• 24 - 25 November 2016
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On November 25, 2016 the 8th Conference “Heavy Russia” took place in Moscow.

Within 8 years the Conference became the largest event in the branch, gaining recognition of business as a point of attraction of ideas and the venue for discussion of pressing issues. The Conference is the annual event and this year the Forum gathered over 300 delegates from 14 world countries: Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Germany, Turkey, South Korea, Estonia, Lithuania, Finland,Netherlands, and USA. This year the biggest foreign delegations were represented by Belarus – 9 companies (18 delegates), and Germany – 13 companies (8 delegates).

The event was sponsored by Volga-Dnepr Airlines, Instar Logistics, COMETTO and Port of Bronka.

The first day of the Conference, November 24, started with traditionally most burning topic of the state regulation of the field. First of all, this involves timing and procedure of OOG transportation permitting, issue of corruption in regulatory authorities, as well as new legislative initiatives. Unfortunately, officials of RosDorMonitoring and RosAvtoDor again did not presume to meet business representatives face-to-face, and the latter had to discuss it in their own circle.

Sergei Moskvin, Executive Director of Transit-M, summarized the accumulated problems in his speech. In his view, officials of the Ministry of Transport believe that project cargoes transported in Russia are absolutely useless, they move in a chaotic way, creating extra traffic intensity and relentlessly damaging the road bed. For the last few years, as he put it, oversize cargo permitting system has been characterized by pure obscurantism. It is getting more and more difficult to obtain these permits in a lawful way. Furthermore, the tariff for transporting heavy loads rose by 33 times!