• 16 - 17 ноября 2015
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О конференции

On November 17 the 7th Conference “HEAVY RUSSIA” organized by International Business Forum (IBF) took place in Moscow.

This conference is the annual platform and this challenging year the forum gathered more than 220 delegates from 16 world countries: Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Romania, USA, Denmark, Belgium, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.

The event was sponsored by Volga-Dnepr Airlines, Instar Logistics, COMETTO, InSpetsTekhnika, Romek and STENA LINE.

This time we could not leave aside the issue of economic downturn in Russia. The first session of the conference was fully devoted to this problem.In his speech, Igor Pomochilin, Head of Logistics Service of Volga-Dnepr, talked about some disappointing figures. In the current year there was a reduction of import freight traffic (by 34%), machines, equipment and vehicles (by 50%), foodstuffs (by 7-10%). International motor transportation cutback in the European direction came up to at least 65-70%. According to the speaker, serious alterations of routes and supply chain complication are already ongoing which has pushed up demand for complex logistic services.

AleksandrShelkov, General Director of Instar Projects, suggested his own formula of dealing with recession. The Company is actively entering the CIS/non-CIS markets and seriously differentiating business operations. As an example, he shared good practices of transporting equipment in Mozambique, where the Company had to face poorly developed infrastructure and win over loyalty of native tribes.

Traditionally, the busiest discussion was related to the government regulation of the branch. First of all, this involves timescalesand procedure of OOG transport permitting, issue of corruption in regulatory authorities, as well as new legislative initiatives. Unfortunately, officials did not presume to meet business representatives face-to-face, and the latter had to discuss it in their own circle.

Natalya Timofeeva, Chairperson of Oversize, Heavy and Hazardous Cargo Haulers’ Union, summarized the accumulated problems. In her view, federal and regional highways are in a poor condition only because the “road authorities” themselves do not do anything. It is no good throwing the book at the haulers. There are people who are reluctant to make decisions due to their own interests and pursue hard resistance to officials. Natalya believes that the Ministry of Transport shall solve the issues and problems instead of washing hands and adopting the laws of prohibitive and restrictive nature only. For the last 5 years there hasn’t been any easing or simplification of legislative procedures. All the passed laws only made the life harder for the forwarders, including payment collection. The law makers took a stern position full of restrictions and prohibitions for the transport field. They have found who to blame: oversize carriers are accused of all problems in general, including poor road conditions. These carriers fill just 3% of the freight traffic sector of Russia and in her opinion they cannot damage all the roads in our country.

We have established a good tradition to devote one session to implementation of large-scale projects of the outgoing year. So, Anatoly Koveza, Head of Project Transport Department of CMA CGM Logistics Russia, shared Company’s competence in delivering abnormal components of VITYAZ-M gantry crane to the Russian North.Transportation task was much complicated by extreme water level drop in Russia’s inland waterways at the end of summer 2015. For instance, it has been the first dramatic water level drop in Tsimlyansk Reservoir (used for determining navigable depths downstream) since 1975. At some stages they managed to pass the shallow areas with draft on an even keel 2.04m, maximum allowed draft being 2.05m.

The “low water” subject was followed up by Oleg Tolochyok, Director of Volga-Don-Transservice. His company successfully delivered 2 hydrotreatment reactors R-501 (weighing 227 tons) and R-502 (weighing 255 tons) from Volgodonskacross Ukraine to Mozyr Oil Refinery (Belarus). There were no problems from Ukrainian side in the course of this shipment, but it was unexpectedly impacted by natural forces. On July 18, 2015 upon crossing Kyiv Reservoir in the vicinity of Chernobyl, the tug/barge towing arrangement ran aground in the mouth of Pripyat River for the first time. Meanwhile, abnormal and steep water level drop in Pripyat River was initially reported. Additional tugboats and a dredge ship were engaged in rescue operation of bringing the TBTA afloat and were involved for the entire travel route to destination. From this moment the convoy undertook heroic passing of 108-kilometer long waterways and 84 rapids in Pripyat River. On some rapids the water level was just 40 centimeters. It took 98 days to cope with force majeure in the area close to Chernobyl NPP.

Another challenge was faced by Instar Projects – delivery of waste-heat boiler modules for TPPs in Tashkent and Talimarjan (Uzbekistan) from South Korea, Vietnam and China. Total volume of cargo made 20,750m3, weight – 7,223 tons. In his speech, AleksandrShelkov, General Director of Instar Projects, expanded on haulage stage from the ports of Aktau and Kuryk to construction sites in Uzbekistan. Land transportation length made 1,872 kilometers. Summing up – bad roads, no certificates of bridge structures, non-paying clients – all these issues make transportation in this direction a rather risky undertaking.

The subject of serious risksrelated to heavy lift was followed up by Sergei Ovsienko, General Director of Beluga Projects Logistic. One of the landmark projects of cargo delivery to High North region consisted in transporting 2 coke drums from Spain to Tyumen. Total weight of the items was almost 1,000 tons. Transportation route was rather specific. One and the same dumb barge assisted by different tugboats covered about 9,000 kilometers from the Port of Gijon along the Northern Sea Route, Port of Sabetta (Russia) and the mouth of Ob River to the berth in Tyumen (Russia).

Following the customs clearance in the Port of Sabetta, the cargo was up to the continuous and hard passage along the inland waterways from the mouth of Ob River via rivers Ob, Irtysh, Tobol and Tura to reach Tyumen. It is worth mentioning that Tobol and Tura rivers are not included into the Russian register of navigable rivers because of the low water level. In other words, shipping on these rivers is possible provided that a carrier bears the whole risk. The risk was substantial. Clear enough that a river level can be considered as an average only – the nature of bottom is always different and a lot depends on towers’ experience. Any contact with the bed may be hazardous. Nevertheless, on the last day of high water on September 05, 2014 the barge approached the berth in Tyumen and was successfully moored. Extension of the entire water route of the laden barge upon its leaving the Port of Gijon made 57 days.

A special place at the Conference of 2015 was taken by operations in the Arctic and High North. Thanks to mineral deposits and numerous projects on their development and processing, this region remains one of the most interesting for project forwarders. At the same time this is the most “problematic” region, both because of its geographical remoteness and in terms of infrastructure and climatic aspects. Igor Krotov, Shipping Coordinator of SOUTH TAMBEY LNG expanded on all logistic aspects for the Arctic projects. STL are constructing the first LNG plant in the world above the Arctic Circle.

Another topic of 2015 was devoted to Ro-Ro line operations. For the last few years Russian companies have been using potential of ferry lines for shipping export and import cargoes more and more often. No wonder, as this is one of the most convenient and affordable ways to deliver cargoes over long distances. The lines ensure all-year-round timetable, reliable and quick Ro-Ro transportation, as well as shipment of outsized, project and general loads. High-speed trains Lastochka, boost rockets Souyz-ST for Guiana space center – this is just a little part of unique items carried by Ro-Ro lines.

One of the players working in this market is STENA LINE. Boris Danilevich, Logistics Manager, highlighted the possibilities of oversize freight through the Baltic ports offered by his company.

Another member of this market – HoeghAutoliners – has been working with domestic companies not for the first year. MaksimLukonin, Head of Sales Department of HoeghAutoliners Agency Russia, took the floor to say that unfortunately Ro-Ro segment of the Russian transport market was as much impacted by current economic downturn as other sectors. For example, import of construction gear in January-May 2015 dropped by 75% if compared with the same period of 2014. In 2012 import of construction gear in Russia amounted to almost 42,000 units, moreover, situation in 2015 implies that we can count on far fewer figures, just about 6,000 units. Drastic reduction of import freight flow influenced short-sea carriers in the first place. They offer on-the-spot service from Europe to Russia.

Not for the first time “HEAVY RUSSIA” event touched upon the latest technologies which make the life easier for the forwarders of super heavy loads. Thus, InSpetsTekhnika presented solutions for complicated and special transport tasks using professional hydraulic lifting devices ENERPAC. Of special interest to the delegates was application of up-to-date fastening systems for oversize carriers. ROMEK shared its technical solutions in this field. Conference delegates were also introduced to potential of COMETTO’s modular systems and self-propelled module transporters used for carrying extra heavy items.

If you are interested in further details on the Conference, feel free to contact our Organizing Committee at +79263772080 or e-mail: info@ibforum.ru


09:00 – 10:00
Coffee break
10:00 - 13.00
Session I Analysis of the Current Situation and Outlook for Cargo Base

Volga-Dnepr Airlines

  • Market of Logistic Services under Economic Recession: Results, Expectations, New Challenges and Solutions
  • Igor Pomochilin, Head of Logistics Service

Beluga Projects Logistic

  • Overview of Project Cargo Market Development Prospects for 2016-2018
  • Marat Yarullin, Business Development Partner

Rosatom Branch Center of Capital Construction

  • NPP Construction in Russia and Foreign Projects: Status and Near-Term Outlook
  • Valery Tropin, Director Innovations
10:00 - 13.00
Session II Landmark Projects of 2015

Instar Projects

  • Transporting 4 General Electric Turbines to Yakutsk GRES-2
  • AleksandrShelkov, General Director


  • Water Transportation of 2 Reactors from Volgograd to Mozyr Oil Refinery
  • Oleg Tolochyok, Director
13.00 - 14.00
Business lunch
14.00 -15.30
Session III Relevant Issues of Bulky Cargo Transportation

Oversize, Heavy and Hazardous Cargo Haulers’ Union

  • Practical Implementation of the Federal Laws, Government Regulations and Orders of the Ministry of Transport in the Heavy Freight Sector
  • Natalia Timofeeva, Chair


  • Delivering Oversize Items through the Baltic Ports
  • Boris Danilevich, Logistics Manager


  • Using Modern Tiedown Systems for Transporting Abnormal Loads
  • VitalyShurygin, General Director


  • Materials Handling Equipment ENERPAC
  • EvgenyDyomin, General Director
15.30 - 16.00
Coffee break
Session IV Development of Logistics in Siberia and High North Regions


  • Organizing Logistics for the Arctic Projects
  • Vincent Lecot, Transport & Logistic manager
  • Igor Krotov, Shipping Coordinator

Beluga Projects Logistic

  • Transporting Coke Drums for Antipinsky Oil Refinery in Tyumen
  • Sergei Ovsienko, General Director

Aeronautical Center Augur

  • Aerostatic Transport Aircraft of the New Type ATLANT – the Key Element of Innovative Logistics for Hard-to-Reach Areas
  • Mikhail Talesnikov, Development Director
09:00 – 10:00
Coffee break
10:00 - 12.00
Session I


  • Railway Transportation of Project Cargoes. Trends and Outlook
  • Andrei Makarov, Head of Special Transport Department

Instar Projects

  • Unique Process Solutions for Transporting Heavy Loads in Africa
  • AleksandrShelkov, General Director


  • Shipping Oversize Components of Vityaz-M Gantry Crane from the Ports of Gdynia and Volgodonsk to Severodvinsk along the Inland Waterways and the White Sea – Baltic Canal
  • Anatoly Koveza, Head of Project Transport Department

Main Traffic Safety Administration, Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation

  • Issues of Monitoring Compliance with Overdimensioned and Heavy Vehicles Traffic Rules by State Traffic Inspectorate Subdivisions

Federal Service for Transport Supervision

  • State Monitoring and Supervision of Compliance with Weights and Dimensions of Motor Vehicles
12:00 – 12:30
Coffee break
12.30 - 14.00
Session II Issues of Bulky Cargo Water Transportation

Schenker Logistics Romania S.A.

  • Potential of the Marine Terminal in Constanta Port for Transit Cargoes to Russia and the Caspian Sea Region
  • Martin Bratusa, Senior Consultant

New Technologies of Lifting and Moving Extra Heavy Loads in the Baltic Sea Ports

  • /speaker to be confirmed/


  • Project of Building Special Berth for Delivering Heavy Items for the Needs of FosAgro in Cherepovets
  • AleksandrGoloviznin, Director, Logistics and Analytics

Hoegh Autoliners Agency Russia

  • Ro-Ro Service as the Best Transport Solution for Complex Abnormal and Project Loads. State-of-the-Art Technologies and New Opportunities
  • MaksimLukonin, Sales Director
14.00 - 16.00


State authorities and public associations


  • /list to be confirmed/

Oversize, Heavy and Hazardous Cargo Haulers’ Union (SACTOG)

  • Natalia Timofeeva,Chair

Cargo owners and engineering companies


  • Konstantin Okatyev, Director, Purchasing and Logistics Department
  • Anna Ivanova, Logistics Specialist


  • Irina Kulygina, Logistics Department Specialist
  • Anna Ragulskaya, Head of Logistics Department

South Tambey LNG

  • Igor Krotov, Shipping Coordinator
  • Vincent Lecot, Transport & Logistic Manager

Atom Energo Proekt

  • Ilnur Garaev

Atom Stroy Export

  • Nikolai Kenyaikin, Chief Specialist

ALSTOM AtomEnergoMash

  • Aleksandr Kurguzkin, Head of Logistics Department


  • Andrei Snopkov, Head of International Transport Department


  • Vyacheslav Kornoukhov, Head of Logistics Service

HD Energo

  • Maya Melnikova, Head of Project Support Department

Transport and forwarding companies


  • Aleksei Chernov, Manager, Industrial Projects Development
  • Aleksei Grekov, Key Account Director
  • Andrei Adamov, Operations Director, Projects and Project Solutions


  • Denis Moroz, Senior Logistics Manager

BLG Cargo Logistics GmbH (Germany)

  • Anna Moroz, Development Director

Chandler GmbH

  • Vladimir Nekhvyadovich, General Director


  • Anatoly Koveza, Head of Project Transport Department

Dealex Transport (Ukraine)

  • Denis Chabanov, Project department

DHL Global Forwarding – Industrial Projects

  • Aleksei Slabikov, Director, Project Logistics Department
  • Kristina Grechko, Head of Transport Logistics and Customs Operations Department

Genaker AG (Ukraine)

  • Sergei Antonenko, Head of Project and Outsized Cargo Department

Highland Project Logistics (USA)

  • Natalia Derkach, Business Development Director

JURTRANSA (Lithuania)

  • Leonid Smolnikov, Director

KOG Transport GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)

  • Stanislaw Winogradow, Project Manager


  • Rustam Yuldashev, Chair of the Board
  • Oleg Urvan, Head of Project Department

Oy Hacklin Logistics (Finland)

  • Tomas Forsell,Director/Hacklin East

REZONANS (Belarus)

  • Andrei Yurchenko, Commercial Director

Schenker Logistics Romania S.A. (Romania)

  • Martin Bratusa, Senior Consultant
  • Vlad Dobre, Manager Project Logistics


  • Aleksandr Bulygin, Lead Specialist
  • Nadezhda Belashchenko, Executive Director


  • Evgeny Shirobokov, Project Transport Manager


  • Dmitry Shumaylov, Deputy Head of Forwarding Department for Operations


  • Yuri Matveyuk, Deputy General Director

Beluga Projects Logistic

  • Marat Yarullin, Business Development Partner
  • Sergei Ovsienko, General Director
  • Aleksandr Shmelev, Chief Engineer

Benchmark Trading

  • Evgeny Egupov, General Director
  • Nazim Khalilov,Deputy General Director


  • Pavel Ovcharenko, General Director
  • Aleksei Chegodaev, Director
  • Andrei Logunov, Deputy Director

Volgo-Baltic Logistic

  • Evgeny Goldin, General Director
  • Vitaly Zubakov, Deputy General Director


  • Oleg Tolochyok, Director


  • Eduard Shchepkov, Engineering Director

DSV Transport

  • Ivan Martyushov, Head of Project Transport

Instar Logistics

  • Aleksandr Shelkov, General Director
  • Elena Zaytseva, Managing Director
  • Aleksei Mamykin, Head of Business Development Department
  • Mark Baum, Project Manager
  • Aleksei Shramko, Project Manager

Infotech Baltika

  • Yuri Altukhov, Deputy Director, Project Cargo Transportation

Keystone Logistics

  • Dmitry Kotenev, Lead Manager, Project Solutions Department
  • Vitaly Vorobyov, Head of Project Solutions Department

KOG Transport

  • Tatiana Shorokhova, General Director
  • Sergei Luzin, Project Logistics Specialist


  • Sergei Demidov, General Director


  • Eduard Brilyov, Head of Commercial Department
  • Arkady Khublaryan, General Director
  • Georgy Sobolev, Commercial Director
  • Evgeny Butskiy, Head of Oversize Transport Department

Mammoet Rus

  • Igor Chernenkov, Deputy General Director
  • Yuri Popov, General Director
  • Andrei Geykalo, Commercial Director


  • Vladimir Rodygin, Chief Technologist
  • Maksim Smirnov, Head of Oversize Transport Team
  • Evgeny Kozlov, Sales Department Specialist

Sea Tally Service

  • Ruslan Rumyantsev, Director

Militzer & Munch

  • Vladimir Pudov, Lead Project Transport Manager


  • Vladimir Ishutin, Commercial Director

NS Trans

  • Ivan Podluzhniy, Head of Project Transport Department


  • Aleksandr Sinkov, Specialist


  • Konstantin Vorontsov, Director
  • Yuri Stoyanchuk, Chief Engineer


  • Yana Kholostova, Head of Logistics Department


  • Marina Gavrilenko, Project Cargo Manager


  • Mikhail Reshetkov, Director
  • Maksim Savitenko, Deputy Director for Operations


  • Marina Stenina, Director


  • Dinar Pasyev, Director

JV RISING (Belarus)

  • Aleksandr Mashkantsev, Head of Commercial Operations Department
  • Marina Yuntsevich, Head of Oversize Transport Department

Standard Group

  • Ivan Petrov, General Director


  • Dmitry Osinovskiy, General Director

TIS Group

  • Aleksandr Ivanov, General Director

Trade and Transport Company Globus

  • Pavel Peshkov, Director


  • Sergei Moskvin, Executive Director
  • Igor Moskvin, Director

Trans-group SPb

  • Vladimir Smuk, Director


  • Andrei Kolesnikov, General Director
  • Maksim Shadchin, Director, Transport Management
  • Fyodor Babaskin, Head of Haulage Department

Transconsult Brest (Belarus)

  • Yuri Kochurko, Head of Logistics Department

CFS Russia

  • Konstantin Akopov, General Director
  • Leonid Krasnodubskiy, Development Director


  • Anton Malkov, Head of Special Projects Department

Universal Forwarding Agent

  • Igor Alyoshkin, Saint Petersburg Branch Director
  • Aleksei Chernykh, Deputy Branch Director


  • Dmitry Kozhemyako, Deputy Director

Shipping companies and chartering brokers

Atlantic Ro-Ro Carriers Inc

  • Vladimir Simonov, Head of Representative Office

BBC Chartering GmbH Bremen (Germany)

  • Thomas Broetje, Managing Director

BBC Chartering GmbH ST Petersburg

  • Sergei Timofeev, Director

Briese Chartering GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)

  • Pavel Neiland, Chartering Manager
  • Ilona Lazareva, General Manager


  • Nikolai Mishkin, Chartering Manager
  • Gleb Faldin, Business Development Manager
  • Wojtek Pioch, Russia & FSU Manager


  • Evgeny Kiryushkin, Commercial Director
  • Maksim Lukonin, Head of Sales Department


  • Oleg Kudryashov, Senior Key Account Manager

Nitro Shipping

  • Andrei Ushkalov, Chartering Manager

Ingria Shipping

  • Evgeny Aleksandrovich, Bulky Cargo Transport Manager


  • Leonid Dolgodush, Head of Marketing Department
  • Sergei Kuznetsov, Executive Director

Neva Shipping Company

  • Sergei Smorodin, General Director
  • Mikhail Tishin, Deputy Commercial Director

North-Western Shipping Company

  • Sergei Levitskiy, Chartering Manager


  • Aleksandr Sochin, Head of Fleet Maintenance Department

Aviation sector

Volga-Dnepr Airlines

  • Pavel Kuznetsov, Sales Specialist
  • Igor Piskarev, Sales Specialist
  • Igor Pomochilin, Head of Logistics Service

AirBridgeCargo Airlines

  • Aleksei Zotov, Lead Business Development Manager
  • Vasily Borychev, Lead Import Sales Manager

Aeronautical Center Augur

  • Mikhail Talesnikov, Development Director

UTair – Helicopter services

  • Danila Maltsev, Head of Russian Projects Support Directorate

Railway sector


  • Head of Special Transport Department

Stevedore companies

Commercial Sea Port of Ust-Luga

  • Lidiya Efremova, Lead Sales Manager

Port of Paldiski (Estonia)

  • Igor Arno, Commercial Director


  • Ekaterina Lykasova, Sales Department Specialist
  • Dmitry Maslenchenko, Sales Department Specialist

Representative Office of Port of Hamburg Marketing e.V. in the Russian Federation

  • Natalia Kapkaeva, Manager

Terminal Tolyatti

  • Aleksandr Suslov, General Director
  • Evgeny Klyunk, Head of Commercial Department

Saint Peter’s Terminal

  • Stanislav Lobodinskiy, Lead Contract Management Specialist
  • Sergei Astapov, Brokerage Department Manager

Fenix (Port of Bronka)

  • Miroslav Russkikh, Head of Sales and Marketing Department
  • Stanislav Naumov, Assistant Executive Director

South river port

  • Aleksandr Iskrin, Commercial Director

Manufacturers of gear and equipment, service companies


  • Elena Mautina, Sales Manager

INDUSTRIE COMETTO SPA, Representative Office in the Russian Federation

  • Ilya Krupin, Deputy General Director

Lifting Products

  • Nadezhda Lokteva, General Director


  • Pavel Pecheritsa, Head of 3PL Section


  • Vitaly Shurygin, General Director


  • Pavel Gusev, Director


  • Albin Radke, General Director


  • Elena Fadeeva, General Director

Industrial assembly and rigging


  • Aleksandr Gaab, Commercial Director

Beck & Pollitzer SPb

  • Chos Adrian Tsezari, General Director
  • Vitaly Sary, Deputy General Director
  • Egor Krysanov, Business Development Manager

Mechanization Directorate VostokNefteZavodMontazh

  • Rustem Mustafin, First Deputy Director – Chief Engineer

Design organizations and research institutes


  • Aleksandr Goloviznin, Director, Logistics and Analytics

TFH Georg Agricola

  • Dr. Stefan Voth, Professor

Mass media


  • Aleksei Bezborodov, General Director

“Moscow” City News Agency

  • Olga Musinova, Senior Correspondent

ProGruz Magazine

  • Maria Bogorodskaya, Correspondent


  • Oleg Tuzikov, Editor-in-Chief


  • Igor Vittel, Channel Anchor


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