• 18 - 19 November 2019
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On the 19th of November in Moscow XI international «Heavy Russia 2019» conference dedicated to project and oversized cargo logistics has completed its work. This year the conference was attended by a record number of participants – more than 450 delegates form 16 countries of the world.

It has already begun a tradition to start the forum with the discussion of the economic situation in Russia impact on the project logistics market. Simonova Lyudmila, the M.A.Research managing partner, told about the potential of the cargo base for transport market participants. According to her assessment, 2019 was a failure. This is due to a very low rate of investment in fixed assets: in the first half of 2019 the growth was only 0.6%, budget investments decreased by 11.4%. Another negative factor is the delay in the national projects’ implementation. However, 2020, according to the expert, will be quite successful for project logistics in Russia. The points of growth will be the program of modernization of power plants with the new capacities input in 2022-2024. 45 facilities with a total installed capacity of 10.4 GW. Another driver of growth is the construction of nuclear power plants in Turkey, India, Uzbekistan, Hungary, Bangladesh, China and Finland. Forecast on land flow of oversized and heavy cargoes for 2020-2024 – 164 thousand tons, on the sea route – 312 thousand tons. Quite a powerful cargo flow is formed here.

Yarullin Marat, FESCO company project logistics director, continued this topic. In his speech he noted that the Russian market of oversized and heavy cargo transportation is not only growing but has a serious potential for further growth. He said that the target market of project logistics in 2019 is estimated at 430 billion rubles with an increase to 551 billion rubles in 2023. The distribution of investments in the following areas: LNG-projects, oil and gas sector, infrastructure, agriculture, chemical industry, energetics. He particularly noted that Africa can become a new market for Russian companies where domestic investments are increasingly active.

Bryzgunov Igor, RAWI chairman, presented the Russian wind energy market overview to the conference delegates. According to his speech, Russia has the largest potential in this area in the world and it reaches 1 thousand GW. But the country is only at the beginning of the wind resource development, as it joined this process recently: in 2015 the first wind farms began to be built. He noted that every year they will have a competition for the wind farms construction for five years ahead, about 300-350 MW. Approximately the same volumes as now will be built until 2024. If today the WPP components production localization is 44% then from 2020 it will be 90%. If today, we have the blades of one manufacturer then tomorrow or the day after tomorrow we will have two and maybe more. Ministry of Trade and Industry defends its position about the localization increase, that means that oversized and heavy cargo volumes will increase for carriers.

After the possibilities of the domestic economy discussing, delegates moved on to the main topic of the 2019 conference – the prospects of project cargoes transportation on the Russian rivers. Ivanov Andrey’s, HC “Logoprom” CEO, report was met with special interest. Under his leadership the company relied on a combination of a powerful Soviet infrastructure and a modern approach to logistics. So, on 933 km of a ship course of the Volga river, in 10 km from Nizhny Novgorod and in 8 km from the Kstovo industrial zone there is a new oversized and heavy cargoes transshipment complex as a part of “Logoprom Kstovo” port. The port was created based on the largest Nizhny Novgorod elevator. Initially the port specialized in the reception, transshipment and storage of general cargoes, metal, any construction and non-metallic building materials. But in the spring of 2019 port became a base for equipment transshipment for Kinetics Technology company, OC Lukoil contractor, needs for construction of oil residues deep processing complex in Kstovo, Nizhny Novgorod region. In the navigation of 2019 35 units of oversized and heavy cargoes, a maximum weight of more than 500 tons, were unloaded through this port using Ro-Ro and cranes by RTL logistics and transport company.

One more important object for heavy and oversized cargoes transshipment on the Volga river was the heavy cargoes berthing complex of the former “Dzerzhinskkhimmash” plant. It is located at 30 km of the ship course of the Oka river. Unfortunately, this enterprise is no longer there. But the HC “Logoprom” team managed to save, protect from scrap collectors and preserve this unique infrastructure complex, which allows to transship the oversized cargoes weighing up to 640 tons by crane method. The saved complex was named “Logoprom Dzerzhinsk” portIn 2019 port together with the “Barrus Projects” company for the first time in Russia organized the wind turbine gondolas transshipment and delivery by water for the Vestas company.

In his turn, Egorov Gennady, Marine Engineering Bureau CEO, highlighted the role of Russian shipbuilding in the segment of vessels designed for the transportation of oversized and heavy cargoes in his report. According to his assessment, by 2022 the ships built at domestic shipyards will make up 64% of the total number and it will be 100% among new built. He said that almost everything intended for oversized and heavy cargoes transshipment will be built in Russia.

According to him, 64 self-propelled vessels of limited sea and mixed river-sea navigation, specially equipped for transit transportation of large-sized and heavy cargo were built from 2003 to 2019 and 48 more are in order. This new fleet will fully cover all the needs of Russia in the transportation of project cargo by rivers and seas.

According to Egorov Gennady, the main problem of Russian fleet connected with tugs-pushers. River tugs-pushers with 900-1800 kW capacity. Now there are 202 vessels (63% of those built) with an average age of 41.2 years. A total of 322 units were built. 77 ships decommissioned (24%). At the same time 74 vessels were disposed of with an average age of 30.3 years for scrap. Lost in accidents (data clearly incomplete) 3 ships with an average age of 26 years. In sediment – 43 vessels (13%) with an average age of 41.6 years. By 2025, it is expected that 135 old series river tugs-pushers with a capacity of 900-1800 kW will remain in operation, by 2030 – 58 vessels. Given that these vessels are mainly used to work with new barges when entering marine areas, their construction will make sense from 2023-2024.

Drozdov Alexander, P&O Maritime company director, during the conference shared the experience of oversized and heavy cargo water delivery of Tengiz project. As part of the project it is necessary to deliver more than 200 oversized modules weighing about 1.5 thousand tons each. Drozdov Alexander told how the task was initiallyThese modules should be in the Caspian within three years. The client was ready to pay for this decision. Was looking for a suitable offer. And the decision was to build a special fleet for this project. These 17 ships were built specifically to carry modules for the Tengiz project. According to his words, during 2017-2018 the entire fleet was built and put into operation. Real work on Russian rivers began in 2018. The company worked for two full seasons. All the modules were delivered to Tengiz in time. The main transportation routes – from Korea and Italy, and then transshipment in Finland and Bulgaria, then delivery to the Caspian Sea.

The topic of transshipment of project cargoes in Russian seaports was raised by Russkikh Miroslav, the MSCC “Bronka” head of sales and marketing. As it is known, domestic sea terminals, as a rule, for various reasons, are reluctant to work with oversized and heavy cargoes. Most stevedores consider it impractical to be equipped with expensive berthing loaders of high load capacity due to the unstable volume of project cargoes transshipment. It is gratifying that there are several ports that initially adhere to a different policy. So, currently in Europe there are several Maritime centers of project logistics: these are the ports of Antwerp, Hamburg, Saint-Petersburg and Constanta. Project logistics centers, working with a more diverse range of oversized and heavy cargo, provide customers with a wider range of services. He also noted that MSCC “Bronka” is one of few ports in Russia, which has a program of transshipment of oversized and heavy cargo development. He reminded that on the 16th of October port received the second mobile Liebherr LHM800 crane. Next – commissioning of the new port territory on the artificial land plot №2 where berth №8 had already been built with a reinforced cordon for the most efficient operation of two mobile cranes in tandem, the load capacity of which reaches 500 tons. The commissioning of the new crane should take place just in a few days. All this makes the port the center of project logistics in Saint-Petersburg, where customers are available to various schemes of transshipment to sea, river and land transport, the possibility of technological accumulation and storage of goods.

Mamykin Alexey, head of business development department of oil and gas division in “Barrus Projects” company, continued the topic of oversized and heavy cargoes transportation by water transport. He shared his experience of delivering oversized and heavy cargo on the Zeya river. He told that this year company finished the project connected with oversized and heavy cargoes delivery for Amur GPP project. That was the second phase of the plant construction. “Barrus Projects” transported three batches of oversized and heavy cargo together with Chinese partnersHe told thar Chinese side delivered equipment from plans-manufacturers from Tianjin port and provided transport to the final seaport of De-Kastri – the nearest sea transshipment point, which can provide a minimum sea crossing for barges. One of the most critical and dangerous operations under the project was the raid transshipment of large cargoes in De-Kastri from the sea vessel “BBC Mont Blanc” on barges. From De-Kastri cargo moved through the Tatar Strait on the Amur and Zeya rivers to the pier of the Amur GPP. Alexey noted that shallow water of the Zeya river has become a critical limitation for the whole project, the cargo had to be evenly distributed between the barges and used for a quarter of their capacity.

In its turn, “Intertechelectro” group of companies made a report about the experience of transporting gas piston and diesel plants to the places of projects implementation in Yakutia during the “Heavy Russia 2019” conference. In September 2019, the equipment of the diesel power plant was delivered to Beloyarsk. Equipment modules with a total weight of more than 70 tons were shipped from the assembly site of “Kurgan Plant of Integrated Technologies” (LLC KZKT), delivered by road trains to the port of Priobye and then together with low-frame trawls and crane sent by river transport directly to the construction site, while unloading modules was carried out on the unequipped territory. Earlier deliveries of the similar equipment for gas piston power plants in settlements Tazovsky and Krasnoselkup were made. When planning logistics operations for delivery to YaNAO, the peculiarities of the region and the construction sites themselves were considered.

The conference also touched upon the topics of project cargo insurance, the use of Ro-Ro vessels for transportation of oversized and project cargo, the problems of cargo logistics for the nuclear industry and many others.

The conference was sponsored by: FESCO, Barrus Projects, Runa Gold, MSCC “Bronka”, HC “Logoprom”, ISS Global Solutions, STA Logistic, CombiLift and GC MDS.


9.00 - 10.00
Participants registration and welcome coffee-break
10.00 - 13.00
I session
M.A. Research report
Oversized and heavy cargo logistics market. Promising industrial and infrastructure projects
Simonova Lyudmila, managing partner
FESCO report
Transformation of the Russian project logistics market in the context of economic and geopolitical challenges. Trends and prospects
Yarullin Marat, development department director
Russian Association of Wind Power Industry report
Russian wind power market: results of 2019 and the near future prospects
Bryzgunov Igor, president
10.00 - 13.00
II session
ISS Global Solutions report
Project delivery of equipment for Badamsha wind farm (Kazakhstan)
Nekhvyadovich Vladimir, first deputy CEO
Port Bronka report
Transshipment of large-sized heavy cargoes: crane vessels and mooring loaders. Competition or interaction?
Russkih Miroslav, head of sales and marketing department
Barrus Project report
Amur GPP. Legendary Zea
Mamykin Alexey, head of business development oil & gas division
NIPIGAS report
Transportation of oversized and heavy cargo to the Amur GPP. 2019 navigation results
Fedorov Vyacheslav, head of “Heavy and oversized cargo transportation by water transport” division
14.00 - 15.30
III session
Russian Container Company report
Russian river system and oversized cargoes
Grishagin Ivan, CEO
P&O Maritime Solutions report
P&O Maritime Solutions for Project Logistics. Tengiz project.
Drozdov Alex, Director
Marine Engineering Bureau report
Self-propelled and non-self-propelled vessels for transportation of oversized heavy cargoes on inland waterways
Egorov Alexander, senior researcher
TransEngineering Company report
Import substitution policy in large infrastructure projects. Realization of economic and engineering potential of Russian companies on the example of equipment supply for the Sahalin-2 project.
Karpovich Oleg, CEO
15.30 - 16.00
16.00 - 18.00
IV session
Intertechelectro report
Organization of delivery of heavy and oversized cargoes to remote areas of Yamal
Sumin Anton, head of logistics group
HAVAL report
Construction of a complex project cargoes supply chain and localization of equipment for the full cycle plant construction
Selivanov Alexander, external logistics director
SB Pandi Trans report
General accident and responsibility of the freight forwarder
Sharova Oksana, deputy CEO
18.00 - 18.20
Valuable prizes lottery
18.20 - 23.00
Dinner with Russian microbreweries’ wine tasting
10.00 - 11.00
Welcome coffee-break
11.00 - 12.30
I session
NIIAT report
Safety increase of mass heavy and oversized cargoes transportation by motor transport
Batishev Ivan, head of department
Stevedores Yamal report
Example of the logistics project implementation on Sakhalin island
Dyatlov Alexander, marine operations and oversized and heavy cargo forwarding manager
HC Logoprom report
River-sea-railway-auto – LOGOPROM’s unique infrastructure for project logistics at the intersection of the main transport routes of the Russian Federation.
Ivanov Andrey, CEO
“John Deere Rus” report
Railway transportation of oversized equipment from China to the Far East. Experience in route developing and imput
Malikov Dmitriy, logistics and order management analyst
12.30 - 13.00
13.00 - 14.30
II session
RWTO report
In customer’s skin: anticases or the other side of forwarding
Volkov Pavel, commercial director
Moscow Automobile and Road Construction State Technical University report
Point modeling – working technology of project logistics
Matorin Mikhail, expert
Höegh Autoliners (DLX Agency Russia) report
Possibilities of transportation of oversized railway equipment on Ro-Ro vessels to Latin America using specialized linear equipment
Lukonin Maxim, line director
Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics report
The new reality of the Russian economy: Export opportunities and logistics solutions for the export of machinery\agricultural machinery from Russia
Vostrikov Dmitriy, CEO
Atomenergoprom report
Transport support of international projects in the 2020-2025 horizon
Kaportsev Boris, deputy CEO
14.30 - 17.00
“Glass of Champagne” reception




Arctic LNG 2 \ NOVATEK group  
Astafiev Georgy, expert
ASE (Rosatom State Corporation Engineering Division) 
Evstifeev Andrey, chief specialist
Kenyaikin Nikolay, chief specialist
Kaportsev Boris, deputy CEO
Tkachenko Andrey, department director
Prokofiev Ivan, executive assistant
BRISE Stroitelnye mashiny 
Sokolov Alexander, logistics manager
China National Chemical Engineering No.7 Construction Company
Alexeev Dmitriy, GCC EGPC project, logistics & procurement
Claas East    
Dumcheva Tatiana, deputy head of logistics and internal service department
Rodionova Elena, logistics and internal service department specialist
Volkov Artem, logistics coordinator
Engineering Construction Service \ RUSAL   
Avdyunin Vyacheslav, head of “Logistics” direction
Simonova Lyudmila, “Logistics” direction manager
Eriell Engineering (Uzbekistan)
Kayumov Sultanbek, head of ULC PD (Unified Logistics Centre)
Malikov Khasan, deputy head of ULC PD (Unified Logistics Center)
Exxon Mobile
Babin Egor
Silantiev Andrey, Logistics manager, Peschanka cooper project
FPT South Tambey SPG
Krotov Igor, logistics manager
Gazprom Neft 
Khripunov Evgeniy, head of logistics division
Romanova Alena, chief specialist
Dolinnaya Ekaterina, chief specialist
Agorodnikov Dmitriy, chief specialist
Yakunina Vitalia, head of contract logistics division
Vysotskaya Olga, senior analyst
Kovalevskiy Sergey, head of logistics department
Selivanov Alexander, director for external logistics
Hit Machinery  
Silkin Andrey, head of equipment delivery department
Hitachi Construction Machinery Eurasia
Hoang Veta, manager’s assistant
Innovative Technologies Combine – MonArch 
Stoyanchuk Yuri, deputy director for transport
Sumin Anton, head of logistics group
Skvortsov Denis, logistics group specialist
Izhorskiye Zavody 
Letyaev Alexander, deputy head of department
John Deere Rus
Lemishevskaya Vladislava, logistics manager
Malikov Dmitriy, business analyst
KAZ Minerals (Kazakhstan)
Sherali Saidazimov, logistics and material manager
Mrachkovskaya Elizaveta, transport logistics manager
Shladkov Dmitriy, deputy director \ transport and customs logistics
Maximov Roman, head of direction \ transport and customs logistics
Fedorov Vyacheslav, head of “Transportation of heavy and oversized cargo by water transport” direction
Ved Sergey, “Transportation of heavy and oversized cargo by water transport” direction manager
Snopkov Andrey, head of logistics department
Matrosov Vyacheslav, head of transport and logistics division
Lazarev Mikhail
Chubarov Radion, deputy department director – head of supply chain division
Moskalchuk Ruslan, product supply chain department director
Lisovoy Oleg, head of logistics department
Chudnov Alexander, logistics and customs clearance specialist
Power Machines
Khritankov Pavel, logistics director
Zakharkin Sergey, head of transport logistics department
RAOS Project (ROSATOM Company)
Plyusnin Artem, head of logistics and warehousing department
Mikhailovskaya, Oksana, head of logistics and customs clearance division
Rostselmash combine plant
Kleimenova Yulia, head of external logistics department
Avaliani Natalia, head of logistics department
Rusatom Energy International    
Kaipov Sergey, head of logistics division
Rusatom Overseas (ROSATOM Company)
Polshuk Arkadiy, head of equipment, materials and project cargo forwarding organization division
Putsylo Yulia, head of cargo forwarding coordination on the NPP construction country territory
Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology
Anisimova Lyudmila, sales manager CIS
Kravchenko Artem, logistics services procurement specialist
Segezha Group
Tolstoukhov Sergey, logistics director
Ivanov Sergey, head of projects department
Siemens Gamesa (Germany)
Adam Chilecki, cost proposal manager
Siemens Gas Turbine Technologies
Soloviev Vasiliy, logistics director
Siemens Transformers   
Kastyrina Viktoria, logistics specialist
Kovalev Filipp, logistics specialist
Tecnimont Russia 
Iskakova Gulzat, logistics department senior coordinator
Nagornaya Elena, logistics specialist
Grishina Yulia, logistics specialist
TITAN-2 Concern 
Revyakin Georgy, head of logistics department
Golovatskiy Sergey, deputy director for logistics
Transport directorate SPA «Azot»
Savenkov Vasiliy, deputy CEO for forwarding
Gorshkov Sergey, head of department
Brezgin Oleg, head of sales and logistics department
Vestas RUS
Gordeev Nikolay, transport specialist
Varlamov Vasiliy, head of projects
Kushakov Alexey, head of projects

Freight forwarding companies


Vorobiov Vitaliy, project team leader
Bilko Mikhail, project manager
Edrenkina Elen, strategic clients development manager
Alexander Global Logistics
Zhukov Alexander, commercial director
Amatly Yollar (Turkmenistan)
Esaulov Dmitriy, director
Ganiev Ali, deputy director
AsstrA Forwarding AG 
Lokhovinin Egor, head of AsstrA Heavy Lift
Aprojects Rus  
Adamov Andrey, operational director
APS. The Solver
Kartashevich Anton, head of oversized and project forwarding department
ATP “Nevskoe”  
Ligovina Elena, CEO
Krekoten Oleg, logistics manager
AST Plus
Govorov Dmitriy, CEO
Tretiakov Maxim, commercial director
Matrosov Pavel, head of project transportations department
Rezanov Leonid, director
Volkovich Vadim, head of operation department
AET Trans
Torgashov Alexander, CEO
Barrus Project  
Degilevich Dzhamilya, commercial director of energy and industrial projects
Mamykin Alexey, head of oil refining field project logistics department
Smolyaninov Valeriy, head of project implementation department
Sushentsov Konstantin, director
Bastrakov Evgeniy, logistics manager
Baltic Mercur   
Khobotova Yana, senior import manager
Matveyuk Yuri, deputy CEO
Benchmark Trading
Egupov Evgeniy, CEO
Khalilov Nazim, commercial director
Ivlev Vladimir, head of department
Benchmark – logistics
Peshkov Pavel, CEO
Benchmark Forwarding
Chegodaev Alexey, deputy director for sales
Bertling Logistics
Kirillov Mikhail, CEO
Bertling Kazakh Logistics
Toregozhin Timur, commercial manager
Ermatov Erzhan, commercial manager
Axelrod Milana, CEO
Kolesnikova Anastasia, public relations specialist
Berlin Lia, head of logistics department
Bukhara Logistics (Uzbekistan)
Asadov Sunnat, CEO
Terekhov Mikhail, CEO
Krivosheev Alexander, CEO
Vlasov Igor, branch director
DSV Transport  
Martyushov Ivan, head of project forwarding department
deugro Projects 
Prikhodko Pavel, deputy CEO
Minaev Maxim, projects manager
Lukin Nikolay, CEO
EMAX Logistics
Hlebnikov Alexey, CEO
Emons Expedition (Belarus)
Nelipovich Lyudmila, director
EurAsiaTransit (Kazakhstan)
Abibula Olzhas, projects director
Yarullin Marat, director of development department
Shmelev Alexander, head of project forwarding department
Formag Logistics  
Shagin Nikita, operational director
Fortuna Trans – Expeditor  
Laptev Alexey, founder
Dresvyannikov Vitali, founder
Korabelnikov Igor, chief specialist of forwarding planning department
Lindstrem Alexey, head of project department
Kovalenko Denis, head of sales department
Galkin Dmitriy, deputy head of project department
GEFCO Russia
Karasev Alexey, special projects manager
Mitin Vitaliy, head of sales department
GAC Shipping and Logistics Ltd.
Luzin Sergey, project manager
Zhuk Andrey, director
Vilzhanskiy Pavel, freight manager
Skiba Viktoria, project manager
GRSMARINE Saint-Petersburg
Sobolev Vladimir, CEO
GL Oversize
Grishin Kirill, director
Grishin Alexander, CEO
Sheglov Evgeniy, expert for strategic clients development
Hareket Heavy Lifting & Project Transportation (Turkey)
Gurkan Dogan, business development & marketing director
HHLA Project Logistics (Georgia)
Rassolov Konstantin, projects manager
HHLA International GmbH, Representation in Azerbaijan
Pobedin Aleksandr, head of representative office
Petrushenko Roman, CEO
Petrushenko Svyatoslav, director
Sizyakin Maxim, logistics manager
Vetchininov Igor, deputy CEO
Kovalchenko Anna, manager
ISS Global Solutions (UAE)
Nehvyadovich Vladimir, first deputy CEO
Golosov Mikhail, head of project logistics
Tsygankov Dmitriy, project department director
ISS Palumbo
Mamykin Nikolay, CEO
Shokarev Pavel, head of projects
IFC COLOS (Kazakhstan)
Dzhanaeva Adiya, logistics and projects management director
Panov Bogdan, head of oversized cargoes department
Rotkavich Alexandra, project manager
Zharov Pavel, director PROM operations
Razumnyi Alexander, logistics solutions design and BD Mgr
Voronov Roman, director
KT-Trans Auto   
Ishkov Dmitriy, CEO
Shafarostov Alexey, CEO
Ivashenko Sergey, manager
KonTrans plus
Serzhantov Alexander, deputy CEO директора
KBP Instrument Design Bureau
But Danila, logistics department director
Lattrans serviss (Latvia)
Soshenko Igor, director
LS Cargo Logistics Oy (Finland)
Leppiaho Sakari, managing director
Nemishev Rinat, managing director
LS Cargo Logistics    
Nasonov Dmitriy, CEO
Lizyura Daria, director of Moscow representation
Butskiy Evgeniy, head of oversized transportations
Sidoshenko Sergey, head of logistics department
Khublaryan Arkadiy, CEO
Mochalyuk Yuri, CEO
Mochalyuk Pavel, deputy CEO
Sobolev Georgy, CEO
Mammoet Rus
Geikalo Andrey, deputy CEO
Loshkin Yaroslav, sales manager
Egiazaryan Sergey, CEO
Eranosyan Anna, executive director
Zaitsev Andrey, head of development department
Solomatov Evgeniy, head of oversized department
Moshkin Andrey, specialist of logistics department
Khachatrian Erik, head of transport department
Militzer & Munch  
Pudov Vladimir, head of department
MDS (SverdlovskSpetsTyazhTrans)
Sosnovskikh Dmitriy, deputy director for development
Mainstream Logistic
Kuznetsov Artem, director
Fedorov Sergey, director
Novikov Evgeniy, head of permits department
Mainstream Logistic Novosibirsk
Ryazanov Pavel, head of project department
Chetverikov Oleg, executive director
Rodygin Vladimir, chief technologist
Smirnov Maxim, head of oversized and project transportations department
Kudryavtsev Pavel, sales department specialist
Kozlov Evgeniy, sales department specialist
Prokoshev Oleg, deputy director – head of forwarding facilities
Shkurov Andrey, logistics director
Yuldashev Rustam, CEO
Baum Mark, head of project department
Urvan Oleg, head of division
Buldakov Maxim, sales manager
Novaport Agency  
Beresnev Andrey, CEO
NikTAk freight forwarder & Shipping Company (Iran)
Hejazi Monir, international business development manager
NS Trans   
Podluzhniy Ivan, project department director
Avanesyan Pavel, director
Petrova Inna, head of logistics department
Usenko Alexey, director
Kondakov Roman, manager
Palienko Dmitriy, CEO
Borodin Vyacheslav, deputy CEO
Kalashnikov Sergey, commercial director
Nortrop St Petersburg
Maslov Anton, head of freight department
Novorossiysk Port Terminal
Bokatyi Valentin, Executive Director
Chumak Alexander, CEO
Edush Maxim, deputy CEO
Krivonosov Andrey, logistics director
Kushnirov Andrey, deputy CEO
Optimodal ALS (Kazakhstan)
Antonov Anton, CEO
Karzhasov Muhtar, deputy director for business development
ORIENT Logistic (Uzbekistan)
Yusunaliev Farkhod, projects director
Oy Hacklin Logistics (Finland)
Forsell Tomas, director of Hacklin East
Kovalenko Alina, project coordinator
Oversized Transportation Group Ltd. 
Orionov Mikhail, cofounder
Berezkin Andrey, cofounder
Port Ust-Luga transport company
Putintsev Sergey, deputy CEO for development
Polar Trans
Brilin Sergey, CEO
Litvin Pavel, head of projects
Bogudinov Dmirtiy, CEO
Vorontsov Konstantin, CEO
Konovalov Sergey, commercial director
Primum (Belarus)
Borisevich Pavel, head of oversized forwarding department
Pashkevich Anastasia, international projects manager
Savin Dmitriy, sales and project manager
Lysakova Ekaterina, head of project division
Sharafutdinov Renat, technical director
Boderskov Igor, CEO
Gavrilenko Marina, manager
Sapozhnikova Anastasia, manager
Korneev Kirill, CEO
Nikonov Vadim, head of logistics department
Rhenus project Logistics
Knyazev Ilia, project forwarding leading specialist
Repkin Anton, executive director
Stukalov Bogdan, deputy director
Spiridonov Alexander, head of technical department
R Group (Belarus)
Mashkantsev Alexander, head of commercial service division
Osipchik Viktor, customer service specialist
REZONANS (Belarus)
Leida Valery, director of LLC “Project Logistics”
Lyudvinitskiy Ilia, CEO
Shumskoy Andrey, deputy CEO
Pukhov Anatoliy, commercial director
Schenker Deutschland AG    
Gauls Guenter, Senior Project Manager, Global Projects
Malkov Anton, head of special projects department
Sepeh Run Tarabar Int’l Transport Co. (Iran)
Mohammad Zokaei, chairman
Ahmetov Ildar, director
Hristofor Victor, director
Special Transport and Engineering
Bazarskiy Yuri, head of heavy transport department
Sorokin Kirill, CEO
Silvasti (Finland)
Vuorinen Hannu, vice president
Liebermann Elena, sales manager
Demidov Sergey, deputy director
STA Logistic
Zhurik-Chashina Suzanna, development director
Zhurik Andrey, board director
Milovorotov Andrey, head of logistics department
Bezmenova Daria, project manager
Gefel Denis, CEO
Pasyev Dinar, director
Igor Alkhutov, General director
Alexander Fadeev, Project manager
TMBC Logistics  
Bulygin Alexander, sales director
TIS Group
Filatov Andrey, deputy CEO for project forwarding
Trans-Group SPB
Bugaychuk Natalia, commercial director
Bauman Yuri, CEO
Baranovskiy Pavel, director
Gaponenko Tatiana, head of project and oversized forwarding department
Kochurko Yuri, head of import logistics depatment
Krats Viktor, logistics director
Transafe Logistics 
Veraksich Denis, CEO
Nikolaev Mikhail, commercial director
Kurinnoy Andrey, deputy CEO
Tushehbar International Shipping and Forwarding Co.  (Iran)
Mojgan Moftakhari Mazaher Mehr, project manager
Többe Schwerlast Ost GmbH (Germany)
Shutke Eduard, head of general cargoes department
Universal Forwarder    
Chernykh Alexey, director of Saint-Petersburg branch
Knyazev Alexander, head of commercial department
Unico Logistics Rus 
Alexandrov Roman, deputy CEO
Tolochek Oleg, director
Vega Logistics Group
Svishenko Marina, CEO
Shepkov Eduard, technical director
Shikunov Alexander, head of road transport department
VTG Project Logistics  
Nikitin Sergey, managing director
Evsyukova Kristina, business development manager
WWL ALS Deutschland GmbH (Germany)
Kopin Andrey, business development manager


Special permits and convoy


Medvedev Andrey, director
K-TRANSGROUP (Kazakhstan)
Ataibekov Samat, director
Runo Gold (Latvia)
Trubanova Inesa, director
Trubanov Igor
Turksib Magistral (Uzbekistan)
Aidarov Zhan, CEO


Railway operators and expeditors


Avseikov Sergey, business development director
Zaitseva Anna, business development deputy director
Tugarinov Sergey, deputy CEO of “New logistics company”
Tetro Exp  
Osinovskiy Dmitriy, CEO
RRW – Central Directorate for terminal and warehouse complex management  
Shepelyaev Artem, head of commercial service комплексом
Volkov Pavel, commercial director
Komissarov Alexander, CEO
Romanov Evgeniy, head of project transportations division
Kalinin Sergey, head of loading department


Shipping companies


Akkon Lines
Belaschenko Nadezhda, Head of Representative Office in the Southern Federal District
Amur shipping company 
Klimenko Alexey, CEO
Atlantic Ro-Ro Carriers Inc. representation
Simonov Vladimir, head of representation
Ark Shipping Company
Sochin Alexander, commercial director
Smirnov Igor, first deputy CEO
Briese Chartering GmbH & Co. KG
Neiland Pavel, chartering manager
BigLift Shipping B.V. (Netherlands)
Lensink- Aveeva Danara, commercial manager
Combi Lift GmbH (Germany)
Klukowski Stefan, logistics manager
Popovich Alexander, project manager
dship Carriers (Germany)
Mosolov Ruslan, chartering manager
ECO Shipping
Aksyanov Rustam, deputy CEO for marine projects
Glogos project
Grinevich Konstantin, CEO
Romanov Artemiy, marine forwarding manager
Efimov Maxim, head of logistics department
Yakovlev Maxim, project logistics engineer
Hoegh Autoliners (DLX Agency Russia)
Lukonin Maxim, director of representation in Russia and Republic of Belarus
GC Ingrid
Polustarchenko Oleg, founder
Ingria Shipping
Ostaparchenko Evgeniy, project forwarding/chartering
Verkhovetskiy Ilia, head of chartering dept
Jumbo Maritime (Germany)
Peinemann Felix, general commercial manager
Bauyrzhan Zhaigaliyev, Leading Marketing & Contracts Specialist
Serbin Sergey, head of freight department
North-Western Shipping Company  
Aleshkin Igor, deputy commercial director
Pola Rise
Suvorov Alexander, logistics manager heavy and oversized cargo
RiverSea Management Co 
Yanishevskiy Boris, manager
Konysheva Anna, manager
Representation of BBC Chartering GmbH in Saint-Petersburg 
Timofeev Sergey, head of representation
Vintskevich Stephan, deputy head of representation
Sarjak Container Lines Pvt. Ltd
Gordeev Yuri, line owner representative, director for business development in Russia/CIS, Baltic states, Black Sea
SC Morwenna  
Baranov Alexander, commercial director
Radkevich Yulia, commercial representative
P&O Maritime Solutions (UAE)
Drozdov Alex, Director
Max Van Barseel, business development manager
Faldin Gleb, chartering manager
United shipping company\Shipmar
Batin Andrey, CEO
Lazarev Sergey, director
Vaganov Ilia, deputy director for technical issues
Volgo-Baltic Logistics 
Goldin Evgeniy, CEO
Zubakov Vitaliy, deputy CEO
Chernov Alexander, technical director
Kostylev Egor, projects manager
Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics
Vostrikov Dmitriy, CEO
Zeamarine (Denmark)
Kudryashov Oleg, port captain
Plotnikov Kirill, head of project engineering


Airlines and air brokers


Air Charter Service  
Medvedev Dmitriy, cargo manager r
Kravtsov Anton, cargo director
Kartashov Alexander, business development leading manager


Ports and terminals


HC Logoprom
Ivanov Andrey, CEO
Solokha Sergey, director for capitalization
Malyshev Ivan, counselor for commercial affairs
Savalev Alexey, head of Dzerzhinsk port
Golubeva Yulia, marketing director
Port Bronka
Russkih Miroslav, head of sales and marketing department
Larin Sergey, chief specialist of sales and marketing department
Promyshlenniy terminal
Bilalov Airat, CEO


Machinery and equipment manufacturers


Cometto (Italy)
Zingan Adrian, sales Russia & CIS
Faymonville Distribution AG (Luxembourg)
Malyutina Elena, sales manager
Faymonville Rus  
Fadeeva Elena, CEO
Denisov Kirill
Nooteboom (Netherlands)
Gommers Olesya, representative in Russia, Baltic states and CIS
Baryshov Denis, CEO
Petrov Igor, financial director
Bermes Arsentiy, commercial director
Esikov Konstantin
TII Group 
Radke Albin, CEO of Russian representation
TransLiftTechnique, Goldhofer official representation
Dyomin Evgeniy, CEO
Gerasimov Oleg, sales manager

Engineering and research institutes


Marine Engineering Bureau  
Egorov Alexander, senior researcher
Egorov Gennadiy, CEO
Batishev Ivan, head of department
Gusev Pavel, director
TransEngineering Company
Karpovich Oleg, CEO


Crane equipment, rent


Avtokran Arenda K
Kuznetsov Alexander, deputy CEO
Konoplev Alexander, manager
Kiyatkin Nikolaym CEO
Salikhov Almaz, head of technical department
Rental Units 
Evdokimov Artem, leading specialist
Alkin Akexander, leading specialist
Grigoryan Grigori, founder
Tikhonov MAxim, commercial director
Laptev Vitaliy, financial director
100 tonn service
Zibarev Roman, commercial director


Insurance companies and brokers


Pandi Trans SB
Sharova Oksana, deputy CEO




SEAMES Independent marine and cargo surveyors  
Nikolaichev Igor, director for cargoes expertise


Customs brokers


SKS electron broker
Igumnov Stanislav, director of North-Western branch


Public organizations and associations


Russian Association of Wind Power Industry
Bryzgunov Igor, president
GRUZAVTOTRANS National Association
Mityagin Vladimir, president
Krachun Vladimir, Association representative in Moscow and Moscow region


Consulting and Media


M.A. Research
Simonova Lyudmila, managing partner
RZD-Partner Publishing house
Rukavitsyna Ekaterina


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