• 16 November 2020 - 17 November 2020
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Despite the difficult situation the annual HEAVY RUSSIA conference dedicated to oversized and heavy cargoes logistics in Russia and CIS countries took place on 16-17th of November.

It has already become a tradition to open the forum with the discussion of the impact on economic situation in Russia on project logistics market. Marat Yarullin, FESCO company project logistics director noted in his report that in 2020 the global economy is heading for a decline at a rate of 4-4.5%. Some exceptions are made by the PRC but only a few since domestic reserves even those of the PRC will not be able to provide long-term growth. In 2021 Bloomberg represented expert community predicts recovery and even growth in comparison with the pre-crisis period. In 2020 prices for precious metals and food products (wheat, rice, soy, sugar) rose against the background of falling commodity prices. Expert community expects a significant price adjustment during 2021.

As for investments in Russia the economic crisis, epidemic and anti-epidemic measures caused a significant adjustment of investments volumes in fixed asset from the expected +6.1% during 2020-24 to -8.7% in 2020 relative to 2019, +4.7% in 2021 relative to 2020 and +4.1% in 2022 relative to 2021. Marat described this situation as negative growth and that should be treated as a kind of stabilization. He added that maybe in 2015-2020 we grew at a faster pace somewhere, doing things that we do not need. Projects were made by inertia were calculated by the preparation of previous projects without a normal investment analysis. And these projects were the first to go under the knife of the new reality. And it just goes in a slump. But modernization is underway, new technologies are emerging, automation is taking place, and this shows that there will be growth, and it will rebound.


participants registration and welcome coffee-break
I session. Project cargo logistics current issues

“Gruzavtotrans” association report 

Weight control and special permissions: present and future 

Matyagin Vladimir, president 


FESCO report 

Russian project logistics market in the context of a pandemic, economic and geopolitical challenges. Trends and prospects 

Yarullin Marat, project logistics director 



Main directions and trends of logistics development in the field of oversized and heavy cargo. Business in digital economy conditions 

Akselrod Milana, owner 

II session. Project cargo logistics current issues

Barrus Projects report 

1100 tonsAutoclavedeliveryandinstallationfromEuropetoAmurskproject 

Smolyaninov Valery, head of projects implementation department 


STA Logistics report     

Challenges and opportunities of 2020 on the example of one company 

Zhurik Andrey, head of department 


MYCRANE report    

The future of the lifting services market already today 

Geikalo Andrey 

III session. Risks in project logistics

FЕSCO report 

Practice of logistics projects implementation in 2020 in the context of a pandemic and military action threat on the example of the Yerevan TPP project 

Almazova Svetlana, head of projects 


RWTO report  

Trends and risks that the pandemic has changed or accelerated in oversized and project cargos railway transportation 

Volkov Pavel, commercial director 


SB Pandi Trans report   

Project logistics insurance. Search the pitfalls 

Kolegova Oksana, executive director 

IV session. Project cargo logistics current issues

STS logistics report 

Wind generator logistics features and risks during deliveries to Russia 

Dorokhov Vladimir, regional development director 


GC Arivist report     

Changes in project cargo customs clearance. Reorganization of customs authorities 

Tobin Stanislav, head of logistics service 


Atlas LTA Advanced Technology report 

Aerostatic Transport Aircraft of New Type (ATLANT) for logistics provision of remote territories with poorly developed infrastructure 

Talesnikov Mikhail, vice-president 

17.00 - 22.00
I session. Water logistics issues for project cargo

Rosmorrechflot report 

Prospects for navigation on Russian rivers 

Anisimov Konstantin, deputy head 


FESCO Vladivostok branch report 

Development of linear service for project cargo on NSR. Prospects and opportunities 

Chabrov Vladimir, fleet department director 


Severrechflot report 

Development of integrated services in the Far North for river and sea transportation 

Logachev Mikhail, executive director 

II session. Project cargo logistics issues in the Far North and Siberia

White Nights Oil and Gas report 

Features of transport and logistics support for the oil and gas complex 

Kichigin Yuri, executive director 

Yankov Vitaly, commercial director 


Keen-Mark-Logistic report   

Oversized cargo transportation in the Arctic in conditions of the pandemic 

Ivashenko Sergey, manager 


Hermes Logistic report 

Multimodal transportation to fields and hard-to-reach regions organization features 

Eremin Andrey, CEO 




  • A2-GRUPP
  • Kuhar' Andrey, general'nyy direktor
  • Krekoten' Oleg, logist
  • Vorob'ev Vitaliy, rukovoditel' proektnoy gruppy
  • ANRI Project
  • Husainov Rustam, ispolnitel'nyy direktor
  • APS (Belarus)
  • Kartashevich Anton, Head of Oversized cargo and project department
  • Astaf'ev Georgiy, ekspert departamenta mezhdunarodnoy logistiki i tamozhni
  • Govorov Dmitriy, general'nyy direktor
  • Tret'yakov Maksim, kommercheskiy direktor
  • Zaykova Dar'ya, brend-menedzher
  • Matrosov Pavel, rukovoditel' otdela proektnyh perevozok
  • Aprojects Rus
  • Adamov Andrey, operacionnyy direktor
  • Associaciya «Gruzavtotrans»
  • Mityagin Vladimir, Prezident
  • AsstrA Forwarding AG
  • Lohovinin Egor, rukovoditel' proekta razvitiya perevozok KTG
  • Platonov Maksim, specialist po prodazham
  • Atlas LTA Advanced Technology
  • Talesnikov Mihail, Vice-prezident
  • Atomstroyeksport
  • Kenyaykin Nikolay, glavnyy specialist
  • Andrey, ekspert
  • BSC Group
  • Harlamov Boris, general'nyy direktor,Rossiya
  • Barrus Projects
  • Shramko Aleksey, Rukovoditel' proektnoy gruppy
  • Smolyaninov Valeriy, rukovoditel' departamenta realizacii proektov
  • Mamykin Aleksey, rukovoditel' departamenta proektnoy logistiki v sfere neftepererabotki
  • Shelkova Elizaveta, menedzher po prodazham i marketingu
  • Benchmark Forwarding
  • Ovcharenko Pavel, general'nyy direktor
  • Benchmark Trading
  • Evgeniy Egupov, general'nyy direktor
  • Nazim Halilov, kommercheskiy direktor
  • Peshkov Pavel, general'nyy direktor
  • Benchmark-logistics
  • Smirnov Vladislav, nachal'nik otdela prodazh
  • Il'in Mihail, nachal'nik otdela ekspedirovaniya
  • CZhTN
  • Volkov Pavel, kommercheskiy direktor
  • Krivosheev Aleksandr, general'nyy direktor
  • Dzhon Dir Rus
  • Titova Lyubov', analitik po logistike gotovoy produkcii
  • Kayumov Sultanbek, Head of ULC
  • Yarmatov Shavkat, Project Manager
  • Yarullin Marat, Direkciya proektnyh perevozok,Direktor po proektnoy logistike
  • Katanaev Denis, kommercheskiy direktor
  • Shmelev Aleksandr, rukovoditel' departamenta proektnyh perevozok
  • Tokadi Yanina, direktor departamenta prodazh i razvitiya proektov
  • Sadchikova Svetlana, nachal'nik otdela
  • Almazova Svetlana, rukovoditel' proektov
  • Voronin Aleksandr, rukovoditel' otdela prodazh
  • Nesterova Anna, menedzher otdela realizacii proektov
  • Federalnoe agentstvo morskogo i rechnogo transporta
  • Konstantin Olegovich, zamestitel' rukovoditelya
  • Filial PAO DVMP v g. Vladivostok
  • Chabarov Vladimir, direktor departamenta flota
  • Milov Dmitriy, nachal'nik frahtovogo otdela
  • Sirota Aleksandr, veduschiy menedzher
  • Hripunov Evgeniy, rukovoditel' napravleniya po logistike Departamenta zakupok Direkciya krupnyh proektov (BLPS)
  • Vysockaya Ol'ga, veduschiy specialist po proektnym perevozkam
  • Alekseev Dmitriy, veduschiy specialist po proektnym perevozkam
  • Klement'ev Yaroslav, rukovoditel' napravleniya,Upravlenie strategicheskih iniciativ
  • Tobin Stanislav, general'nyy direktor
  • GK «Delovye Linii»
  • Karmalyga Vladimir, veduschiy menedzher po razvitiyu
  • Demin Evgeniy, general'nyy direktor TLT
  • Gerasimov Oleg, menedzher po prodazham
  • Sobolev Vladimir, general'nyy direktor
  • Gazprom nedra
  • Shilov Andrey, rukovoditel' gruppy organizacii logistiki i transportnogo obespecheniya
  • Generalnaya Syurveyerskaya Kompaniya
  • Pashkova Tat'yana, direktor moskovskogo predstavitel'stva
  • Giprokislorod
  • Kovalevskiy Sergey, rukovoditel' otdela logistiki
  • Glogos Project
  • Grinevich Konstantin, general'nyy direktor
  • Larchenkov Sergey, broker
  • Romanov Ivan, broker
  • Gruppa kompaniy Reka-More
  • Arustamov Gennadiy, general'nyy direktor
  • Leonova Anna, menedzher kommercheskoy sluzhby
  • Yanishevskiy Boris, menedzher kommercheskoy sluzhby
  • Atoev Asvadur, direktor morskogo agentstva
  • Hermes Logistic
  • Eremin Andrey, general'nyy direktor
  • Maslennikova Svetlana, rukovoditel' otdela marketinga
  • ISS Palumbo
  • Mamykin Nikolay, general'nyy direktor
  • IZ-KARTEKS imeni P.G.Korobkova
  • Kadaner Mihail, nachal'nik upravleniya transportno-skladskoy logistiki
  • InSpecKom
  • Petruschenko Roman, general'nyy direktor
  • Svyatoslav, direktor
  • Tazin Evgeniy, veduschiy specialist otdela logistiki
  • Ingria Shipping
  • Evgeniy Ostaparchenko, Project forwarding/chartering
  • Izhorskie zavody
  • Katunskiy Oleg, zamestitel' nachal'nika upravleniya logistiki
  • Nikolaev Dmitriy, veduschiy specialist po zh.d. perevozka
  • KANT
  • Voronov Roman, direktor
  • KAZINTERTRANS 1 (Kazahstan)
  • Aiteshov Alexander, director
  • Keen-Mark-Logistic
  • Shafarostov Aleksey, general'nyy direktor
  • Sergey, menedzher
  • Kuehne Nagel
  • Zharov Pavel, direktor departamenta industrial'nyh proektov
  • Shalavin Aleksey, menedzher po razvitiyu proektnyh servisov
  • Egiazaryan Sergey, general'nyy direktor
  • Eranosyan Ani, ispolnitel'nyy direktor
  • Solomatov Evgeniy, nachal'nik otdela krupnogabaritnyh perevozok
  • Hachatryan Erik, nachal'nik transportnogo otdela
  • Moshkin Andrey, specialist otdela logistiki
  • Zaycev Andrey, nachal'nik otdela razvitiya
  • Mochalyuk Pavel, general'nyy direktor
  • Rodygin Vladimir, glavnyy tehnolog
  • Kudryavcev Pavel, Specialist otdela prodazh
  • Smirnov Maksim, Rukovoditel' napravleniya negabaritnyh i proektnyh perevozok
  • Kozlov Evgeniy, Specialist otdela prodazh
  • Filippov Filipp, direktor po ekspluatacii flota
  • Sergey Serbin, rukovoditel' frahtovogo otdela
  • Geykalo Andrey Nefedov Sergey, general'nyy direktor
  • MagellanTrans
  • Maire Tecnimont Russia
  • Iskakova Gul'zat, starshiy koordinator otdela logistiki
  • Kazancev Pavel, specialist po logistike i VED
  • Mayning Solyushns
  • Rybnikova Elena, rukovoditel' otdela logistiki
  • Anichkina Natal'ya, menedzher po logistike
  • Morwenna Shipping Company
  • Baranov Aleksandr, kommercheskiy direktor
  • Stepanov Dmitriy, nachal'nik bunkernogo otdela
  • Mosinzhproekt
  • Sirazetdinov Rifhat, nachal'nik upravleniya logistiki
  • Shepeta Il'ya, glavnyy specialist otdela skladskoy logistiki
  • L'vovskaya Mariya, zamestitel' nachal'nika Upravleniya po organizacii proektnyh rabot
  • Pavlenko Roman, sovetnik zamestitelya general'nogo direktora po inzhiniringu
  • Urvan Oleg, general'nyy direktor
  • Baum Mark, rukovoditel' Proektnogo otdela
  • Degilevich Dzhamilya, zamestitel' general'nogo direktora po strategicheskomu razvitiyu
  • Degilevich Nikolay, zamestitel' general'nogo direktora po proektnoy logistike
  • Golozubov Aleksey, kommercheskiy direktor
  • Maslov Anton, proekt menedzher
  • NIPI NG Peton
  • Koptelov Ivan, nachal'nik otdela logistiki DMTO
  • Snopkov Andrey, nachal'nik otdela logistiki
  • Krotov Igor', menedzher po logistike
  • NPO RosAeroSistemy
  • Telesnikov Mihail, ispolnitel'nyy direktor
  • Negabarit Trans
  • Pavel, direktor
  • Pozdnyakov Dmitriy, rukovoditel' otdela prodazh
  • Negabaritika
  • Borodin Vyacheslav, general'nyy direktor
  • Ostapenko Aleksandr, rukovoditel' otdela logistiki
  • Kalashnikov Sergey, kommercheskiy direktor
  • Batin Andrey, general'nyy direktor
  • Kolesov Sergey, nachal'nik otdela perevozok
  • OMK
  • Chulkov Oleg, rukovoditel' napravleniya po razvitiyu transportnyh i skladskih tehnologiy
  • P&O Maritime Logistics
  • Ostrouhov Artem, menedzher po frahtovaniyu sudov
  • Chudinova Sofiya, specialist po kommercheskoy rabote
  • Drozdov Aleksandr, direktor
  • Piter-Trans
  • Bogudinov Dmitriy, general'nyy direktor
  • Anton, menedzher
  • Pola Rise
  • Suvorov Aleksandr, rukovoditel' otdela po poisku i privlecheniyu KTG
  • Ivaschenko Andrey, specialist otdela po poisku i privlecheniyu KTG
  • Port Bronka
  • Russkih Miroslav, nachal'nik otdela prodazh i marketinga
  • Larin Sergey, glavnyy specialist otdela prodazh i marketinga
  • R-Grupp (Belarus)
  • Yuncevich Marina, zamestitel' kommercheskogo direktora
  • Stel'mashok Elena, nachal'nik otdela po rabote s klientam
  • RAOS Project Oy
  • Kagach Valeriy, direktor po postavkam
  • Linder Mihail, Director of Procurement Department
  • Plyusnin Artem, Head of Logistics and Warehousing Division
  • Mihaylovskaya Oksana, Logistic Discipline Lead Procurement Directorate
  • RTL
  • Mihail, direktor
  • Repkin Anton, ispolnitel'nyy direktor
  • Ryzhkova Dar'ya, menedzher proektov
  • Trohin Vladimir, menedzher po prodazham
  • RTransInvest
  • Puhov Anatoliy, kommercheskiy direktor
  • Avdyunin Vyacheslav, rukovoditel' napravleniya «Logistika»
  • Simonova Lyudmila, menedzher po logistik
  • Lyahov Dmitriy, Direktor departamenta otraslevyh gruzov
  • Varlamov Vasiliy, Nachal'nik upravleniya
  • RZhD Logistika
  • Rudnichok Sergey, rukovoditel' napravleniya po proektnoy logistike
  • RusHimAlyans
  • Shiyanenko Anatoliy, nachal'nik otdela logistiki i tamozhennogo upravleniya
  • Shibalov Oleg, zamestitel' nachal'nika otdela logistiki i tamozhennogo upravleniya
  • Zavarihin Dmitriy, glavnyy specialist
  • Rusatom Kargo
  • Kaporcev Boris, pervyy zamestitel' general'nogo direktora
  • Altuhov Yuriy, direktor departamenta logistiki
  • Prokof'ev Ivan, nachal'nik otdela negabaritnyh perevozok
  • Tkachenko Andrey, Direktor departamenta planirovaniya gruzoperevozok
  • Budanov Aleksey, menedzher po razvitiyu biznesa i proektirovaniyu
  • SB Pandi Trans
  • Kolegova Oksana, ispolnitel'nyy direktor
  • STA Logistic
  • Sergey sobstvennik, direktor po razvitiyu
  • Syuzanna Zhurik Andrey, Glava departamenta
  • Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology
  • Anisimova Lyudmila, menedzher po zakupkam
  • Karasev Aleksey, veduschiy specialist po zakupkam
  • Severrechflot
  • Logachev Mihail, ispolnitel'nyy direktor
  • Kuznecov Sergey, direktor moskovskogo filiala
  • Barsukov Ruslan, nachal'nik otdela marketinga
  • Silovye mashiny
  • Zaharkin Sergey, nachal'nik otdela transportnoy logistiki
  • Simens Transformatory
  • Kovalev Filipp, specialist po logistike
  • Petrov Vladislav, specialist po logistike
  • Special Transport and Engineering
  • Bazarskiy Yuriy, Rukovoditel' departamenta tyazhelovesnogo transporta
  • Specializirovannye Energeticheskie Sistemy
  • Galstyan Anita, otdel logistiki
  • Sergeev Mihail, otdel logistiki
  • SpetsStroyMash
  • Sorokin Kirill, General'nyy direktor
  • Spliethoffs Bevrachtingskantoor BV
  • Radkevich Yuliya, predstavitel' v Rossii
  • TII Group
  • Radke Al'bin, general'nyy direktor Rossiyskogo predstavitel'stva
  • Avdankin Aleksandr, rukovoditel' proektnogo otdela
  • Nazarova Alisa, rukovoditel' otdela logistiki
  • Ryabkin Viktor, rukovoditel' napravleniya proektnyh perevozok
  • TSP
  • Pavel, direktor
  • Volkov Viktor, rukovoditel' otdela prodazh
  • Shatrov Konstantin, rukovoditel' proektov
  • Takelazhno-montazhnaya kompaniya Tyani-Tolkay
  • Konoplev Aleksandr, direktor
  • Transportnaya direkciya NPO «Azot»
  • Savenkov Vasiliy, zamestitel' general'nogo direktora
  • Gorshkov Sergey, nachal'nik otdela avtomobil'nyh perevozok
  • Chernyh Aleksey, Direktor Sankt-Peterburgskogo filiala
  • VBL
  • Gol'din Evgeniy, general'nyy direktor
  • Zubakov Vitaliy, Zamestitel' general'nogo direktora
  • Chernov Aleksandr, tehnicheskiy direktor
  • Nikitin Sergey, general'nyy direktor
  • Boldyrev Nikolay, proektnyy menedzher
  • Kindaeva Irina, direktor po razvitiyu biznesa
  • Rozhko Aleksey, transportnyy inzhener
  • Velesstroy
  • Salimov Vladimir, nachal'nik otdela transportnoy logistiki
  • Vestas North & Central Europe
  • Gordeev Nikolay, specialist po logistike i tamozhennomu oformleniyu
  • Volgogradneftemash
  • Cybulya Aleksandr, nachal'nik otdela otgruzki
  • White Nights Oil and Gas
  • Kichigin Yuriy, ispolnitel'nyy direktor
  • Yan'kov Vitaliy, kommercheskiy direktor
  • Rezanov Vitaliy, direktor
  • Koropov Dmitriy, inzhener po transportu

Conference participation fee:

Conference participation fee:

  • 700 EUR if registered before 01.10.2020
  • 750 EUR if registered before 01.10.2020
  • 800 EUR if registered after 01.11.2020

Special Offer – in case of participation of two and more delegates, discounts are available.

For any information, please, contact to chalikov@heavy.world

Registration fee includes: participation in all sessions and b2b meetings, information materials, lunches and coffee-breaks, participation in the official reception. Accommodation is not included into the registration fee.


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