engineer
  • Yegor Krysanov, Development Manager
  • Darya Kholomeeva, Marketing Specialist

Beluga Projects Logistic (Moscow)

  • Alexander Shmelev, Senior Engineer, Assembly and Intraplant Works
  • Sergey Klochko, Director Operations

EuroKran (Moscow)

  • Grigory Balitsky, Project Manager

Rental Units (Saint-Petersburg)

  • Ivan Alexandrov, Director
  • Maxim Yakovlev, Project Manager

TITRAN (Moscow)

  • Vladimir Vorontsov, General Director

TOPKRAN (Moscow)

  • Grigory Grigoryan, General Director
  • Vachagan Arutyunyan, Commercial Director
  • Vitaly Laptev, Financial Director

100 tons – service (Moscow)

  • Vladimir Orlov, Director
  • Alexander Gaab, Project Manager, Central Region
  • Dmitry Skornyakov, Project Manager, North-Western Region
  • Oleg Kadnikov, Project Manager, Ural-Siberian Region

Customs brokers

Sanna Group (Moscow)

  • Sergey Shkarupa, General Director

Air companies and brokers

Volga-Dnepr Company

  • Sergey Lenivin, Lead Sales Manager
  • Andrey Gulyayanovsky, Engineering-Logistics Services Manager
  • Vladimir Vyshemirsky, Head of Engineering-Logistics Center


  • Nikolay Rostetsky, Commercial Director

Ports and terminals

Fahrhafen Sassnitz GmbH (Germany)

  • Peter Maukel, Representative

Ust-Luga Commercial Sea Port

  • Konstantin Kostenko, Sales and Marketing Department Manager

Representative of «Port Hamburg Marketing e.V.» (Germany) in the Russian Federation

  • Natalya Kapkaeva, Director


  • Pavel Khritankov, Head of Project Management Department

Saint Peter Terminal (Saint-Petersburg)

  • Vladimir Solovyov, Managing Director

Southern River Port (Moscow)

  • Alexander Iskrin, Commercial Director

Manufacturers of vehicles and equipment

Nooteboom Trailers B.V. (Netherlands)

  • Vladimir Gerasimenko, Export Manager Europe/Russia
  • Dick Nooteboom, Commercial Director


  • Kim Dong Soo
  • Jacques Perousakis

SpetsAvtoLand (Moscow)

  • Vladimir Pozdnyakov, Commercial Director
  • Inspetstekhnika (Representative of GOLDHOFER AG. in RF and CIS countries)
  • Evgeny Dyomin, General Director
  • Andrey Suyazov, Deputy General Director

Sevzapkanat (Saint-Petersburg)

  • Arkady Vrzhizhevsky, Head of Sales Department

Stroyavtomatika (Moscow)

  • Alexey Samokhin, Director Sales, FAW vehicles

Enerprom (Irkutsk)

  • Grigory Yablochkov, General Director
  • Andrey Fomenko, Head of Commercial Department

TII-Group (Moscow)

  • Dmitry Filimonov, Commercial Representative of TII-Group in Russia and CIS

Banks, insurance and leasing companies

Deutsche Leasing Vostok (Moscow)

  • Sergey Klaymyonov, Director Sales, «Building and road machinery»
  • Maxim Shepovalenko, Director Sales, «Handling machinery and vehicles»


  • Igor Lebedev, Director, Cargo Insurance Management
  • Vadim Stepanov, Deputy Director, Cargo Insurance Management


«Avtotransinfo» Magazine

  • Anatoly Petel, Senior Manager


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